#The Prompt: London Bound

She hadn’t been away in such a long time, and it had been even longer without the kids in tow.  She took her seat on the train and carefully arranged her latte, magazine and phone to take full advantage of this new found freedom.  She was London bound and she wasn’t going to feel in the slightest bit guilty about reading the glossy she’d grabbed at the kiosk from cover to cover.  After all, what else was there to do, with no kids to entertain?

She recognised the suburbs instantly and couldn’t help but feel a little excited.  It wouldn’t be long before she arrived at St Pancras.  She was looking forward to being caught up in the buzz of the city.  Watching the rush, at her own pace though.  Things were on her terms now and she was looking forward to taking in what was around her, instead of being distracted by everyone’s demands.

Her meeting wasn’t until 11, so she headed to her favourite old haunt, Covent Garden. She adored the rustic cobbled streets and the Jubilee market, it was her idea of window shopping in a nutshell.  It was  a place to saunter, and shop for pretty things before being drawn into the crowds to watch the street entertainers who had waited all day for their coveted spots.

She dragged herself away, as time was ticking by in that way it did in London, and this wasn’t what she was here for, today anyway.  The agency were just off Leicester Square, so she walked the bustling streets, trying really hard not to look like another tourist.  She walked with purpose and without google maps in her hand.  That ought to do it, she thought.

The agency loved her! What a relief.  She had a lot riding on this.  She’d had no idea where this path was going to lead her when she started on it, and to be appreciated was a huge achievement, especially after what she’d been through.  She had to turn this whole sorry mess into a positive, and wasn’t one for failing when she put her mind to it.

Now she could celebrate, the contracts  would be ready in a few weeks and then it would be full steam ahead.  It was time to ring her friend and head to the South Bank for lunch at a carefully chosen cafe, courtesy of tripadvisor.  She headed over millennium bridge and headed to the Tate as agreed. Loitering until her friend arrived, she soaked up the city skyline and sprawling Thames. She knew she’d be spending a lot more time here from now on.

Of course lunch was divine, and the Pinot well and truly hit the spot.  They mused over how things had changed, and all the exciting things that had happened.  There were pledges not to leave it so long, and maybe this time they wouldn’t.

They walked along the Thames letting the living statues and millennium wheel pass them by, enjoying the spring sunshine, chatting as they walked about the latest chapters in their lives.

Time marched by as quickly as the city folk, and the train home was calling her.  With all the goodbyes in order it was back to St Pancras for the journey home.  It all seemed so uneventful, but life changing all at the same time.

She stopped at Marks and Spencer, and grabbed their best looking beef and horseradish sandwich, with a side of premixed G&T to pass the time. After all, what else was there to do, with no kids to entertain?



  1. Granny
    April 17, 2015 / 8:17 am

    I have really missed your excellent storytelling skills. This is another fine example – indeed, I would go so far as to say, one of your best.

  2. April 17, 2015 / 8:34 pm

    Just fab honey. I could really sense the excitement and anticipation the whole way through. Love how she takes full advantage of not having kids around xx #ThePrompt

  3. April 17, 2015 / 9:28 pm

    Oh, I love this. I was walking through London with you, so vividly described, and some of my favourite spots too. So well written, lovely to have you join in again x Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Country Kids: a sunny weekendMy Profile

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