I absolutely love that I am able to share so many trips to the theatre with my family.  I really appreciate being able to share with them different opportunities to enjoy entertainment in all it’s various guises.

After we saw Going On A Bear Hunt, we had the opportunity to see a completely different kind of performance.  Bleu by East Midlands Children’s Theatre and Dance Network was showing at Nottingham Lakeside and it sounded perfect for my 3 year old daughter.

Bleu Nottingham Lakeside

It was a very engaging performance, and we were all asked to sit around the stage instead of taking the usual theatre seats.  This always makes for a more interesting theatre experience.

Bleu is the mythical story of a mermaid and a sailor and their romantic sea adventure in search of the magical pearl.  It’s truly captivating for it’s young audience and very dramatic in parts.  Music and dance are combined to deliver the story in an exciting and interactive way to the family friendly audience.

It was a delightful way to introduce young theatre goers to how stories can be told in very different ways.  My daughter was really interested in how the story was being told and was asking a lot of questions throughout the performance (my sincerest apologies to the person who was sitting next to us!).

In parts, the dancers asked small groups to join them from the audience to become apart of the choreography.  My daughter watched this intently, building up the confidence to get involved if she was asked.  When she was invited to join the dancers on stage, she was so excited and couldn’t wait to set foot onto the boat that was lit up on the interactive stage floor.  Her and the rest of the crew battled the storm to stay afloat, and she loved taking part in the show.

This was the first time she had felt comfortable enough to go and join the performance on stage, and it was because of how she was able to see the other children get involved first and because of the small groups involved.  It was a delight to watch, and she was so proud of herself afterwards.

Bleu was one of the most mesmerising performances I’ve seen at Nottingham Lakeside Theatre, and it is an experience that myself and my daughter will not forget anytime soon. Nottingham Lakeside offers such a wide variety of performances for children and families to enjoy, that with out a doubt there is something for everyone.

We will be going to see Nottingham Lakeside Arts production of Neverland this weekend, and am very excited about sharing our review with you.  If you are in the area, do check this out.  It could become a new family Christmas tradition.

We received complimentary tickets to see this performance, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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