I was so excited to hear that the Go Jetters magazine was going to be heading to shelves across the country from 29th June.  It is up there as one of our favourite CBeebies shows and we have been having a lot of fun exploring the new magazine.  As a Mum who is really keen to help her children to travel and explore the world, I totally love the concept of Go Jetters.  I don’t think there is anything else out there quite like it, so getting our hands on the new CBeebies magazine for a sneak peek was super exciting.

Go Jetters Magazine Now Available

If your not up to speed, Go Jetters are 4 adventure seeking super heros that explore planet earth with the help and guidance of Ubercorn.  They are often trying to stop Grandmaster Glitch and the Grimbots from causing mischief around the planet.

The TV show is unique, and so is the new Go Jetters magazine.  It’s packed full of stories and Ubercorn facts from around the world to share with your children.  My daughter and I are really enjoying all the puzzles and games packed in this magazine.  She is really focusing on being ready for starting school in September and the Go Jetters magazine has the perfect activities to help with her learning and preparation for literacy, maths and other parts of the Early Years Curriculum.

Go Jetters Magazine

Not only are we able to sit and work thorough fun learning based puzzles, but we are also really enjoying talking about places that we have visited or would like to travel to.  Niagra Falls is definitely on our list and we’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to see rainbows there.  Her big brother is also visiting Paris is a few days so we’ve really enjoyed talking about the places he will be visiting.

I really love this magazine because it has lots to offer children of all ages.  It’s a really fun way to support a child’s education but also introduce them to the idea of travel and culture from around the world.  If you buy Go Jetters magazine I can guarantee you will have a lot of fun and some really great conversations with your child about travel and planet earth.

We were provided with the Go Jetters CBeebies Magazine for the purposes of this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own.  The Go Jetters Magazine is priced £2.99 and is available in all good newsagents.

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