I am literally the worst parent for adding name labels to my kids school uniform.  I think the teachers probably despair of me and I’ve lost count of how many cardigans and pieces of PE kit we’ve lost over the years.  I begin the school year with good intentions, and the first day of term arrives and I’m frantically writing names on labels with whatever comes to hand, usually a biro!

Well, it’s safe to say that with this approach to putting name tags on school uniform, the job never gets finished and within the first week you can guarantee something has already gone astray.

Now the sun has finally decided to shine on us it was time to dig out Indie’s summer school uniform.  When we did, it soon became apparent that she had grown 4 inches since she last wore it so I had to dash to the shop to buy some new summer dresses.  It was also a good time to buy some new school cardigan. Because of the reasons mentioned above, we were really running low.

Attach A Tag are very familiar with parents like me who never get round to labelling all the school uniform, so when they got in touch to see if I would like to review their clothes labelling kit I was pretty tempted to take a look.  As soon as I saw on their website that their tags meant no sewing, ironing or markers I said yes to giving them a go.  I don’t iron or sew, and markers always seem to washout no matter what we use.

Indie was keen to wear her new dress and cardigan the other day, and I added the Attach A Tag clothes labels in seconds with very little disruption to our hectic morning routine. When you place an order on Attach A Tag you tell them the name to add to the label and they send you everything you need to start adding them to your clothes.

How to use Attach A Tag name labels

It was as simple as following these steps for labelling school uniform:

  • Put the name tag in the top of the applicator provided
  • Put the retainer in the bottom
  • Pop the clothes label between the jaws of the applicator
  • Push them together and turn the tab clockwise until the tag is secure

The name tag is then firmly in place, with smooth edges and the school uniform is clearly labelled to help prevent it from going missing.  The labels can also be easily removed to use again, but you do need to replace the retainer. These can be bought as a separate accessory on the Attach A Tag website.

I’m really impressed with these name labels so far.  They are so quick and easy to attach to school uniform and I love that we can reuse the name tag.  They also survive the washing machine too.  Indie seemed to love the name tag as well, which means if something does go missing at school she will stand more of a chance of finding it again.

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  1. I use name stickers which are really quick and easy but I do worry about them easily being peeled offmore desirable items. Would love to give this a go.

  2. Great for the boys clothes and accessories – school and trips with clubs – less chance of loosing their stuff

  3. I wou”d love t9 win as I am rubbish at sewing, and find t(e iron on labels keep falling off. My kids are soooo disappointed in me! X

  4. This is great, I normally use a pen to label clothes but have to keep reapplying as it washes off every week

  5. I would like to win as I have had enough of my daughters clothes going missing, I write on the label but they can just cut this out, this labels I could attachto clothes under the color etc… so at least it would make a whole in the uniform if they tried.

  6. These look great as I find the iron on ones fall off, and I do have children that like to leave their jumpers everywhere!

  7. I just hate the sewing on of labels! My only label-related story is the fact that my eldest daughter has ended up with 4 school ties, even though we only bought one! – and the ones she’s “acquired” all have labels in!

  8. This is such a genius idea would love to win this to make my life so much easier and avoid telling the stories of lost jumpers and cardigans!

  9. Would love to win this to tag up my daughter school uniform as we have lost 1 cardigan at school already and she is only half days at the moment but due to go full time in September x

  10. As the ‘Granny’ I’m the one that gets asked to sew on the labels so you can guess just how much I would appreciate this gadget!

  11. Perfect for my grand=daughter, well her Mummy actually, when I was working I spent an awful lot of time hunting for missing school uniform because clothing wasn’t labelled

  12. My daughter is starting school in september so with 2 girls clothes to label this would make life a lot easier and it looks like they aren’t likely to come off like the sticky labels we use at the moment

  13. I would love to win this for my granddaughter as she will be starting school soon and she has a habit of taking her stuff off and leaving them where she has dropped them

  14. For my girls! I can’t tell you how many sweaters and jackets I have been through with them, which were all uniform type clothing.

  15. I have such problems with sticky labels as they just don’t hold, I love how these clip in and I think they would have more longevity!

  16. So nice to find labels and tags that are easy to put on and these would be ideal for my son when he starts secondary school this September. His uniform is really expensive and includes a blazer so i don’t want him losing any of it.

  17. This would be fantastic I hate labeling all my daughters possessions at the start of a school year, her first year I hand stitched name labels in and It almost killed me it took so long so the next year I bought iron on labels but that still took forever. This year I saved some time by just grabbing a biro and writing in her name but every time I do I wash I have to check they haven’t faded away and re-write when necessary so it’s still not ideal.

  18. I would love to win this prize as I am forever having to label my girls things for school. This would make life a lot easier and would be more robust.

  19. What a fab idea. I normally find the named labels in the washing machine. If I write on the tags the pen doesn’t last long before rubbing off.

  20. My daughter is growing so much it feels like she is growing every week always something needs a tag uniform and cub uniform so this would be ideal plus no labels falling out 🙂

  21. I have four boys tow are great and lose nothing the other two need everything labelled. Over the years I have only ever lost one top as I have always labelled my sons’s clothes.

  22. I use the stickers and they always seem to fall off. My two are forever losing the school jumpers. These sound like a great solution.

  23. My son is always losing his fleece or forgetting to pack his pe kit away. I spent ages writing his name on everything but it soon washes out. This would be perfect.


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