I got really excited when Funkit World got in touch with me and asked if we would take a look at their new range of beach toys.  It was perfect timing for us as we were just about to head to Fuengirola for a short break so a new bucket and spade was going to come in really handy.

Funkit World Beach Toys Review + giveaway

I know what you are thinking.  Why on earth would I get so excited about a new bucket and spade.  Well one of my holiday bugbears is that it is impossible to fit a standard bucket and spade, along with the rest of the beach toys into a holiday suitcase.

I’ve lost count of the number of buckets and spades that I have bought on holiday and then have had to either bin them or donate to another child (of course this isn’t such a bad option) before we head home.  There is apart of me that feels that this is a real waste and not great for the environment either.

Scrunch toys packed in trunki suitcase

Scrunch beach toys do exactly that though.  They scrunch so they will fit easily into a suitcase or bag for going on holiday or for days out.  This felt like a complete revolution in the beach toys area to me.  Fancy having a scrunch-net that fits into a carry on size piece of hand luggage and transports easily.  Well I was impressed.  These little things make a big difference when you are travelling with children.

Funkit World Scrunch Beach Toys Review

bucket and spade

The real test of course, was going to be would they keep my daughter happy whilst playing on the beach after flying all the way to the Costa Del Sol.  The answer to that is an almighty yes.  The Funkit World Scrunch beach toys were a big hit with my daughter.

child playing with scrunch net on beachThe scrunch net was a big hit on and off the beach.  It’s telescopic handle is brilliant so it can extend to the standard size for beach and outdoor play.  This would be perfect for rock pooling in Scotland for example.  It seems sturdy and didn’t mind being bashed around in the sea by an over enthusiastic 3 year old.

child playing with bucket by the seaThe buckets were a bit hit too.  They were great for playing with the sand or ferrying supplies of water from the sea.  Being bright and colourful they were easy to spot and didn’t get lost.  The handle was great for my daughter too.  It’s made from silicon like the bucket so it’s nice and comfortable to hold whilst running up the beach.

playing with bucket and spade on the beachThe spade doesn’t scrunch, but then it doesn’t have to.  It’s a nice design so it easily fits into a case and it’s also great for playing with too.  It’s fairly small, but my daughter seemed to manage to fill her buckets with sand perfectly well with it.  Of course it was put to a spot of hole digging too.

scrunch sand mouldsThe scrunch moulds are super cute.  They come as a pack of 4, including a crab, shell, fish and a footprint.  They are also made from silicon so they scrunch into luggage or travel bags easily.

child playing frisbeeOne of our favourite toys from Funkit World had to be the frisbee.  It’s small and made from silicon, but it’s a really nifty little thing.  My daughter and I had a lot of fun playing with it on the beach.  It was easy for her to master because it was small.  I can see this being used a lot especially on holiday or for camping.

Sadly the frisbee doesn’t look like it will be available in the UK, but if you spot it when you are on holiday abroad I can definitley recommend picking one up.  It won’t take up any room in your case and you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

child playing ball on the beachThe scrunch ball was a lot of fun as well.  It’s super easy to inflate with the plastic straw it comes with.  It’s also easy to deflate again for carrying around in a beach bag.  It’s a great texture, perfect for children who are learning to play catch as it has a slight grip to it.  It also inflates big enough for a good game of football or hand ball.  It would make a great addition to anyone’s summer toy collection.

child looking out to sea

We loved the Funkit World Scrunch Beach Toys.  They were great for playing with on the beach.  They fitted into the suitcase perfectly and they were also easy to transport while we were on holiday.  They came out with us every day in my tote bag and were ready for beach play when ever we wanted them.

Beach Toys Set Giveaway 

I am also delighted to announce that the lovely people at Funkit World are offering Zena’s Suitcase readers the chance to win their very own set of Scrunch Beach Toys including the Scrunch bucket, spade, sand moulds, scrunch ball and scrunch net.  This prize will make a perfect addition to your summer holidays and adventures and I’m wishing everyone the best of luck who enters.

All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter below to get you hands on these fantastic beach toys.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We were provided with the beach toys in exchange for our honest review but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. we have some of those velco circle bat things which make little hands easier to catch the ball. we’ve got a couple of sets we take to the beach, so we can all play at the same time.

  2. What a brilliant idea! We’re off to Spain in May and I’ve been toying with how to get the buckets and spades packed!!!! My girls love building sandcastle and my son loves to play football on the beach!!!

  3. We live in Cornwall and are lucky to have fantastic beaches. We like beaches with loads of rock pools so that we can look for creatures and exploring them.

  4. Usually have to combine making a castle and a complicated set of canals to keep my girls and my son happy!

  5. After burying Daddy in the sand – which is a given – a nice game of frisbee is always great fun. x

  6. I love digging big holes with my children, we always pretend we are digging for treasure 🙂

  7. I love making sand castles, collecting shells and playing with the ball along with my family on the beach

  8. Building sandcastles with moats and then watching it fill up when the tide starts to come in.

  9. my kids love to dig a hole in the sand and put my towel over it, so when i sit down i fall in the hole!!

  10. Can’t beat building sandcastles and collecting shells to decorate them 🙂 When I was younger my dad used to bury me in the sand and take a photo, that was his favourite game haha!

  11. We all love building sandcastles with channels running from one to the other coming up the beach to where we are so that as the tide comes in we can watch the water running from on to the other

  12. we say we are going to build sandcastles but it is actually just digging holes that’s what the boys seem to enjoy

  13. We build a little car in the sand using a sand sieve as a wheel and decorating it with shells

  14. We love building sandcastles, seeing if we can find some nice pebbles and shells and looking for nature!

  15. My brother and I used to bury each other and my parents in the sand and thought it was great fun.

  16. We love playing Frisbee and building sandcastles. My little ones also like flying their kite 🙂

  17. We love playing games like obstacle course where we have a race to see who can build sand castles the fastest in a pattern and we make a race for us to follow around it. so much fun

  18. this wil be the first year my youngest grandaughter will be going to beach and to have this prize would be just perfect to watch her build her first sandcastles and put her toes in the sea perfect memories perfect prize

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