It’s time for a bit of a rant, it doesn’t happen often, but something got mine and my husband’s goat this week and something needs to be said.  We were shocked by the inconsiderate nature of some people who smoke, I’d even go so far as to say disgusted and it takes a lot to ruffle our feathers.

I don’t want my children exposed to secondhand smoke, be it indoors or when we are out and about.  If you have to smoke then why don’t you try vaping at least? It’s not the most healthiest option but it’s better for you then smoking. You could even try out something like MagicVaporizers to give you an idea of what you could get. I want to minimise the amount they see people smoking and I welcome all the measures in place to remove advertising from TV and remove shop displays to reduce the numbers of smokers in the UK, but from what we’ve seen this week more could be done.

stop smoking near my kids

It is well documented that the less a child is exposed to smoking, the less likely they are to start smoking when they are older.  Statistically the numbers of young people have reduced year on year, so we know this strategy works.

Breathing in other people’s smoke is pretty disgusting from an adult point of view, but when a baby has to do it, that’s just awful.  We had a family day out to Thomas Land this week, and were shocked at the number of people that were smoking cigarettes in a family theme park.  I appreciate it isn’t illegal to smoke, but it’s also not illegal to drink in many public place, yet I didn’t see anyone with a can of lager in their hand, so why is it acceptable to smoke?

When people are moving around, it’s probably not such a big deal in terms of second hand smoke, but when a smoker comes and sits on a bench you are with your baby and lights up, that’s an entirely different matter. That is absolutely inconsiderate, and beyond unacceptable.  Sadly, it’s difficult to ask people to refrain from such behaviour from fear of repercussions these days, so our only alternative was to move ourselves. Personally I think the woman in question should have known better, but was clearly to lazy to go else where.

On the same outing I watched a smoker stand at the opening to a ride, and even though they were outside, a cloud of smoke bellowed up into the Drunken Barrel ride which was fully enclosed. A ride full of families with children, who I can only guess didn’t want to breathe in her smoke either.

Now, I’m all for protecting free choice and civil liberties, but when I’ve chosen to go to a family day out, I don’t want me or my family subjected to cigarette smoke.  If you smoke, please be mindful of where you do it at venues like this, as there aren’t many people who are going to appreciate you smoking near their kids either, and I hope you don’t smoke in front of your own.

Just because there is a seat on a bench, don’t go and smoke right next to the baby. Just because you want to go and watch the ride, don’t go and blow smoke over the thrillseekers who can’t get away from you.  Take a moment to think about the fact not everyone is OK about smoking, and with good cause.  We have as much right to smoke free air as you do to light up, but my biggest request is not to do it in front of the children.

I would argue that smoking should be banned from areas where families are attending, as all steps to reduce the normalisation of smoking help to reduce the numbers of smokers.  In some parts of the country, parks and open spaces receive a smoking ban to help promote an active and healthy life style.  I absolutely agree with this concept, and think it should be extended to any family orientated open space.

If I have paid to go to a theme park or other outdoor activity, I would also like it to be smoke free so I don’t have to worry about where I’m taking my children.  If those that smoked, were more considerate to non smokers this wouldn’t be an issue, but seeing as there is a minority of people  who chose to put their own needs before others, more needs to be done.  Perhaps it’s time for designated smoking areas, so those that want to, have a place to go, and those that don’t can avoid it.  Whatever the answer is, in the meantime, if you do smoke, please don’t smoke near my kids!

If you agree that smoking should be banned in some open spaces, please leave me a comment and share this post with your followers.  Lets have a conversation about this!

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  1. Firstly, I am beyond shocked someone would smoke directly next to a baby.

    Secondly, why doesn’t Thomas Land (a CHILDRENS theme park) have designated smoking areas?!

    I don’t know which angers me more.

    Smoke all you want, just do not expose others to your disgusting, harmful and ugly habit.

    Rant over
    Alex recently posted…#ChooseBeautiful with DoveMy Profile

  2. Oh wow, it actually is illegal to smoke in public parks where I live (Canada) so this is a bit shocking to me.
    My dad is a smoker, none of his kids are, and he was pretty blase about it when we were younger, but now that he’s a grandfather, he smokes outside, wears a “smoking coat” that he doesn’t wear around the kids, and washes his hands when he comes inside. I’d love for him to quit, but I think his efforts are kind.

  3. Totally agree. I hate it.
    Family pubs that have playgrounds for the kids outside. It’s great to have a meal out somewhere where the kids can run around and have fun. But I don’t want to be surrounded by smoke whilst I eat my meal.
    Bus shelters. We walk past a lot of these on our way to the local shops and I always tell my eldest to hold his breath.
    My biggest bug bear is the walk to school. Sometimes I get stuck behind someone who is walking ahead of us smoking. We have to walk to school breathing in the trail of fumes they are leaving in their wake. It’s disgusting.
    And don’t get me started on the parents who smoke outside the school gates.
    What people do in their own homes is fine. But stop invading my clean air with your toxic smoke.

