So when did it happen to you?  It might not have done, but with 1 in 2 women in the UK suffering with light bladder weakness there’s a good chance it has, so what do you do about it?  How do you take control of those oooops moments and carry on with our busy lives?

oooops moments happen bladder weakness


Do you think we get the rough end of the stick ladies?  We have so much to contend with when it comes to looking after ourselves, the waxing, the shaving, maintaining an illusion that grey hair hasn’t set in just yet.  There is a huge amount of pressure for us to maintain a level of vanity, whilst making it look effortless and squeezing it in between the day job, looking after the kids and running the house.

If that wasn’t enough, Mother Nature likes to make sure she has her say too.  If it wasn’t enough to bestow us with monthly periods and labour, she likes to have a little joke after childbirth and leave us with some little accidents to contend with.

After having 3 children, I’m reluctant to take to the kids trampoline and forget high impact  during aerobics, I’m just not going there!  That’s bound to cause a little leak, but why should we suffer like this.  Enough is enough, right!  It’s time to take control of these oooops moments, so we can get on with enjoying our lives free from these little interruptions.

Lights by Tena are the perfect solution to stop us all worrying about when that oooops moment might happen to us.  They are designed to protect us from those unexpected leaks so that we can carry on with our day feeling fresh and dry.

So if you find that your little accidents put you off taking exercise or you never know when that baby is going to give your bladder a little nudge from the inside, Lights by Tena are the perfect answer.  You can request a free sample from the website, and stop those oooops moments ruining your day.

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  1. Also had three kids and can totally relate to this post! Being a woman is not easy, not easy at all! I’ve heard of lights by tena before, they’re suppose to work wonders! 🙂

  2. It is great that there are more people talking about this nowadays. I am very conscious that I need to keep practicing my pelvic floor exercises but I often forget. It’s great that you can get free samples. Thanks for sharing.

  3. One of the secret joys of motherhood no one tells you about until after you have kids! Luckily, I haven’t had this problem yet. Sounds like a great product to avoid any embarrassing moments when out & about. x

  4. Oh dear 4 kids and a medical condition I have to do that cross legged walk to the loo, look a right banana

  5. I feel so lucky not to struggle with this after childbirth. However I’m pregnant with baby number 2 and I’m not expecting to go back to normal for a second time! That would be too good to be true! X

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