I really feel it’s important for my children to be able to swim.  My teen can swim, and I took him to the pool regularly when he was a baby, even though I couldn’t swim.  I didn’t want him to be like me.  I haven’t been nearly so on the ball with Princess or Little Pudding, as life is a lot busier juggling two.  We did get into a habit over winter, funnily enough but as soon as we broke the pattern we slipped into our old ways.

Now Princess is 3, she can go to swimming lessons ALL BY HERSELF, this has go to appeal to her independent nature I thought.  I bit the bullet and booked her into a class, thinking this can literally go one of two ways!

swimming lesson

The morning arrived of the first class and we all had to be at the pool for 10am.  We arrived early as I had no idea how it would pan out getting Princess ready for a swim and placating Little Pudding at the same time.

On the way to the pool she spotted a cool pair of Peppa Pig goggles.  Now not one to miss a trick, I saw the opportunity to offer a bribe.  If you do your swimming lesson (without Mummy), followed by your gymnastics lesson (without Mummy) you can have those really cool goggles.  The deal was made and off we went poolside.

Being early, Princess got the chance to watch a lesson in action,  and she seemed intrigued.  To a three year old, it simply looked like they were playing games and having fun.  What wasn’t there to like?

The change passed uneventfully, and Princess was ready for action at exactly 10am. There were only 2 other children in her class which was a huge bonus.  With a little coaxing and the words ‘Peppa Pig goggles’ whispered in her ear, she was soon in the pool blowing bubbles and using floats.  She even jumped in at the end, without any hassle whatsoever.

Her first swimming lesson was a huge success, it really couldn’t have gone any better considering how little she has been in the pool these last few months.  I was so incredibly proud of her for being so brave and listening to what she had to do.  From now on our Monday mornings are going to be pretty busy, but it’s going to be worth it.  She definitely earned her Peppa Pig goggles, I just hope she realises she only gets one pair!  We’ll find out next week.

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  1. Well done Princess, thats fantastic. We have recently started taking M for swimming lessons. As she is only 2, I have to be in with her. She is still doing well though and listening to the teacher! I think swimming is an important skill to have too! #binkylinky xx

  2. Ooh thanks for sharing. We are about to start swimming lessons for our daughter so it’s good to hear other parent’s experiences before hand. Thanks Angela xx

  3. I wish I could take my twins swimming on their own, but I have to wait another year as they have to have two adults with them. It sounds like the swimming lessons are working well. I hope they continue too! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky
    Emily recently posted…Binky LinkyMy Profile

  4. Excellent! So glad it went well, and you’re really doing her a huge favour by getting her started while she’s young – drowning is one of the biggest causes of death in children because so many don’t get taught to swim at a young age.

    We need to do this with our nieces – their father was a high-level competitive swimmer in his youth, even tipped for representing his country at the Commonwealth/Olympics level. But he never once took his girls swimming. It really maddens me that he, of all people, chose not to pass on such a vital skill. And swimming is such a peaceful thing to be able to do, as well.
    Sarah Franks recently posted…BecoBowl For Cats – ReviewMy Profile

  5. How fantastic that all went well, I really regret not taking T sooner, now he’s not keen on swimming 🙁

    We are off to Bluestone next week so I’m hoping that the pool there will make him feel more comfortable!


  6. I am guilty of never taking my little two swimming much but my oldest had lessons and i use to take her all the time. I think having two so close in age makes things like swimming difficult. Princess done so well, i am glad she enjoyed her lesson. Fingers crossed she does not expect another pair of googles this week x #binkylinky
    Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Ten Years Without A MumMy Profile

  7. I’m glad your lesson went well also. My little one is three and we went swimming yesterday. Her confidence has grown so much in the kids pool. Before she was very wary but in fairness I think several ‘deep end’ bath times helped lol. I’m thinking its about time she does lessons herself.

    Your post was definitely a nice heads up. Thank you.


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