Now then Mum’s, are we in control of what goes on from one minute to the next when there’s kids involved.  I know I’m not.  Is everything in the house meticulously organised so that nothing can ever go wrong?  I wish it was, then I realise I write a blog and gave up on house work a long time ago!

Are there Mum’s out there who can pull it off?  I’m sure there are so here’s the test.  If you can answer Yes to all these statements, you are officially Super Mum and you are the envy of child bearing folk the world over.  


1. There’s no more hoarding carrier bags, they are always recycled with the next grocery delivery or taken back to the store.

2. Your hair is always dry when you leave the house.

3. You always take something out of the freezer for dinner.

4. You get to play group/activity and your child’s hair is brushed, teeth cleaned and/or socks match.

5. You never realise that you should have been at the doctors/dentist/hospital ten minutes ago.

6. You never run out of bread/milk/loo roll/nappies!

7. You never forget to pay the electric/gas/water bill or any bill.

8. All the toys/puzzles/games are in the right boxes and you’ve never ever lost a piece.

9. The kids always tidy away the toys/puzzles/games and you’ve still never lost a piece.

10. You’ve never put the same pair of socks on your child two days running.

Fortunately for the rest of us, you don’t need to be super Mum to be a great parent.  If some or all of these things don’t happen, please don’t worry about it.  Please don’t think you’ve failed as I bet it was because you were far to busy having fun!

What fails let you know you’re a great Mum, I’d love to hear them in the comments…


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