I’ve not been writing about my weight loss journey recently as it became obvious I had become distracted.  My focus had wavered and my thoughts had been crowded by things that were making me emotional and stressed.  I am an emotional eater and when I am stressed I’m faced with an overwhelming urge to binge.  To be honest, there were a few incidents, binge incidents that is.

I have been finding myself in the kitchen seeking comfort, looking for things that will provide me with a metaphorical hug from the inside.  I have had my weight loss mission in mind, thanks to by vision board, so I’ve tried to minimise the impact by using my cheat desserts and small amounts of more satisfying dark chocolate, but for a few weeks I haven’t felt dedicated to my cause.

I had to face my anxieties, deal with them head on and get control of my head space. This strategy has worked and I am feeling more focused on my health and well being once again.  It has been a useful lesson about my relationship with food and my emotions.  When the urge to comfort eat starts to overwhelm me I must deal with the issue in order to progress.  An even keel is definitely required .

Not the plateua

When I stood on the scales this morning, I thought I’d be talking to you now about how my weight loss had plateaued at the very best.  It was going to be a positive post about how this should be celebrated and that as long as I am not gaining weight I am winning. Staying positive through a plateau will always help in your journey, do not let this be a time you beat your self over the head for not losing and give up.  The pounds that have been lost will slowly start creeping back.

I was shocked and delighted that I can actually report I have lost more weight since my last post, despite still not getting to grips with the whole exercise issue.  This is still a work in progress with no real dedicated exercise but I am being more active with the family to compensate.  It’s definitely a start.

So this is how my weight loss journey looks today:

Starting: 17st 4lbs

Today:    14st 10lbs

Total Loss:     36lbs

To say I’m delighted is an understatement, not only am I happy with this progress but I am also enlightened about what I have learnt about myself along the way.  These lessons will come in handy down the line.  We all know life throws curve balls from time to time, but I will be far better placed to deal with them and control my eating urges.  I have realised that comfort eating is a way of wallowing and allows for self indulgence, for me at least.  A healthy mind is what is needed for a healthy body and needs to be maintained for my success.

Does stress effect your eating habits?  Do you have any tips for dealing with it?


  1. I admire your honesty here hon, well done for facing those demons and tackling them head on! Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing fantastically well.

    Hope you’re feeling better today and are less stressed… unfortunately it comes with the territory of having a baby and a toddler most days. Hugs xxx

  2. Massive well done to you! This is such a breakthrough for you, in your understanding of how your emotional state has dominated your eating. You looked so amazing when you came to Scotland, and I really felt that your resolve was strong. A couple of moments of wavering are to be expected – you’re only human – but now you’ve proved you have what it takes to work through them. Yey!!

  3. Well done on your continued weight loss. It can be hard to keep up the momentum, especially when other things might happen and get in the way.

  4. Great news-well done! I’m glad to hear that you are able to link your emotional state with your eating habits. I tend to go the other way when I’m stressed by eating very little. This is not healthy though and I always end up feeling rubbish. I’ve been more mindful lately about it, just as you have.


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