Do you remember my post about just how shocking my bathroom looked?  It’s taken me a little longer than expected to get it finished, but I have learnt some very important lessons along the way.

Firstly, the reason only I was bothered about the bathroom, especially the colour,  so much was because I was the only one who knew what colour it was!  My husband is colour blind which became completely apparent when I asked him to help paint.  He had no idea where the edges were and left huge patches unpainted.  In the end it was much easier for me to give him the roller and for me to cut in.

Secondly, decorating really isn’t something you can do a bit at a time between nappy changes and naps.  You have to blast it with a good few days solid work otherwise you spend half your time cleaning your brushes and equipment, instead of getting the decorating done.

However, all that being said, thanks to the lovely people at Wilko my bathroom finally looks like a lovely inviting space for the family to use and for me to do a little pampering in, when I get a minute of course!

Wilko Bathroom Ideas

I love the colour, we used Wilko’s Soft Sheen Oatmeal paint for Bathrooms.  It covered really well and we used about 1 1/2 tins on our bathroom.  It’s a lovely warm colour with a pink tone, not that my husband will notice!  It’s easy to wipe down and goes really well with the new look.

Wilko Bathroom Accessories

We added a few Wilko bathroom accessories to bring the look together.  My favourite is the Wilko Retro Pedal Bin in Cream, I love the details, especially the handles.  The shower rack is so handy, and great value too, it keeps everything we need in one place saving on clutter round the bath.

Wilko Bathroom Towel Rail

Our other problem was towels, we use so many having 5 of us in the house we needed a new solution for hanging them up.  This towel rail is great for us as we can get all our towels on it without losing the warmth from the radiator which is perfect.

I really love the Bamboo Pull Cords, I’ve used 2 in our bathroom for the light and shower. They give a great natural look and blend into the colour scheme really well. The bath mat set fits perfectly with the colour scheme too.

Overall I’m so happy with how my bathroom looks now compared to how it was before.  It makes such a difference to how I feel about being in there.  The amazing thing about it was the paint and all the accessories came to around £80.  A whole new look for just £80! I’m really impressed with that and so happy with the quality and value that Wilko offer, I’ll definitely be using them again for future DIY plans, but maybe I won’t be using the husband!

I was provided with the paint and accessories in exchange for this post.


  1. Wow! What a transformation! It looks stunning, and it’s amazing that it cost so little. Well done you (and an encouraging nod to hubby – mustn’t put him off doing a bit more!).


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