Right ladies, admit it, we like to get our own way for a significant portion of the time, especially with our husbands/partners.  The key to this is understanding how our husbands/partners work, and then taking this information and using it to our advantage.  You can get most things to go your way, if you understand these 5 basic concepts.  Forget negotiation, logic and debate and tune into your husband’s caveman instinct and your onto a winner every time.


We’re not talking about changing someone, we all know that never works.  It’s about having that valuable insight into the caveman mind that holds the key to the next holiday, or a new car or even moving house.  Just give it a try and you’ll soon see the rewards.


1.  Give Him a Cave:  Every man needs a cave.  It could be the shed, the garage or the study but he needs a little space of his own to retreat into every now and again.  He needs to feel like he has some territory away from the nappy station and the toy cupboard.  For you it might be the kitchen or the bathroom, but it is a rare man that spends significant time in these rooms as the woman has already claimed these zones.  His cave is where he can process his thoughts and reach his own decisions (or the ones you want him to reach!) and it is essential that he has one.


2.  Leave Him in the Cave:  If he has retreated into his cave, he must be left.  If you disturb the man when he has retreated, it’s like waking the wasps nest.  They often become very angry, and a bit stingy.  They must surface from the cave of their own free will in order to become a responsive and agreeable husband.  Banging on the cave door will prove counter productive by all accounts, and your desires will never see the light of day.  Mark my words.


3.  Understand The Hunter in Him:  It is worth learning this from the very outset.  Some men are Direct Hunters and perhaps enjoy fishing, shooting or a similar kind of activity.  Some are Bait Hunters and may construct elaborate booby traps, which often turns into effective D.I.Y around the homestead.  Some are  more Strategic Hunters, and won’t often get their hands dirty, but give them some technology and a few apps and they will seek out their desired pray with stealth precision.  Note what kind of hunter your man is, and use it to your advantage.  If you need a shed, and your husband is a Strategic Hunter, he must find it on-line along with someone to construct it for him.  Expecting him to hunt in any other kind of manner will be fruitless I’m afraid and your shed will never see the light of day.


4.  Subliminal Messages :  These must NOT be attempted when Husband/Partner is in the cave or hunting as they are too preoccupied.  The best time to approach Husband/Partner is at mealtime when the stomach is doing most of the work and the brain is relaxed and receptive.  In order to get them round to your way of thinking  use some subtle repetition to penetrate the caveman like brain matter.  Do not argue, do not expect you’ll be heard the first time and be prepared to repeat yourself a few times.  He will soon realise that new car was the best idea he’s ever had!


5.  Creatures of Habit:  Men are creatures of habit, and employing all the tactics above consistently will guarantee you success 9 times out of ten from the new garden furniture you had your eye on, to moving house or a new holiday destination.  Remind him of your previous successes if he is starting to waiver.  ‘Remember when we tried that new restaurant, you enjoyed it didn’t you?’, he will restore faith in your trusted decisions and go along with whatever plan you have in mind….


Should you have the misfortune to come across a man who is unable to be persuaded using the above techniques, it is probably worth moving on and continuing your search elsewhere.  This rare breed of caveman is incredibly hard to cohabit with due to his inability to meet the needs of the female species.  We all know these are needs that must be met come what may, and often provide the secret to long and happy marriages and partnerships.  If you have already married this rare breed, may I suggest irreconcilable differences as your best tactic as the sea is full of receptive cavemen who will respond easily to all of the above.


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  1. It took me 60 yrs to find the right sort of caveman/hunter. But as long as you know to let them focus on the wooly mammoth (which they need to do without speaking!), whilst you concentrate on gathering all those juicy berries (ideas/plans etc) whilst honing your verbal and social skills with your fellow gatherers , you are indeed sure to persuade him that it was all his idea in the first place.
    And my hunter was worth waiting for.

  2. Haha this is fab and so so true! My OH converted the garage into a cave and I turned it into storage for my golf cart business. So he moved to Dubai!!!;)

  3. This got me laughing, so funny and so true, even read it to my husband who was chuckling along, I love it. #binkylinky

  4. Brilliant! Hubby doesn’t have a cave, but we does have his armchair and guitar in the living room plus his garden projects. I use that time to blog!xx

  5. Love this! I am currently single but I will keep this in mind if I ever need it 😉 #binkylinky

  6. Haha great post!
    We’ve just moved house and he now has his very own cave….the large garage is home to his workshop and office and he loves having his own space 🙂

  7. If there’s something that I really want, my best tactic is to buy/order it and then tell my husband afterwards when it’s too late for him to object! I definitely recognise him as a Strategic Hunter though – he loves searching for bargains online.

  8. This is brilliant. My Hubby’s man cave is the kitchen – yes I have one of those rare blokes who is well trained and loves cooking!

  9. So funny! I have been working #4 for some extra storage in the living room since I was pregnant. Unaware of the reality of the amount of junk comes with having a baby, Phil flat out refused so instead of arguing, I simply said fine then made odd comments over the last 6 months about said junk accumulation… This morning, he suggested we may need extra storage!xx

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