Father’s Day is just round the corner, and it presents me with the same issue every year.  What on earth do I buy to celebrate what a wonderful Dad my children have.  I don’t think I’m alone here, am I Mummy’s?

My husband doesn’t have a particular hobby, apart from being a bit of a geek.  He’s not overly bothered about fashion, and of course I’m in charge of clothes buying anyway.  He does have a sweet tooth, so chocolate is always a winner, but to be honest he could do with eating a little less.  You know I’m right don’t you hun 😉

So to celebrate Father’s Day this year I’m dedicating this blog post to Daddy, with 5 things we love about him from me an the girls.  As a nod to his geek nature, I’ve put together some  gadget themed printables that you can print off at the end of this post for any other’s Mummy’s who might be a bit stuck like me.

Free Father's Day Printables


1. While Mummy has been breastfeeding, Daddy has been getting up with the girls every weekend, even though he’s been at work all week.  The girls love this special time they get with their Daddy, even though it’s hectic sorting out nappies and breakfasts.

2. Daddy makes the best fajitas.  He doesn’t cook that much, but there’s a few things he makes really well and fajitas is one of them.  We all love Daddy’s fajitas as they aren’t too spicy for little ones!

3. Daddy gives the best cuddles, with the very best smile especially first thing in the morning.  The girls faces just light up when they see his face, it just makes me gush with pride.

4. Daddy loves to take us all to places, so that we get to have lots of lovely family time together.  He really loves taking us to Drayton Manor theme park, but also the farm and the play park.  He really likes to wear the girls out for bedtime!

5. He’s ever so good for snuggling up with and watching the girls favourite TV show’s.  He’s now a big fan of Peppa Pig, Chuggington, In The Night Garden, Swashbuckle, Dinopaws, Kate and Mim-Mim, but his favourite is definitely Kerwhizz!

Printable Father’s Day Colouring Picture

Printable Father’s Day Card

Printable Fathers Day Bookmark Gift Idea

What things do your kids really love about their Daddy?  Wouldn’t they be lovely things to add to a card or picture for Father’s Day to give him an extra special treat.


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  1. What a great Daddy! Your children are very lucky. My children have been making their Granddad some special things for Father’s Day.

  2. Awww dad’s are the best aren’t they! I love the lie in when Boo and my husband get up early in the morning and go downstairs meaning I can catch up on my sleep once Boo has had her morning feed!

  3. Some Fab ideas here Zena. I didn’t know about this so it’s a fab new resource we can use. thanks for sharing. Angela x

  4. That’s a lovely post! You are very blessed as not all dads are as fabulous as that one you’re writing about (sadly). Some lovely gift ideas too, thank you! Rev T is hard to buy for and it’s his birthday the same weekend. #myfavouritepost

  5. Love this squishy love and how darn lucky are you all for having such a great daddy. We are just as blessed AND the struggle here is the same (our girls are a bit older). However, you have given me some great ideas, thank you 🙂 Happy Love Daddy’s Day to you all 🙂



  6. Lovely idea to write a blog post about how much daddy means to the family. Really thoughtful and it’s something the family can go back to and read in years to comes, unlike edible presents or cards that can get missing. Lovely printables too. #MyFavouritePost


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