Last year, Princess and I were invited to London to take a sneak peak at the new Spring/Summer children’s collection from Nutmeg.  Nutmeg range is sold in Morrisons stores up and down the country, and provide affordable, fashionable clothes for babies and children.

We love any excuse to visit London, but when I told my 4 year old she was going to see a new clothes collection she squealed with excitement.  Clothes seem to be a big deal for both my daughters, and they have expressed an opinion about the clothes they wear from a very young age.

I was really looking forward to taking her to see the collection and to see how she would react to the different outfits that are going to be featured in the supermarket anytime now.  It was also a good opportunity to share mine and my daughters thoughts with Nutmeg about the new spring/summer range.

My daughter had a lovely time designing her own t-shirt and playing shop in the children’s play area, while I browsed all the clothes.  There are some really cute baby clothes coming out from Nutmeg this season, and I have to admit this was my favourite part of their range.  I think they have done well with the boys clothes, making them vibrant and fun to wear.

Boys clothes have changed a lot over the years, and it’s good to see as I remember a time when there really wasn’t a lot to choose from.  I almost got the feeling from this collection that the boys clothes had surpassed the girls outfits, which were sticking to the same cute slogans and flowery patterns.  I’m keen to see a few more postive slogans, and some more edgy designs for the girls.  The girls clothes felt like they needed more girls power, and less girl flower is you know what I mean.

We have picked out our favourite Nutmeg outfits to share with you from the day for this post, and would love to know what you think.  Are girls clothes starting to fall behind boys outfits in terms of cool and fun to wear?

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  1. I think you’re right, the “Girls'” range is a bit on the flowery side. They can always wear the “Boys'” ones, but something in between the two wouldn’t go amiss. Still, overall the range looks very nice.

  2. There are really nice outfits now for boys. Good to be able to get clothing from supermarket. Like the idea of children being involved in designs, fashions etc for their clothing. As the clothing should be comfortable, practical and something which they are happy to wear.

    Sometimes there are nice jackets and / or coats for children which I wish were also available in Adult sizes. As an adult I want to be kept warm and dry, jacket hood to be fitting and securely in place against wind and rain. Not easy to hold up a loose hood, hold child’s hand, carry shopping etc whilst returning to car following shopping etc.Clothes really need to be practical.

  3. I love the dinosaur hat! I think I’d have liked to have seen more ‘sparkles’ on the girls’ clothes. I know it shouldn’t all be about sparkles for girls but they looked like they could do with something a bit extra.

  4. These clothes are lovely, especially the navy coat. And there is nothing more girlish than flowers, so I’m ok with them!:D Pink colour annoys me more, there is too much of it in girls’ departments:)

  5. We love going to Morrisons for the kids clothing, they do such lovely stuff… as people can see from you wonderful photos. Can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer so we can start stocking up the little ones for summer x

  6. I wish we had a morrisons near us, supermarket branded clothes are such great value for money. Having had two boys I always thought boys clothes are so boring, now I’ve got a 1 year old daughter I still think there are far more choices for girls.


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