So you’ve booked a once in a lifetime trip to Bali, and you may have even decided that you will be staying at a luxury villa at the Residence Seminyak. I’m going to guess that you are really excited and that you are looking forward to having a perfect holiday in this beautiful paradise.

The last thing you want is for your trip to be ruined because you did not pack the essential items that would have made your trip to Bali better. There are several tips that will help you travel to Bali in style and make the most of your stay in this beautiful Asian country.

view over rice terraces in Bali

Pack Lightly

If you are staying at the Residence Seminyak, there is absolutely no need to pack a huge suitcase. The hotel has thought of everything, including providing a washing machine in your luxury villa so that you can travel light.

You can wash your outfits as you go and they won’t take long to dry in Bali’s beautiful sunshine.  Packing less clothes for your trip will make travelling to and around Bali so much easier.  It will also make sure you don’t go over your baggage allowance at the airport.

Consider the Weather in Bali 

village in Bali during rain season

Before you start packing clothes in your bag, make sure you investigate what the weather conditions in Bali will be like and think about the kind of activities you want to do while you are there.

For instance, if you are traveling between October and April, you may want to consider carrying warmer clothes because this is usually the rainy season.

While it mostly rains in the evenings, night and early morning, it can still be cold and you need to be prepared to keep warm. Do not pack extremely heavy clothes, though. Bali remains humid even during the rainy season so go for layers if you are travelling at this time of year.

Sunscreen & Water 

It is important to remember that you will be walking in the sun for most parts of the day. Whether you travel during the rainy or the dry season, you are bound to come into contact with the sun’s harmful UV rays. Remember to take care and protect your skin by applying sunscreen lotion throughout the day and drinking plenty of water.

Tourists crossing stepping stones at Bali temple

Stock Up On Stomach Medicine

Bali belly is fairly common with first time visitors as the new food you are exposed to does not agree with your stomach. This usually happens because you are trying so many new delicacies at the same time. To ensure that Bali belly does not ruin your vacation, because it can, it is critical to ensure that you carry effective stomach medication.

meat dish served in Bali

It is difficult to resist all the delicious food made in Bali. People cook practically everywhere, even on the streets. It might be helpful to consult your doctor for recommendations for medicines that can help during your trip. In most cases, the medicine is taken before meals so that the change in recipes and food types will not harm you or ruin your vacation.

Take a Duffle Bag

Girls shopping at Market in Bali

You are definitely going to see and buy some beautiful things in Bali. It is difficult to stop yourself from buying local wares because everything is so cheap.  From clothing to artwork to accessories, you will find them at great prices in Bali.

You will need a place to keep them all so that you can bring them home. It is a good idea to take an empty duffle bag on your holiday to ensure that you have somewhere to pack anything new you will buy. A duffle bag prevents you from overloading your travel suitcase or having to leave anything behind.

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  1. If I could ‘cut and keep’ and stick this on my fridge it would be fab! So I might have to print out this great advice. Would love to create happy family memories in Bali – I’m sure it’s one trip you won’t forget in a hurry!

  2. Some great tips here. I do love staying places where there are washing machines, I always wash when we are away, especially having 6 children lol. My mum suffered badly in India with a bad tum so I assume pretty much the same thing as here. Bali is a place i would love to visit in the future, the great mix of shopping, sightseeing and beautiful beaches has always drawn me x

  3. Very helpful tips, we usually stay in cottages in the UK as I’ve said before and we always check if their is a washing machine then just packed 3 outfits each, we did pack five for Mollie in September as she is 8 months and is still sick after her bottles sometimes, Bali sounds wonderful xxx


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