Right guys, you gotta help me out here.  I’ve been having some really crazy thoughts recently.  Some of my friends have been showing off their gorgeous newborn babies, and oh my word, it’s making me feel broody.  It’s completely insane, as rationally the thought of going throw another pregnancy is just too much like hard work.  Having a 3 year old and a 1 year old is also hard work, but it is getting easier.  Throwing another baby into the mix would just be ludicrous.

If you were reading this blog during my last pregnancy, you’ll know I had a pretty hard time.  I suffered from pelvic girdle pain from really early on, and to get straight to the point I became an emotional wreck pretty much from the word go.   I went overdue, which was pretty much like daily torture and I ended up being induced early due to the physical and emotional strain it was putting me under.  Gosh, I’m starting to feel less broody already! However, if I’m honest, I could have probably done with seeing a more professional obstetrician. For example, my cousin in Australia dealt with Dr Malcolm Godfrey and couldn’t praise him highly enough. The service was fantastic and he was always their to give advice. This is one tip I would definitely recommend you to take on, get in contact with a pregnancy specific doctor or obstetrician.

All of this has made me think a lot about the reality of being pregnant, and how tough it can be on us women.  Granted not everyone suffers with a huge amount of pregnancy related symptoms.   Some ladies breeze through the process, but some of us don’t, especially if your a bit older and carrying a little extra weight like me.

For those women who don’t bloom during the nine months of carrying a child, this is what pregnancy really looks like.

The Reality Of Pregnancy


  1. No matter how hard I tried to be careful, I always end up spilling my dinner down my bump.  Towards the end I avoided sauces and gravy as food stains just aren’t a good look.  There just wasn’t a serviette big enough to cover this bump and save me from some embarrassing food situations.
  2. Taking around 10 minutes to get out of the car/the chair/ the bed. Delete as appropriate!  Getting up and down became a constant physical challenge in the last couple of months of my pregnancy.  My husband had to provide me with physical assistance most of the time to haul me out of the chair.  It’s just not dignified!  I felt like an old lady.
  3. When I got out of said car, chair or bed, I was then left with the prospect of waddling like a duck to my destination.  It also took me as long as a duck to get there.  My husband refused to go to the supermarket with me in the end because I’d take so long to get round.  In the end I didn’t get round at all.  I’d manage about 2 aisles if I was lucky.
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  4. Gaviscon becomes a dietary supplement during pregnancy.  No matter what I ate or drank, in the end everything triggered the most unbearable heartburn.  It liked to attack just when I was trying to get to sleep, and I’d left it down stairs. See points 2 and 3.
  5. It’s a good job I forget what it was like being able to move and walk normally while I was pregnant, as I think this is why it wasn’t so frustrating not being able to put my own shoes and socks on.  My husband frequently had to zip my boots up, and take them off again. It must be love, mustn’t it?
  6. Constantly having to go for a pee  became a bit tiresome, mainly because of points 2 and 3.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just in the day, but waking up through the night just to empty my bladder because the baby had decided to jump on it became a little frustrating.  No matter how hard I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, it’s just wasn’t going away. My big pregnant bump had to roll outta bed and make it’s way to the bathroom, for the tiniest wee. Sparrow bladder didn’t come into it!
  7. I lost count of the amount of times I’d drop something on the floor, and not be able to pick it up again.  I don’t know what it is about pregnancy but it seems to make me really clumsy.  It would always happen to me in a shop too, and I’d have to stop an assistant and ask rather pathetically if they wouldn’t mind picking up the item for me. Sometimes, I would just leg it as fast as my pregnant bump would take me and pretend it wasn’t me.  I think they always knew though.
  8. Getting to the last few weeks of pregnancy and realising that only one pair of pyjamas, one outfit and a pair of flip flops fitted me.  There was no going out and buying more maternity clothes because it’s just wasn’t worth it, so I’d spend my time alternating between a pyjama day and getting out of the house for a walk in the hope it will start labour off.
  9. I can’t discuss the reality of pregnancy without mentioning how much everything swells up.  My feet doubled in size, and so did my legs in my last pregnancy.  It didn’t matter how much I put my feet up, the water never went down that much.  What they don’t tell you is when baby is born, that water has to come out somehow.  It’s either sweat, or peeing like a horse.  For me it was the latter.  If I hadn’t spent enough time on the toilet already!  I was hoping to get a break from my bladder 🙂

Despite going through all this we have the most gorgeous girls, and I wouldn’t change any of it.  Would I put myself through it again.  Sadly not, my baby making days are officially over so I hope these broody feeling pass sooner rather than later.


  1. Sometimes I feel sad that I’m not well enough to have a second child… I always hope one day I’d be well enough but I’ve accepted this may not happen! On a positive note! I was very unwell the whole pregnancy so there is an upside but you never know! I’ll take life one year at a time and see what happens!

    Angela from daysinbed

  2. Oh, I got worried when I first started reading this post!! Thank goodness I read it through to the end. Not just the pelvic girdle pain, not even the constant indigestion – just think of the practicalities of adding another Little to your already potent mix!!
    I’m in my 60s, and haven’t been able to produce babies for 20yrs, but you know what? I STILL get broody! Some of us are just made that way, and it turns us into doting grandparents, excellent babysitters, and a good ear for those who need a verbal hug .

  3. hahaha! I forgot about being pregnant until I read this….Reading this is enough to put you off ever getting pregnant. I was nodding my head to a lot of these! What memories….

  4. Pregnancy might be hard but just think about all the rewards later on… I am sad to hear there will be no more little Zena’s 🙂

  5. Oh the hearthburn! I don’t miss that daily torture at all. I used to always spill my dinner too so I wore an apron each time I ate (like a big bib really 😉 ) I’m now not sure whether I usually spill my food when not pregnant and I only noticed when it fell on my pregnancy bump or whether it was a pregnancy thing. It’s sad thinking there will be no more babies.

  6. I feel like this post is a more honest representation than the healthy, glowing one I often read about! Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost

  7. Excellent post and very honest. I can still remember enough not be up for doing it again. I was pregnant during the hottest summer in living memory – the day I went on maternity leave was the day the temperature hit the 100’s. Waddling around looking like a whale in the boiling hot was NO FUN! #myfavouritepost

  8. I have bookmarked this post and I am going to read it from time to time. I honestly wish I had more photos from my pregnancy because suffering with HG it is something I never want to experience again, but time (and hormones) do strange things!!

  9. I have to admit that after having my third, and thinking for a little while that another might be nice, I am now well and truly finished. I don’t even feel broody when I see a newborn 🙂 I really couldn’t do pregnancy and the newborn thing again!
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted…The Prompt: PlayMy Profile

  10. Somehow after a while, I forgot the last couple months of pregnancy, and just remember the good bits. This sure is A reality check! I am sorry to learn that you suffered more during yours. I was lucky, I had no need for Gaviscon 🙂 and still don’t remember most of the less happy bits 😉
    Thank you for hosting! 🙂 x

  11. This is so true!! My youngest has turned just 1 year old and I’m starting to feel that things are heading into a better direction so having a 3rd one will be a no no. Although sometimes I think it could be nice to have another one but sooner I remember all the bad things that are part of being pregnant and I say no. The first year is also very hard to deal with. I guess we will always have a mix feelings about as it is natural to see babies and want one! Thanks for sharing and hosting #myfavouritepost xx
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