We ended up at the Doctors on Friday.  Princess was definitely a little under the weather.  A bit of a temperature, lethargic without the aid of legal highs (i.e.Calpol), you know the signs.  We ended up in the Doctors last thing on Friday, waiting for an emergency appointment.  The visit alone was more eventful than normal, there was some kind of ruckus as some patient clearly wasn’t getting their own way.  They used the ‘F’ word a lot!  Unusual for our surgery.  We also had the misfortune of of encountering Veruca Salt which is another story, and maybe post, in itself!


Princess has a chest infection, and she was prescribed some of those yummy banana antibiotics to sort it out.  It looked like all our weekend fun was going out of the window rapidly.  Until we noticed that the brief outing to the doctors, and that little bit of fresh air had perked her up quite a bit after a day stuck in doors with the telly, the sofa and a pregnant Mummy that can barely walk.


2014-03-08 13.32.53 (1024x768)  2014-03-08 13.41.29 (1024x768)


Perhaps all was not lost!  A breath of fresh air was what she needed.  We didn’t have a huge day out, but we did visit Rushcliffe County Park.  It’s not far from us, and it’s a great open space with a fantastic children’s play area and loads of nature to explore.  A great place for a picnic in the summer!


2014-03-08 13.58.27 (1024x768) 2014-03-08 13.57.49 (1024x768)


Even though she was a little under the weather, Princess still enjoyed a fair few trips down the slide and her other favourite activity of dog spotting.  We hoped to see that rare breed the steam engine passing by the park too, but it appeared he was in hiding today.


2014-03-08 13.59.01 (1024x768) 2014-03-08 13.57.55 (1024x768)


We always say ‘a bit of fresh air will do you good’ but I have never seen it quite in action before.  Princess is definitely on the mend, and getting out and about, for a little while at least, was the best medicine.


  1. I can also vouch that fresh air works wonders, both kids have had horrid colds recently and my youngest has been far worse than my eldest. On our walks to and from school i have noticed my youngest feel much better when outdoors #result 🙂

  2. I’m glad Princess is feeling a little better with the help of some good old fashioned fresh air! #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Sounds like an eventful trip to the doctors! Fresh air really does do wonders doesn’t it, even if it’s not for that long. Rushcliffe County Park looks fabulous and what a great play area, it looks brilliant. Slides and dog spotting is the best combination! So glad Princess is feeling better. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory
    Charly Dove recently posted…The SwingMy Profile

  4. I hope she’s feeling better. Totally agree, a bit of fresh air does you good even when feeling poorly (especially when feeling poorly). Looks like a lovely place for children.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  5. I am glad she is feeling better my lovely. These photos are so cute. You can’t beat a bit of fresh air. So glad you got to get out in it. Just came across Let Kids Be Kids can’t believe I haven’t found it before. Excited to join in the link up! #letkidsbekids


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