You might know what it’s like when those hormones start rushing in, you could cry at the most insignificant things and sickness becomes an essential bodily function.

As well as all the above, I started to get stressed too.  I didn’t realise it was happening, I thought the things that were happening to me were because I was pregnant.  I would cry, but uncontrollably, unable to stop.  I’d wake up in the night, need a wee as us pregnant women do, but not get back to sleep for hours. I was tense, my fists were constantly clenched, my shoulders more hunched than that fella from Notre Dame.  I was snappy, moody, could all have been pregnancy related!

My head became obsessed with things that were troubling me, trying to think my way out of them, but actually going round and round the same old circles.  It definitely wasn’t working, but I soldiered on.  Trying to hold down a full time job, look after the family and stay sane was becoming a daily challenge.

As my pregnancy continued physically I was suffering too.  Waddling like a dilapidated duck at 14 weeks, really?  Now my resources really were suffering.

It was only after medical advice that I caved in and took some time off work.  Several other attempts to get me to take a break had failed.  What do you mean I’m not superwoman and I can’t do it all!

I didn’t recognise I was stressed at all, I put all my symptoms down to pregnancy even though I knew I was faced with some challenging situations.

It was when I googled the effects of stress in pregnancy that the reality of how serious the situation was for me and the baby hit me. The stress hormone cortisol is a bit of devil isn’t it?


NHS studies have found that stress in pregnancy can cause higher incidents of mental health issues in children later in life and it’s been connected to Autism and ADHD.  It can cause premature labour and low birth weight, both which cause their own complications.

If your reading this post, and you recognise any of these symptoms, talk about it.  My midwife and Doctor have been great.  My friends and family have supported me.  Take some time out.  Look after yourself!



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