When will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut!  Those that know me well already know the answer to that.  I’ve always been to vocal for my own good.  Why, oh why did I declare I would not see my due date.  Now I’m eating my words at 40 weeks plus 2.  In fairness both my other children were 4 days early, so you’d think it might have been a pretty safe bet.


I’ve had more than a significant amount of twinges, but dear old Mother Nature is clearly taking this joke a little too far now.  She knows as well as anyone that I’m not the most patient person in the world so if we could just get this show on the road I’d really appreciate it.  It has been like the longest pregnancy ever for lots of reasons, I must be due some relief by now.


My feet swell to the size of elephants, I’ve never seen water retention (Oedema)  like it.  It gets to the point it hurts the skin is so tight, it’s the main reason why I can’t tend to my blog quite so much which is equally as frustrating.  Sitting for long periods makes my ankles look like tree trunks.  The only way to get them to resemble anything like their normal size is to get them up on the sofa above my hips.  It helps, but only for a while.


Putting your feet up sounds great doesn’t it.  I’m sure many pregnant women will agree with me, it can be a double edged sword.  Yes we need to rest, especially when we get tired, but when you try to get moving again things have started to cease up.  Getting of the sofa becomes quite a challenge and even my 2 yo lends a hand now, saying ‘help you Mummy’. Bless her!


When I do actually start moving, it’s painfully slow.  My toddler moves quicker than me.  I’m sure that I pivot a whole 45 degrees too, my hips are far from stable that’s for sure.  I’m like a weeble, I’m always bumping into people.  On the upside though, my pelvic girdle pain has subsided.  I’m hoping that’s because there’s lots of relaxin in my system getting ready for labour.  I’m desperately looking for all kinds of signs that this birth is imminent.


Unfortunately though,  it’s like ground hog day here at the moment, waiting for this little Miss to turn up.  Walking to try and get things moving, resting to get rid of water retention, bouncing on ball as it’s the most comfortable place to sit, rinse and repeat.  I’ve had a blast of cleaning, hoping that might sift things along, but if she camps out much longer it’ll need doing again.  Can’t see that happening some how.


So come on little lady, we are ready to welcome you into the family, it’s been a long wait.  We need to count your little fingers and little toes and figure out who you look like.  Teen will know how to hold you this time, and he will be so proud of you.  Princess will want to kiss you all the time like she kisses Mummy’s belly before she goes to bed.  She will sing you twinkle twinkle little star until you fall asleep.  Your Daddy can’t wait, he’s desperate to cradle his precious girl in his arms, Princess will show you which is your side.  It’s the comfiest seat in the house.  And Mummy, she has worried so much that she wouldn’t get you to this point.  I know I will be overcome with relief.  What ever the last 9 months have thrown at us, we have nearly made it and an amazing new chapter is about to begin.



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  1. Hope baby arrives soon for you . Going overdue is horrible I went overdue with both of mine and I was overdue this time last year . Not long now until baby arrives good luck hope labour goes well for you x

  2. Awwww, so exciting!!! I was 2 weeks overdue with all 3 of mine and going over is such a long, long. long wait. I hope it all happens soon for you and GOOD LUCK for when it does…I look forward to hearing the news.
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  3. I ws two weeks late with my son , felt like he was never gonna come but he did , wont be long hunx

  4. Come on baby girl, we’re all waiting for news! I hope you’re okay in spite of the swollen ankles etc, fingers crossed baby will make her way into her lovely family very soon xxx

  5. I went 3 weeks over with #1 and 2 weeks over with #2. Hope baby doesn’t keep you waiting much longer x

  6. Just popped over to see if baby had arrived. Wishing you all the best. My daughter was 9 days overdue and only came out when she smelled the Easter Eggs being born on Good Friday. All good wishes to you and yours

  7. I’ve never been overedue – eldest was three weeks eaky and youngest was 4 days early, but pregnant with number three so could happen this time (& be a Xmas baby!) Sending lots of good wishes and hope she doesn’t keep you waiting much longer!!

  8. I really hope that your little one arrives soon, the last few days, waiting, are always the worst. I hope all goes well.

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