Mauritius has very much become the home of the affordable luxury family holiday with over 100,000 British tourists visiting the island every year.  The climate offers sunshine all year round which makes for the perfect winter getaway.  It’s beauty is encased in the still blue waters of the Indian Ocean and it’s tropical white sands making it the perfect playground for a family getaway.

Mauritius beach indian ocean

Whilst the beaches make for the perfecting resting place, the island has so much more to offer.  Mauritius is a cultural haven with influences from France, India, China, and Britain which can be found immersed in the islands architecture and local cuisine.  With Mauritius being a cultural melting pot, it makes it one of the most friendliest and hospitable places to visit in the world.  Every family is welcome, as so many nations have left their footprint here.

When To Go To Mauritius

When to take your holiday in Mauritius is very much down to you.  As a destination that boasts year round sunshine, it’s really about your holiday preferences.

The Mauritius summer takes place between October and April and lends itself very well to the family beach holiday.  The warm sunshine brings with it a sticky and humid atmosphere, allowing holiday makers to cool off in the sea and enjoy the cool breeze off the ocean.  Temperatures reach their highest in December with 26C in the daytime and 21C at nighttime.

Winter on the island is between May and September where daytime temperatures fall to 21C.  The mosquito rate also falls too making it a more family friendly time to visit, with between 30 and 50% less of the insects inhabiting the island during this time.  The weather is dryer and cooler which lends itself much better to exploring the islands rich history and exciting activities.

Where To Stay

Once you have decided which time of year a holiday to Mauritius would suit you best, deciding on where to stay on the island will further tailor your experience.

The West of the island offers good access to Mauritius local attractions and is very much the place to stay if you want a more active family holiday.  Here you can access the beautiful array of national parks and stunning collection of wildlife that so many float here to see.


The North of the island is a little more lively offering a wide selection of accommodation options from hotels, apartments to B&Bs.  If you are looking to sample the local gastronomy and soak up a little night life Grand Baie offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars outside of the large resorts.

Tourists gravitate to the South of Mauritius to enjoy the islands natural beauty.  This is the perfect holiday destination for diving families who can enjoy some of the most amazing snorkelling in the world thanks to the famous marine park.  Unspoilt by the tourist boom, it still offers families a quiet getaway too.

The East offers arguably the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius and some of the least crowded.  One of the more unspoilt parts of the island, this is the perfect location if you are looking for a quiet beach holiday and do not anticipate moving far from your resort.  The East is the perfect location for quiet rest and relaxation.

Things To Do In Mauritius

My view is that it would be criminal to visit this beautiful island and not explore some of the amazing experiences Mauritius has to offer.  If you take a family holiday hear, make an effort to leave the beach and get outside of your resort to immerse yourself in some truly memorable moments.

Mauritius Waterfall

If you struggle to tear your self away from the water, then swimming with the dolphins could be for you or taking part in one of the many water sports on the island.

I would certainly see myself enjoying a safari, whether I was brave enough to walk with lions or pet tiger cubs I’m not sure, but apparently many have tried it and lived to tell the tale.

Mauritius offers natural landscape like no other island with it’s volcanic backdrop and famous Seven Coloured Earth as well as botanical gardens and scenic waterfalls.  Every one of these spots should make it on to your travel itinerary.

Seven Colours Of Earth Mauritius

Useful Information About Mauritius

There are 2 scheduled direct flights from the UK to Mauritius with British Airways and Air Mauritius.  Thomson also fly once a week.  Indirect flights are also available via Dubai.

Flight time is 12 hours.

The Mauritian rupee (MUR) is the island’s currency and for best rates is best purchased on the island.

For more information about the family fun and adventure to be had in Mauritius click here

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