Who would like to do a quick quiz?  It’s super fun I promise, and will really make you chuckle.  I had a go at it recently, and some of the answers really surprised me.  If you have young children, I think you will really be able to relate to it too.

Can You Guess The Celebrity

Children’s Drawings

I love watching how children’s drawings develop.  When you first give a baby a crayon or pencil they really enjoy making lots of scribbles.  There’s nothing definable there, but it’s all about them enjoying the process and having a bit of control over their own world.  They are always so proud of their creation, but they haven’t yet realised that they can recreate things from the world around.

As they get a little older and they get a bit more control over their drawing skills shapes start to emerge on the paper.  Circles are the first shape that all my children drew, and it was a very proud moment for all of us.

child's drawing of the queen

When they realise they are able to recreate what they see in the world around them on paper, this is when you really see their drawing skills take off.  Do you remember having a picture thrust in front of your face with the words, ‘do you like it Mummy?’, you respond gushing at the creativity and tentatively ask what it is, to be told in no uncertain terms, ‘it’s you Mummy!!’

There is a moment of back peddling and you declare what a great likeness it is, even though you have never seen that hair before on anyone in the 21st century and you have no idea how you would ever achieve anything with hands stuck to your tummy.

Can You Guess The Celebrity Quiz

child's drawing celebrity

Well, imagine what would happen if you asked a group of children to draw their favourite celebrities?  Sunlife did exactly that, and the results were hilarious.  Imagine your child proudly presenting you with these pictures and asking you who they were?  Would you be able to tell a child’s drawing of Gary Barlow from Victoria Beckham?

Pop over to the quiz page now and take a look at all 9 pictures and see how many you get right.  I’d love to hear from you if there were any that you were really surprised about.

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  1. I think the man in the blue suit looks like Piers Morgan! Haha 🙂 Children’s drawings are open to loads of interpretations aren’t they.


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