Glamping with kids is one of the easiest and best ways to get your children enjoying the outdoors at this time of year.  We were lucky enough to be invited to Wigwam® Holidays Millside near Grantham recently and I was super excited to be able to take the girls glamping in Lincolnshire and spending some quality time with them in the fresh air.

We decided to leave Daddy at home and make it a real girlie weekend away for myself, Brook and Indie.  Wigwam® Holidays Millside provides luxury glamping near Nottingham so it was literally in the perfect location for this trip.  I packed the girls and everything we needed for glamping with kids into the car and we arrived at Wigwam® Holidays Millside within 45 minutes of leaving our house.

glamping in Lincolnshire

Family Glamping in Lincolnshire

When we arrived at our Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin I literally couldn’t believe that holidays in Lincolnshire could be this good.  It felt like we were a million miles away from the city we had left behind and yet Wigwam® Holidays Millside was so easy for us to get to. To make sure we had a lovely weekend break, the sun had also arranged to shine and the skies were blue for miles around.  All we needed to do was sit back and relax!

In my opinion Wigwam® Holidays Millside is probably one of the best glamping sites in the UK for a short family break.  It was perfect in every way and ticked a lot of boxes for us from the moment we arrived. There are only 6 Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabins on this Wigwam® Site at the moment so it’s really small, which is great for people looking for a quieter glamping experience.  There are plans to put 3 more glamping pods on the site, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the owners add one or two hot tubs as well, as I think these would go down very well with future guests.

Wigwam® Holidays Millside

Each Wigwam® Cabin has it’s own car parking space, and as there are only 6 glamping pods there are very few cars on the Wigwam® Site, even when it is full.  This makes it a really safe glamping site for children to play freely and make the most of their time outdoors.

Glamping with a Toilet!

There’s a couple of other features to this site I’m really excited to share with you, and I’m not sure which to pick first.  I’m sure you would all love to know what it’s like inside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabins, so I’ll begin there.  The luxury glamping pods at Wigwam® Holidays Millside have a shower room with toilet which we loved!

I don’t mind having to walk across a field first thing in the morning to use the toilet block, but if I don’t have to it’s a bonus, especially when I’m in sole charge of 2 small children.  As well as the excitement I felt over having a toilet, sink and shower there was also a heated towel rail which is perfect for both before and after using the shower and if the weather is a little on the cooler side.

glamping with toilet

The Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabins sleeps 4, with a double bed in the rear and a sofa bed that converts into a double bed as well.  For cooking and eating facilities the glamping pod really excels with everything you need packed neatly into an incredibly functional kitchen space.  There was a kettle, toaster, microwave, 2 ring hob and a small fridge.

There was also everything we needed in terms of pots, pans, crockery and utensils.  We very comfortably enjoyed breakfast and dinner at our glamping pod and can safely say they are a great option for a self catering weekend away with a family.

glamping with kitchen

As well as all this, there was also a dining table with 4 chairs and a small flat screen TV with DVD player.  We didn’t use the TV a lot, as the weather for the whole weekend was glorious, but if it had been wet it was nice to know it was there.  It did come in handy though when I was trying to get the girls to eat their dinner or calm them down ready for bed.

If the TV hadn’t of been there I would have struggled to get them to come inside and finish a meal or even consider getting ready for bed, that’s how much fun they were having playing outside with their new friends at Wigwam® Holidays Millside.

A Great Games Room Too

As well as the glamping pods, there is also a games room at Wigwam® Holidays Millside which was very well used by all the kids at the site.  Everything inside the games room is free for families to use and includes a football and snooker table, air hockey and a selection of outdoor toys.  There are also some very comfy sofas for anyone not wanting to play games and a corner of toys, books, DVDs and games perfect for younger children to use.  It was a great facility to have on the doorstep and made the site feel very welcoming, especially for families with children.

games room glamping

As well as great facilities, Wigwam® Holidays Millside is set in the most beautiful countryside.  The Wigwam® Cabins look out over uninterrupted views of the Lincolnshire countryside and your only neighbours for miles around are cows and sheep.

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There are circular walks nearby and you will find maps to point you in the right direction inside your welcome pack when you arrive.  This is also dog friendly glamping, so if you want to enjoy the fresh air with your pooch Steve and Fiona are versed at making your 4 legged friend feel welcome too with a basket of dog treats for them to enjoy during their stay as well.

dog friendly glamping

Things to do: Belton House

The other great thing about the location of Wigwam® Holidays Millside is it is just 2 miles from one of the Top 20 National Trust properties in the UK, Belton House.  The girls and I can vouch for this as we spent a day at Belton House while we were staying at Wigwam® Holidays Millside and we were very impressed.

