Florida Style Seafood Chowder

Wherever you happen to be travelling, sampling the cuisine is a major part of soaking up the local culture. Florida is absolutely no exception, and it has developed it’s very own unique fusion of flavours that you won’t find in other parts of the country.

Taking the very best from its Caribbean, Cuban, Latin American and Hispanic roots to offer it’s hoards of visitors it’s very own Floribbean flare. Restaurants enjoy showcasing the fruits of the sea at the heart of their menus with strong flavours, to bring you the best of what the region has to offer.

Quite often you’ll come across a dish on your travels that will sum up your visit to a country, and you’ll be itching to recreate it at home and show it off to your friends and family to share with them some of the regional atmosphere.

This Florida Style Seafood Chowder will allow you to bring back a small piece of your holiday and share it with your friends. Not too heavy, it makes the perfect starter for a dinner party or a welcome lunch alfresco style for a casual date. It also benefits from a warm kick that will bring that sunshine feeling to a cold winter’s day, when warm summer holidays are best remembered.

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