Dear Indie

Happy 6th birthday to you my beautiful little angel, it only seems like 5 minutes ago I was writing your 5th birthday letter but here we are celebrating another birthday with you.  You are turning into quite the young lady, and I love how full of spirit you are.  You are going to be a person full of passion when you grow up and I hope we give you the skills and opportunities to follow your dreams and ambitions.

There is absolutely no doubt that you are an assertive young lady, which will help you no end as you work your way through school and into adulthood.  You are also incredibly caring and so affectionate.  I love it when you squeeze me with all your might and tell me that ‘you love Mummy so much’.  You also tell me that you never want to leave me, and as much as I want that to be true, one day you will and I will be the proudest Mummy in the world as I suspect you have big things ahead of you.

child with build a bear toy

There are a few things we could improve on, and I suspect your teacher is going to tell me you need to practice your reading more at parents evening tonight.  As an emotional girl, as well as all that love you have, you also have a little temper that you need to get a handle on.  Hitting your sister is no way to solve anything I’m afraid, but you’ll get there.  I know what your thinking, she does hit you too, which also isn’t right.

When you are helpful it’s amazing, and you love taking care of your little sister and helping her to learn her sounds.  You are growing so close and it’s a pleasure to watch.  I will not have to worry so much about Brook starting school in September as I know you will be there to show her the ropes and take care of her in the playground.  She looks up to you so much and this will be a really special time for both of you.

We were lucky enough to spend your birthday weekend at Darwin Forest in Derbyshire.  You had such a lovely weekend, but the 8cms of snow outside our lodge was a bit of a surprise.  You didn’t seem to mind though as you were happy playing with your new Lego sets and other toys from your 6th Birthday wish list.

We spent sometime in the pool together and I’m so impressed with how well you can swim for a 6 year old.   You are happy to swim under water and show off your skills.  You’ve clearly been working hard in your lessons.  Your still going to gymnastics, and I can see how fit and strong it’s making you.  You grumble about going sometimes, but it’s a great discipline to have under your belt and being able to do the beam by yourself is quite an achievement.  It’s just a shame I don’t get to see you in the lessons anymore to see how far you have come.

Keeping trying hard at all the things you do and keep being kind and you will go a very long way.  It is now time for you to stop sucking your thumb though as you are a very big girl now and we are very worried about your teeth.  I know you don’t like having the stuff painted on but it will help you, and hopefully we will be able to stop nagging you about it very soon.

Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful, spirited and confident little Indie.  Your Mummy, and Daddy of course, love you very much and are looking forward to seeing what being 6 years old is going to bring.

Lots of love and hugs

Your Mummy x


  1. What a lovely letter to your daughter Zena! She sounds like a credit to you both, very determined but also very kind. I hope you all had a great time in Darwin Forest 🙂 It looked amazing on your IG and Twitter


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