When we arrived at Belton House, we headed straight for the adventure playground.  It’s huge and perfect for kids of all ages who like climbing and exploring. There is also a miniature railway, which of course we jumped on, which takes you around the play area.

We also spent time in the arts and crafts centre and in the indoor play area.  The indoor play area has a cafe so it made for a great stop for lunch for the 3 of us.  The girls played quite happily while I enjoyed a coffee (and cake) while they weren’t looking.  We also spent time exploring inside Belton House, the beautiful gardens and the maze, all of which the girls and I loved.

Belton House with Kids

It was a very busy and active day by all accounts and it was nice to be able to head back to Wigwam® Holidays Millside, which is literally just around the corner and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sunshine while the girls played with their new friends.

I cannot speak highly enough of our experience at Wigwam® Holidays Millside as it made for the perfect short break for the 3 of us.  I love the idea of camping holidays and letting the kids enjoy the outdoors but in practice we just aren’t organised enough for these kind of trips all of the time.

When I was a kid we were always outside playing in the nearby fields or heading off for picnics on our bikes in search of adventure.  Even though times have changed, I’m passionate about letting my daughters get as close to these experiences as possible and glamping is a way of making this happen for them on a more regular basis.

family friendly glamping site

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We were provided with a complimentary 2 night stay at Wigwam® Holidays Millside in exchange for this post but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. I would love to go because it looks absolutely beautiful and I spent so much on my son’s birthday gift holiday last year, that this year we can’t afford one. A little break in the countryside with a bit of luxury would be massively appreciated by all of us. Thanks for the opportunity, fingers crossed!

  2. We live in Nottingham too and so this location is perfect for our family! We have 21 month old twins and would love to take them glamping!

  3. I would take my hubby, I have relatives in Lincolnshire so would combine with a visit whilst also enjoying a much needed relaxing break.

  4. Stunning location – luxurious accommodation – love to treat my neice and her daughter

  5. it’s a part of the UK that we have never visited. And i think that there will be plenty of things to see and do there that the kids will really enjoy.

  6. I’d love to visit for the sense of adventure, to get to know the surroundings and to take my mum so we can enjoy walks together

  7. We really want to visit this site. We took our little one to a wigwam site in cornwall and it was lovely. We didn’t have the running water wigwam so that is on our dream holiday list! Have never been to this part of the country and Hubby would love to take his telescope to see the stars, our son would adore the open air and games room (especially as it looks like it caters for toddlers with that lovely chair and tables, just the right size!!)
    And me? Well, I just love camping, glamping and spending time in the beautiful English countryside. Just need a decent cuppa from the kitchenette and a realxing shower from the en suite and I am a happy bunny!

  8. I’d love to take my partner and his two girls – he’s never taken them away on holiday and this would be amazing – just enough distance and adventure – not too much stress about keeping them safe!

  9. looks like the perfect way to escape work & school! not to far, so no long journey and plenty of nature and countryside to enjoy for everyone!

  10. I live in Nottingham so this would be brilliant for my family. Looks amazing. Great competition, thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I’d love to go because we are such a short drive away it would be a lovely easy break, plus the countryside and animals look so lovely and peaceful.

  12. Never been glamping or camping with my children, and I think they Would love it. We have never been to that part of the uk and love that you still get amenities like a toilet

  13. Would love to go to switch off the electronics and reconnect as a family in the great outdoors

  14. I’d love to go with my hubby and kids. We’ve never done this type of holiday before – so it’d be quite an adventure xx

  15. This looks amazing , my brother lives In Grantham so would be lovely to go and visit them and belton house is fantastic I would take my hubby and 2 kids

  16. I’d love to visit with my boyfriend (and dogs if allowed) as its a totally different experience!

  17. oh wow. It just looks gorgeous doesn’t it. perfect for all the family. We’d love to go on some family walks exploring the countryside. what a treat!

  18. I would take my wee family! Looks amazing ?
    Hope I win because am already picturing my holiday there!!

  19. I would love to take my daughter, her hubby and my granddaughter for some quality family time in the gorgeous British countryside

  20. I’d love to take my kids and partner. We haven’t managed to go on holiday yet due to a number of different reasons and it would be amazing to be able to do so. Thank you for the chance <3

  21. I would love to go as this family needs some back to basics time out rather than the crazy hub bub that we are in atm. I would take the hubster and kids.

