Our little Princess is definitely a Daddy’s girl.  She follows him round like a lost puppy as fast as her little legs will carry her.  If she’s sitting on the sofa, ‘sit down, Daddy’ she demands patting the space next to her.

Daddy’s little shadow is a bit of a hindrance when it comes to getting ready in the mornings.  Making a coffee when the Princess wants ‘up’ is a little tricky.  Getting to the bathroom requires a timely sprint when Princess isn’t looking.

Does Daddy love all this attention from his number 1 fan?  Of course he does!  Does Mummy feel a little redundant?  Possibly….

‘Do you want to go to Mummy?’ asks Daddy.

‘No Mummy!’, says Princess, firmly welding herself to the crevice in Daddy’s arm, holding on like her life depended on it.

Never mind, I’m pretty sure my time will come!  I hope!

So how did we end up here?  

Daddy showers her with love.  So do I!

Daddy gives her treats.  So do I!

Daddy plays with her.  So do I!

Daddy does the dirty jobs.  So do I!


Some psychologists would suggest it’s the Electra Complex (Carl Gustav Jung),  when daughters compete with their mother’s for the attention of their father.  In this case she is winning hands down!

I think Princess is playing the long game.  Being the doting daughter now is bound to set her in good stead for getting away with a few things later on down the line.  A bit more pocket money when she needs it, a new phone and shoe’s, don’t forget the shoes!    Good work Princess, I hope it pays off, but remember, Mummy has a better eye for a pretty pair of shoes!


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