Hi everyone!  I wanted to start off this post with a big thank you to everyone who has ever stopped by and read my blog or followed my social channels.  You are absolutely amazing, and without you this blog wouldn’t be half as successful as it is.  I truly appreciate every view, follow and sub you guys have put my way, it really means a lot.   

I wanted to share with you somethings that are happening around my blog incase you’ve noticed a few changes.  Zena’s Suitcase is still the blog where I will share all of my posts, reviews and updates, so for all my loyal readers, that will pretty much stay the same.


If you are particularly interested in different aspects of my blog, then you can follow some of my new social media channels for updates.  I have really come to enjoy making vlogs with the girls about the toys they receive, and they are sharing those updates on a new Facebook page and Instagram account just for them.  Our Favourite Toys is their YouTube play list where you can find their latest videos and antics.  If you like cute kids and are interested to see the latest toys that have made it onto out doormat and their day to day antics, these are the links you will be interested in.

The other main change is that I have a new Instagram account.  Zena’s Suitcase is still going strong on Instagram with nearly 10K followers, which is so amazing.  This is where I share our travel related pictures and stories.  My new Instagram account is called Zena’s Life, and is focused around my day to day stuff.  If you want to see what goes on in our daily blogging life, come and be nosey right here.  Don’t be shy, I’d love to connect with you their and find out more about my readers.


A lot more is happening over on my YouTube channel generally, and 2-3 videos are being uploaded every week.  If you would like to subscribe and keep up with our latest videos, just follow this link and click subscribe.  We will be featuring family friendly vlogs, days out, holidays and toys regularly.  If there is anything you would love to see on our YouTube channel or on my blog, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to consider most requests.

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope that Zena’s Suitcase has inspired you in some way, and will continue to be a place you enjoy to visit.


  1. Crikey – you must be a busy bunny, what with your blogging, vlogging, girls’ accounts & social media – plus things like this FB group! What’s your secret Zena? Are you really a ninja in disguise? Or perhaps a fairy? Need to know please! 😉

  2. I’ve just followed you on instagram and subscribed to your YouTube! I’m currently finding myself on those two channels as well, like I had no idea I could change my tag on Insta so finally changed it from my maiden name (alinaisaev00) to my blog name (fairytaleprettypicture) and on YouTube I’m simply figuring out my own tone of voice 🙂
    Alina recently posted…Bridget Jones Movies Night InMy Profile

  3. Hi Zena,
    Pleasure to meet you. 🙂

    There is no need to say thank you because we come to you due informative and useful things which you provide us as per user required. The best thing which I like most from your site is; your review and updates, that compelled to visit your site all the time.

    I really got surprised to know that you have created Facebook page and Instagram account. It was really necessary to interact with the people because usually many people active all the time on social media accounts. I’m glad to know that you are on YouTube channel too.

    I’m impressed to you to know the way of helping people. Thanks for sharing it.

    With regards.
    – Ravi.

  4. You have made your blog and social pages a huge success, you work tirelessly to make sure you keep them updated, you should be really proud xxx


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