  22. i would love to treat my hubby and my grandaughter as its unlikely we will be getting away this year

  23. This look like a lovely place to go with my husband and we have never been to Lincolnshire before.

  24. i looks lovely and relaxing and we do not have any holidays booked at the moment, so would love to go.

  25. Id like to go with my hubby and 2 kids. We’ re not far from here and its a beautiful part of the country

  26. This sounds quite restful and idyllic, with the natural dynamics of as much fun as you want to add in. I love the location, would be perfect for a break with my Husband and the Grand Children, and brilliant that we could take our little dog; a real family affair….Truly wonderful

  27. I would take my husband and daughter. I would love to go to give my daughter a nature adventure but with some home comforts!

  28. The facilities, and the surroundings looks gorgeous. A really posh camping site! I like how accessible it is, and all the fun and relaxing things we could do…..and like everyone else , I would really really REALLY love a family holiday this year 😉 Thanks for the chance

  29. This would make the perfect family holiday ? we have stayed in wigwams before, but only basic ones, they look amazing ?

  30. I have 2 young boys who just love being outdoors, so I think they would love a wigwam stay!! I’ve been to Lincolnshire before, and stopped off at Belton House too, so I’d love the opportunity to be able to spend some time here too! Good Luck Everyone!

  31. Ive always wnated to go glamping, we as a family love camping being in the outdoors no tech back to basics is super, but this little added luxuries sounds great

  32. Would love to visit and see all the amazing sites and places around would take the kids and Husband.

  33. I’d love to take my two lovely munchkins here cause looking at their website reminded me of childhood holidays – staying on farms, exploring the area by walking, paddling in streams etc. Looks and sounds beautiful and took me back in time! Thanks for the memories, x

  34. Id love to win just to spend some time with my family since starting my nursing degree i havent seen much of them so this would be lovely xxx

  35. I’ve always fancied camping in a wigwam & this would be really fun to spend time with my husband and daughters

  36. I would take my son and my dog with the sole purpose being to relax. He’s a great son, and deserves a nice treat.

  37. Would love a relaxing break and to reconnect with nature for a few days. I’d take my family.

  38. I’d love to visit because this is only up the road from me so it’s not only super convenient but would feel like we were a million miles away!
    As I’ve got older I’m finding that I’m appreciating nature a whole lot more, and how satisfying it is to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, without technology, but just being content with friends and family.
    I would bring my fiance with me (we are newly engaged so this would be a real treat for us!).

  39. I would take my family with me as i know it would be fantastic to just relax and chill

  40. I’d love to take my family…..the husband, daughter and doggy! I know my husband would love us to go camping together as a family but the thought of sleeping in a tent fills me with horror so this would be perfect! I get the comfort (and glamour) of a cabin and he gets the nature… he can always sleep outside in a sleeping bag and me and our daughter can share the bed if he really wants the full camping experience!!

  41. I would love to take my fiance and children as its where my fiance grew up, looks amazing!! Would be a perfect getaway for our little family ☺ xx

  42. I would love to be able to treat my family to a glamping holiday as we normally just use our tent. This would make a nice change.

  43. I love Lincolnshire and have never glamped before so where better than here, I would love to take my Mum and nephews! ?

  44. it looks fab we have done camping for many years
    now we have th grandchildren i would love to give the the experience
    but i think now at our age glamping is the way forward for us
    this looks wonderful and the area itself looks and sounds great
    somewhere we would love to visit

  45. I’d love to visit with my hubby and 2 children because i know they would love this site, they just love being outdoors and this looks like the perfect place

  46. I’d take my best friend Helen and our daughters away – we are both single mums doing our best at life and everything it throws at us! What I love best is that the site is dog friendly and has some seriously cool facilities! Just being surrounded by nature is appealing! The reviews and your post contribute to the overall wow factor! Count me in!

  47. I would take my family who all really enjoy the outdoors and would love to camp in luxury for a change

  48. I’d take my friend Gary as it would make a change to our camping trips. No need for the tents.

  49. I’d take my partner and parents! It sounds absolutely lovely – I can just imagine having a picnic outside 🙂

  50. I would love to take my mother who has CFS and my partner for a getaway/respite! I’ve neveer been to the area so would love to explore.

  51. I hate the faff of putting up a tent and taking it down again- here you’ve got the rural beauty and quiet without having to give anything up, like electricity..

  52. i would love to visit because it seems so beautiful and peaceful, kids would love it as it has plenty of outside area to explore and i would love a bit of relax too 😉

  53. I’d go with my kids. The thing that normally puts me off camping is having to trudge across a field to use the communal loos – own loo makes all the difference!

