My dear Geeky Husband puts up with a lot from his pregnant wife.  Here’s my ‘love is’ list from him.  It’s everything I think he would love to say but daren’t for fear of having his head torn off!…

Love is…..



1.  Having to put a variety of footwear on wife’s feet upon request.  Her trainers definitely need an airing!

2.  Making sure cupboard is full of required craving for this week.  Why can’t she just stick to one thing?

3.  Having to give up my comfy car because it’s an automatic and wife is now struggling with gears.

4.  Being on hand to provide a leverage system that allows her to alight the sofa/bed/chair with some element of dignity.

5.  Walking at a snails pace where ever we go.  I just wanted to nip to the shops for crying out loud, it’s taken nearly an hour!


6.  Not being able to sit on my favourite sofa because she needs to have a lie down.


7.  Not  knowing what mood she is going to be in from one minute to the next.  Am I about to get my head bitten off because I stirred the tea the wrong way.


8.  Doing all the bending, lifting and carrying because she can’t do the bending, lifting and carrying.


9.  Sleeping with a wild beast as her snoring has definitely got worse!


10.  Doing the nursery, basketball, school run etc because she is too tired!


I appreciate everything you do for me, and you know, it’s not forever.  It will soon change into looking after a breast feeding Mum!


Your Loving Pregnant Wife Zx


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