Princess has been affectionately known as a flight risk for quite sometime now. She can be a lot  a bit of a liability when we go out to say the least. Sometimes she is really good and knows that cars and roads are dangerous and will stay firmly by your side.

Other times, when concentration has lapsed, she forgets her sensible side, looks you straight in the eye and prepares to hightail it in the opposite direction as fast as her little legs will take her.  At this point the race really is on to avoid disaster or worse.  I’m sure you recognise those heart stopping moments too.

reins reviewWe have tried reins with her in the past, but we didn’t have much success with them. We ended up with a toddler spinning in mid air which really wasn’t conducive to a relaxing family stroll. Everyone ended up very frustrated, most of all Princess who demands values her independence.

We didn’t want to invest in a double buggy when the baby arrived as we just don’t have the space to store one. Princess was quite clear she didn’t want to sit in her pushchair anymore, so getting out and about with 2 children under 3 was becoming quite restrictive, especially when I was on my own with them.

toddlepak review

I was driving everywhere to avoid walking with the toddler and a pram, including to nursery which is literally just round the corner from our house. I was always thinking about places to go that didn’t require navigating dangerous roads and a trip to the supermarket with a busy car park was completely out of the question.

When Trunki got in touch and asked if we’d give their Toddlepak reins ago, I figured it was worth a try. The fun designs and bright colours were definitely a win for us, and I was hoping that Princess would enjoy using them.

toddler reins review

Princess loves dinosaurs, so we picked the green set to test out. When they arrived I made a big deal about her being a dinosaur and she was really happy to wear them. They were really easy to adjust and fitted over her winter coat really well.  So far so good!

We pretended the leading strap was her dinosaur tail, and she was quite happy for me to hold it. The lead strap was long enough for her to feel like she had her freedom, but perfect for me to have on my wrist while pushing the pushchair and feel in control.


She really enjoyed her new dinosaur character, and gave us, and any passing strangers and their dogs a demonstration of her dino roar. It’s very loud!

reins for toddler

We are loving the Toddlepak for fun, safety and comfort as well as the new found freedom we’ve discovered by having Princess safely secured to Mum or Dad for walks, days out and trips to the park.  They definitely get the thumbs up from the parents and Princess!

Disclaimer: We were provided with the Trunki Toddlepak Reins for the purposes of this review. This post contains affiliate links 

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  1. We love Toddlepaks here, we got one for Boo as she is not a massive fan of the pram anymore and they are amazing.
    Princess looks like she loves hers!

  2. Cute dinosaur. We got offered this to review last year but my youngest is at school, so I got my sister to do a guest post on it. She opted for the lion #TriedTested


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