I’ve been a busy bee!  It’s Princess’s 3rd birthday in a few weeks and notoriously I’ve left it quite late to get organised.  In a bid to keep things hassle free and keep costs under control I’ve designed my own birthday party invitations.

I was quite proud of my efforts so thought I’d share it with you if it was something you might want to use.  It was my first attempt so please be kind 😉

I’ve gone for a Spring design, with lots of flowers and and insects.  I spent a few hours on it, so the next thing to learn was how to share it with my lovely readers.  I think I’ve got that cracked too, so I’m super proud of myself.

Free Printable Birthday Invitation

If you’d like to use this design, it’s completely free for you to download as many copies as you’d like here.

How To Create Free Printable Designs For Your WordPress Blog

For the bloggers out there, here’s how I did it! Printables are fun to create and a lovely way to offer readers something who visit your blog.

  1. Create Your Design: Use your regular package to create your design.  I used Picmonkey, but there’s plenty out there.
  2. Save To PDF: In order for your readers to download your fabulous design in needs to be in a PDF format.  Either save as a PDF file from your program or you can open the file in OpenOffice and used the ‘Export To PDF..’ option.
  3. Upload To WordPress: Upload your PDF file in the usual way you would add media to your blog. Don’t worry if you don’t get a preview of your image, it will still work perfectly fine.
  4. Write Your Post: Write your blog post in the normal way and add any images you want to share also.  I’ve added a JPG file to this post of the invitation that can be downloaded.
  5. Link The File To Be Downloaded: Decide where in your post you want your readers to be able to download the printable file and select the ‘Add Media’ option.  Select the file from your library you want them to be able to download and change the wording in the ‘Title’ field to something suitable like ‘Download’ or ‘Here’.

I hope this takes the mystery out of free printable files on your blog!  If you think it was useful please do share it with your followers and leave me a comment to let me know how you got on.

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