I was so excited when my new camera arrived.  I’d seen so many fab photos on blogs I visit regularly and was desperate to create similar images for my blog.  I love my camera, and I’m quickly becoming a photography bore!

When it arrived, it was out of the box faster than you can say ‘ametuer photographer’ and I had my sticky fingers all over it in a flash.  I know, far too many bad jokes there 🙂

I quickly discarded the manual to one side, while I tried to figure out how to thread the neck strap on (that took long enough I can tell you!) and tried to work out how to slot body and lens together.

It soon became apparent that the manual was going to be quite useful bearing in mind this was my first DSLR.  Now I’ve had it a few months, here’s my top tips for how to look after your DSLR, and making sure it stays in great condition.

How To Look After Your DSLR 1. Read The Manual

Sometimes you can get away with not reading a manual, but this is not one of those times.  Your manual is going to be your friend while you get to know your DSLR.  Get to know the different aspects of your camera and make sure you read the care and storage instructions as soon as it comes out of the box.

2. Get A Case

I struggled without a case for a few weeks, and it’s really not worth it.  I was constantly worried about the lens getting damaged.  I have a case with a rain cover to it to prevent it getting wet out and about.

3. Changing/Attaching The Lens

Hold the camera pointing down when your attaching a lens to it, that way nothing can fall into it and it helps keep it clean.  Minimise changing the lens outdoors too. When a lens isn’t attached to the body, use all the caps provided to prevent dirt getting in.

4. Storage

Don’t expose your camera to extreme temperature changes, and where possible keep it in cool dry conditions to avoid condensation and mold.  If the camera isn’t going to be used for a while, remove the battery to prevent leaks.  Always keep the camera away from strong magnetic fields to prevent damage to the memory card or internal circuitry.

5. Servicing

Follow your manual’s recommendations on regular servicing.

6. Cleaning

It’s worth investing in a DSLR cleaning kit to make sure you don’t damage your camera during cleaning.  This will contain the appropriate brushes and clothes to use with your camera to prevent damage to the lens and other components.   Regular cleaning will  maintain your camera and the quality of your photos too.

There are more tips here on how to keep your DSLR clean, and the equipment you will need for the job.

This is a collaborative post

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  1. I’d add to number 3 make sure your camera is switched off before changing lenses as well. A switched on camera has more chance of static sucking bits of dust into the mechanism and onto the censor.

    Oh and if you plan on cleaning your sensor of your camera make sure you know what you are doing the last thing you want to do is scratch the censor!
    Ashley @ When the Dust Settles recently posted…The Jealousy of a Working DadMy Profile


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