  4. Oh I am SO with you on this hon, it is one of my biggest bugbears in life and always has been. Growing up in a smoking household where I only ever felt clean directly after a bath, hairwash and new clothes on meant I never took up this disgusting habit, and like you don’t want my children exposed to second hand smoke. Rant away lovely, well done you for posting this xxx

  5. I hate it so much!! There should be smoking shelters in all public places and everywhere else should be smoke free. Places like Nottingham have banned drinking on the streets haven’t they? So why not smoking too? I had a brief year of smoking a few years ago and I never lit up anywhere around non smokers, I generally only smoked in my own garden. I was hideously disgusted with myself at the time but that’s another story! In essence, I totally agree with you!xx

  6. i agree I hate people smoking near my kids an a regularly tell my hubby and my mum off because they both smoke. Their not allowed in my house though. It is hard though when you out with the kids because it’s is difficult to tell people to refrain from doing it. I also hate it since the smoking ban happened all smokers conrogate by the doors of pubs, restaurants and even shops so you have to walk through cloud of second hand smoke to enter the building.

  7. I am a smoker and yet I totally agree with you. I wouldn’t dream of going near children when I am smoking. I think it’s very selfish to subject anyone to my bad habit.

    I think smoking should be banned in family friendly attractions or at very least a designated smoking area away from the people who are trying to enjoy their day.

    Laura x x x

  8. I am ashamed to say I am still an occasional smoker but I couldn’t agree more with all you have said. I never smoke when our son is around and never ever in our house. I am acutely conscious of lighting up near anyone who is a non-smoker. It is my weakness and habit and should not be inflicted on others. I am trying hard to give up but I absolutely hate selfish people who smoke in public places. The other day I saw a woman smoking on the school run with two children in tow. Surely she could have waited until they were at least dropped off?? I agree with the theme parks thing too I was shocked how many people we saw smoking at Thomas Land last year too.

  9. Disgusting! How inconsiderate. I cannot believe some people. I think smoking should be banned in all public outdoor places, like themeparks etc . (And also everywhere else of that matter – I am sick of having to walk through clouds of smoke waking around my local retail park as people think is it acceptable to stand and smoke outside the fronts of shops – usually the staff in uniform which does not give a good impression!) I wouldn’t have been able to help myself and would have had to say something to that woman or cough or something! It infuriates me!
    At least if they are drinking a can of beer we don’t all have to be subject to the cloud of chemicals!

  10. I hate it too and I would love to see it banned in parks and theme parks. It makes me really sad that my kids are now aware of smoking even though I have tried to protect them from it. They certainly shouldn’t have to breathe in second hand smoke too.

  11. My an area for smoking, but it’s hardly used. Instead they choose to stand outside the doorways where people have to walk past to get into the main buildings. This is annoying enough that it just affect me, if it were affecting my child I think I’d be infuriated xx

  12. Totally agree and we found the same thing when we recently visited another theme park, and regularly find it where we live in Paignton…its a holiday destination with lots of families and whenever we are at the family attractions and amusement arcades on the rides with our children you find smokers coming and standing right there next to us…We can’t move because our child is ON THE RIDE…but the smoker could always go and stand somewhere else?! But noooo!!! We’ll just breathe your smoke in, shall we?!

    The most disgusting experience I had was when I was pregnant, sitting outside the maternity wing on the ONLY bench available, only to have two men sit next to me and light up…so I, the heavily pregnant woman, had to go and stand to get away from it while they had a nice comfortable seat.

  13. It is my pet hate. Theme parks and places designed for kids should definitely ban it all together. I know smokers get a bad rap but it’s unacceptable at a theme park etc
    There were a few parents who used to smoke directly outside the school gates – what planet are these people on?! In this day and age knowing what we know about smoking and second hand smoke you would think people would think a little bit more & stop being so selfish
    Beth Twinderelmo recently posted…A Day Out In… TenbyMy Profile

  14. Totally agree.
    I saw a dad smoking while he was pushing his son on his trike the other day. I doubt he really understood what chemicals he was exposing his son to, not to mention the evidence about normalising smoking and habit-forming in later life. There needs to be more education and awareness about why it’s unfair to smoke around kids or behaviours will never change.

  15. I hate this too. I think smoking should be banned from bus stops too. Many of times I’ve had to walk away and I made it plain and clear why I walked away too by saying a comment loud enough for them to hear!!



    Beth recently posted…Facts About MeMy Profile

  16. I used to be a heavy smoker but I was always mindful about smoking next to people. I would never have dreamed of sitting next to children on a bench and lighting up. I think there should be more designated smoking areas in places because as an ex smoker I can understand that spending a whole day out without being able to smoke (if for example they put a blanket ban on smoking at theme parks) would be complete torture. But certainly, there should be smoking areas away from family areas that allow smokers to do their thing and allow families to enjoy their day smoke free.

  17. This is a great post. I can’t stand smoking. Absolutely hate it. I totally think it should be banned in family areas as just because someone is outside doesn’t really mean anything. Smoke travels and it really stinks. I’m a bit rude sometimes and make a big deal out if it! Just can’t help it xx #myfavouritepost

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