Back in April I was lucky enough to become a Mama Academy Ambassador and support this amazing charity.  It  aims to give every baby in the UK the best chance of arriving into the world safely.  They want to raise awareness amongst expectant Mums and Midwives about healthy pregnancies by promoting the latest research and best practise in Maternity Services.  The NHS needs support like this to get the message across to all it’s Maternity staff just because of the sheer size of it’s Healthcare operations and the number of services it provides across so many different departments.


You may be astounded to know that the UK has one of the highest rates of still birth in the Western world.  This still shocks me and this needs to change.  If you want to get involved with the work of Mama Academy and join the amazing #TeamMAMA and #mypositivepregnancy you can find out more .  This amazing list of bloggers helps to promote the Mama Academy message and raise awareness across the powerful world of the Internet.  It’s really easy to get involved, just get in touch with Jenny at Mama Academy and she’ll get you started.


Mama Academy  provide some really useful information for Mums that’s both helpful and really easy to understand but most importantly can help Mum’s to have a safe pregnancy for them and baby.  One of their key messages is knowing when to call the midwife.  This is such an important message as Maternity Services have changed a lot over the years.  You may not see your Midwife for weeks especially if this isn’t your first baby.  Waiting to discuss your concerns at your next appointment might be too late.


Mama Academy have produced a great poster highlighting when it’s important to get in touch with your Midwife in case there is a problem.  More often than not there isn’t, but they would rather see you to make sure everything is OK.  If you experience any of these issues have a chat with the Midwife.  Sometimes, just by having a quick chat over the phone they can rule out any complications and you will not be bothering them in the slightest.  They will be happy to help you. #MyPositivePregnancy


Call the midwife





  1. This is such an important message. my good friend is heavily involved in a similar charity called Count the Kicks, after her friend lost her baby to stillbirth. I can’t believe how high a rate it is. Such a heartbreaking thing to happen! All the best spreading the word!! Lizzie XO

  2. Sounds like a great campaign to be involved in and this really is such an important issue! Great post! x


  3. What a fantastic campaign – well done!
    This is a massive issue, and it’s very important that everyone is made aware of.
    I had my eldest in Germany (long story) and my second here in England and the differences were astonishing. Even my gyno in Germany was shocked by the UK “standards”
    Thank you

  4. Such an important campaign. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to being pregnant! Thankyou for sharing x

  5. Very important message, having experienced reduced movements myself recently and ending up with an emergency c section. We were lucky that I knew to get checked and then that I was closely monitored otherwise we may not have had the good outcome that we did! X

  6. Hey Zena, Good post. Calling for a midwife during the child birth process is a very good option. Thanks for sharing the link of Mama Academy . This academy will help many expectant moms around.

    Its a Brilliant post and much needed for ladies. Keep posting such beneficial and informative articles. Thanks and regards.

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