At some point the relationship with our partner changes.  In the early days it’s all hearts and flowers, or at least it should be.  There’s lots of excitement and hormones flying around and we simply can’t get enough of this new relationship. You constantly wonder how to make him worry about losing you and how to make him love you more.

At some point, the honeymoon period wears off and life with your boyfriend or girlfriend starts to become a bit more day to day.  As a Mum and wife who has been married for more  than 5 years, I’ve seen my own relationship change significantly.  Those exciting early days have become something far more predictable. The one biggest change we have experienced as a couple is having children, and it has definitely had an effect on our relationship, or aspects of it.

Our daughters were born just a couple of years apart.  As individuals and as sisters they have lots of emotional and developmental needs that require both of our attention.  That energy has to come from somewhere, and I think that it has been drawn from the bank of our own relationship.

We co-sleep with our children, and no sooner did one child move out of the bed into her own room as another baby arrived and set up camp.  With all the best will in the world this does impact on the level of intimacy that we can enjoy as a couple.  I was not in the least bit surprised to read that Vagisil conducted some research amongst women and found that 56% of women wanted to feel more connected to their partner.  I literally understand how they feel and wonder how many of these women are co-sleeping parents.

Relationships are bound to change and develop just with the passing of time regardless of whether kids are involved or not.  There are things that couples can do to keep feeling connected and be happy together.  It’s really important to understand that relationships take effort to make them work. There might be times when a little more effort than normal is required to keep everyone happy and here’s some tips to help you through those times.

Tips for Having a Better Relationship with Your Partner

Have Fun

No matter how busy life gets, always make time to have fun together.  Find things that you both enjoy and make time to do them as a couple.  If you like travelling make sure you have plans to take a holiday together.  Perhaps you enjoy walking or playing sport.  If you are a little more daring, maybe you could take on something like a sky dive for a charity you’d both like to support.

Make Each Other Laugh

Making sure you share things that make you laugh together is so important.  Couples who laugh together share a much stronger bond than couples who don’t.  They are able to overcome the stresses and strains of everyday life easier and be much nicer to each other all round.  Laughter is a great way to feel more connected to your partner, so making time to watch a comedy or go to the pub and do the quiz to inject some giggles into a night out is a good way to keep a relationship healthy.

Make Time to Talk

Communicating really helps oil the cogs of a relationship and helps us feel more connected to our partner.  Talking helps us to understand each other better.  Talking also helps to prevent minor problems or niggles turn into big problems in a relationship.

Talking really helps to build a successful long term partnership as a couple as it’s when important decisions that effect you both can be made jointly.  You may have differences of opinions on certain topics, but by talking about it you will be able to understand where each other is coming from.  Talking can save a lot of frustration and arguments.  If you are not talking to your husband or wife much, this really is an area to work on, straight away.

Be Intimate with your Partner

I know this is probably obvious, but one of the main things that make you a couple is sharing an intimate relationship.  If something has changed in this area of your life, then maybe it’s an area that needs some attention.  Having kids can play havoc with your intimate relationship, as we have found out.  We have made choices as a couple about how we want to parent our children, but it has definitely had an impact on other areas of our life.

There may be other reasons that you aren’t feeling confident in this area of your relationship.  Bodies change over time, and intimate dryness can be a problem for lots of women.  It can soon have an impact on your relationship too.  Products like Vagisil ProHydrate range can help restore confidence and intimacy in a relationship so you can both work on getting that spark back.

Remember Why You Love Them

Do you ever have days when everything about your husband annoys you?  When life is stressful and the kids are playing up and before you know it your other half can’t do anything right.  I think every body has days like this, as we are only human.

We can influence how we feel about our partner with this simple technique that Kate Taylor discusses in the video.  I hope you find it useful and it helps you to enjoy a better relationship with your partner.

This post was written in collaboration with Vagisil.  Vagisil ProHydrate products are available  from Boots or Superdrug and help  prevent intimate dryness and restore women’s confidence. 

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