Our house is a very busy house, and maintaining a sense of calm in it is one of my constant challenges.  I’m determined to get on top of this in time for Christmas.  One thing that seems to add to our house stress levels is the clutter and ambience.  Daddy is a bit of a stress head anyway, and trying to keep everything calm is a real challenge.  The girls can often disturb the calm in the house too by emptying a container of toys of the floor or just by doing what siblings seem to do best, fight!

I’m hoping that by working on making the home calmer, that in turn the family living in it will also be a little calmer and stress free.

Add A Calming Scent To Your Home

We were recently sent a gorgeous Amy Victoria reed diffuser to try out.  The fragrance we were sent was the Lavender and Rose, and it’s a really lovely scent.  We’ve been using it for just a couple of weeks now, and it seems to be blending into the family home a treat.  The Amy Victoria reed diffuser is beautifully packaged, making it the perfect gift for Christmas or a special occasion and contains only the very best essential oils and natural ingredients.

We have a open plan living room and dining room, and I’ve placed the diffuser in a spot in the dining area, but the lovely calming scent still makes it through to the living room.  It’s been a real godsend to be honest, as my husband doesn’t seem to like candles.  They make hime cough and he often finds the scent over powering.


With the Amy Victoria diffuser you can control how strong the scent is by the number of reeds you add to the bottle.  We are only using 3, but it’s really effective and provides the perfect amount of scent for us.

Declutter The Hall And Entrance To Your Home

The porch and hallway in our house always seem to be cluttered.  It doesn’t create a good first impression and certainly doesn’t set a good mood for us as a family.  I’ll be finding a place of all the items that have taken up home here and creating a sense of calm for us to walk in to.  It might mean a few trips into the loft.  I’ll also be nagging Daddy about putting his coat away properly, at the same time as I’m telling him to not leave wet towels on the bed.

Get Enough Storage

One of our biggest problems is storage.  I thought I’d found the toy cupboard to answer our prayers back in September and placed an order.  Unfortunately it’s only just come into stock, but I know it’s going to make a big difference.

We have toys everywhere, in different boxes and buckets but the problem is the girls can see them.  This means that they just pull out what they want when they want, and before you know it you’ve lost the living room floor.  The toys are going to be sorted and put out of sight, so that one thing can come out at a time.  I can’t tell you how excited about this I am.  It will make being at home and working here so much easier.

Have A Good Clear Out

With Christmas soon upon us, it’s time to identify the toys, clothes and any other gadgets that aren’t in use and send them off to charity or the waste tip.  I’ve had my eye on a few things that need sending away, and I can already feel how therapeutic this will be.

A Place For Everything

One of my biggest challenges is getting the whole family to buy into creating a calm and stress free surrounding for us to live in.  we have that issue of shoes and coats being flung everywhere when people come home, so it’s time to try and get everyone into good habits.  Hopefully getting some good habits instilled in both Daddy and the girls will help to bring a sense of calm to our home.



This will be my project for next year.  We currently have a decor of browns, reds and creams.  I find it all a bit dark and glumly at this time of year so I think it’s time for a change.  I want more pastel shades, with grey being the base colour.

Perfect Lighting

I’ve come to notice that our lighting isn’t great and certainly doesn’t promote a calm atmosphere, especially at night.  Daddy has a preference for watching TV in the dark, but there are times when lighting is required.  I’ll be looking out for a new table lamp to add to the living space to create a more homely feel than using the ‘big light’.

What are your tips for creating a calm home?

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  1. It is difficult at the moment having a calm home with a toddler and teenagers living with me. I find sitting down having a family meal and chatting about the day helpful. This diffuser sounds wonderful and I would love to try it

  2. I’m most calm in my house with my PJ’s on, blanket, slippers, pets (when they behave!) cuddles and candles

  3. I try to keep the house tidy from clutter, use lamps rather than bright lights and put on some chilled music (usually Smooth fm)

  4. Having a decluttered and clean home can really take away the stress and make everyone feel alot calmer 🙂 x

  5. I love little lighting, I think they make the home cosy and homily looking, And I always have several candles lit in the dark evenings, cosy throws and furry shaggy cushions and rugs! I just feel very comfortable being in a room full of all these textiles.

  6. Scented candles, curb the clutter, deal with post and newspapers so they don’t end up creating piles

  7. I would love to create calm by decluttering – I can never totally relax knowing that I have things to do in the house.

    Generally a cup of tea and slice of cake and a catch up on my emails chills me out x

  8. I use candles, diffusers and soft lighting! I also have throws to keep me cosy for those days in on the sofa with a film and cuppa x

  9. I like to have scented candles and lamps rather than overhead lighting.I used to have an aquarium and that was very calming to look at.

  10. Time on my own (the dog’s allowed to stay!) chilling out under a warm fleecy blanket with good TV and a takeaway, all my favourite things!

  11. I use candles to create a relaxing atmosphere at home and try not to have things we don’t need laying about the house

  12. We turn off the TV and sit on the couch with a cuppa and the candles lit for 10 minutes a day. IT works wonders for ridding the house of negativity xx

  13. My favourite music teamed up with gorgeous candles, you can’t go wrong!

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway 🙂

  14. Declutter. There’s nothing (for me) more anxiety-provoking than being surrounded by too much ‘stuff’.

  15. When everything is tidied away we put low lights on and light a nice fragrant candle and play some chilled out tunes

  16. I like everything to be put away in its place, no clutter! I love candle light and soft white lamp lighting. I’ll burn candles when I really feel like relaxing!

  17. I love the Hygge Nordic method!! Lots of fur candles and serenity. Lots of warm snuggly nights with good food and good movies

  18. Candles or anything with your favourite fragrance, either telly off and some music or telly on with your favourite easy to watch film or show. My favourite to watch is Joy of Painting.

  19. My purring cat, after she has prodded and scarred my legs trying to flatten her place, is rather relaxing.

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