  54. I love how this place sounds so serene and peaceful…the farm and countryside is a complete polar opposite from the streets where we live. Would love to take my partner and our 2 girls

  55. I love the ‘get away from it all’ feel of the place. I’d take Daisy (aged 7) and Leo (aged 2) because they would get so much fun from ‘having a splash in the river’ and trying out the stepping stones along the way

  56. The area is so versatile. If the weather is clemant you can walk on the beach or in the woods if it isnt then spent a day checking on one of the many tourist attractions. i go with my Fiance Darren.

  57. It looks like an amazing place to have a family adventure in the beautiful outdoors, nothing beats living simply whilst enjoying and making the most of every day, the added comfort the glamping pods offer is a lovely bonus. Thanks so much for the chance I’d be absolutely delighted to surprise my family.

  58. I would like to visit here as it absolutely beautiful and I would visit with my son and partner x

  59. I would love to visit with my husband and daughter. Always wanted to try glamping.

  60. I would take my two daughters. We’re (very) slowly trying to work our way around seeing all that our lovely country has to offer. So far, we’ve only really explored the south but we’d love to venture further north and this would be a perfect way to spend a couple of days.

  61. I would love my girls to experience nature without me having to go back to basics. This looks perfect and amazing.

  62. The countryside there is just stunning – I’d love to take my husband & 2 kids and watch them running around there!

  63. I love the great outdoors and this likes idyllic, so me and my boys could have fun exploring

  64. It looks so amazing, I’ve never been camping as I don’t think it’s for me, but glamping is a whole different kettle of fish. I’d finally be able to say I’ve been camping in mega style. I’d go with my hubby, my niece and my great neice, it would be wonderful to spend some quality time all together

  65. I would take my husband, we love spending time outdoors but rarely go camping because I hate not having good access to a toilet and a shower – but this isn’t a problem with these so sounds like the perfect combo!

  66. It looks so luxurious – camping with a proper (en suire) bathroom. Much less stressful than dashing across a campsite to a shared block in your flip flops! I would take my husband and toddler for a family adventure!

  67. We would take our grandkids and would all have a great time whilst giving their parents a little treat.

  68. I would love to take my children as this would be an amazing experience for them both. Also me and my husband could enjoy family time in beautiful scenery

  69. The opportunity for a lovely break in the countryside with the family away from the hustle and bustle. Plenty of fresh air and adventures to have.

  70. I would take my kids and husband, it’s only half an hour so a perfect weekend away (Belton is our local NT)

  71. I would take my husband and daughter with me to visit Nanny and Granddad who live in Lincolnshire 🙂 Would be a perfect base!

  72. I would love a WigWam holiday with my family (partner & 3 children) because the sites look gorgeous & the whole thing would be a truly unique experience. I know we would all have an incredible time…whats not to love?! Thanks for the chance:)

  73. We would absolutely love it here (me, my fiance and our son ) , we are outdoorsy people and love a rural setting. This would be so magical and fun, and a total break away from normality.

  74. I would love to visit here with my hubby and 15 year old son. My son is getting to an age now where he would prefer to be out with his friends so i really feel that we wont have many more holidays with him and that makes me feel so sad. Its lovely having quality time with him and we have never been glamping so would be something different for us.

  75. I would love to whisk my hubby away for our 30th wedding anniversary in such great accommodation and a lovely place to explore.

  76. I would love to enjoy glamping at this site because it is not too far from our home. We are looking after our 8 and 9 year old grandchildren in the summer holidays so this would be a great place to take them, plus the en-suite facilities are a definite bonus!

  77. We’d love to visit just to escape the daily grind of everyday life. I would be joined by my children, Zac, Poppy and Scarlett. The Wigwam Cabins are fabulous – they take you back to being at one with nature with with added luxury.

  78. I would take my wonderful fiance Mark awww and his lil grandkids. He works so hard to look after us all and deserves a treat and what a treat this would be. Just what the Dr ordered. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  79. I would love to try glamping. I would take my 9 year old sister as my mum is going into hospital to have surgery for cancer so they have had to cancel their holiday. It would be lovely for her to have a couple of nights away in the school holidays.

  80. We have never been glamping but would love to take the kids and they would love the river with stepping stones near by

  81. It looks amazing! I’d love to go as I’ve never been to Lincolnshire and would enjoy visiting the area, but also love the the glamping is based on a farm! It’d be a great way for kids to learn about farming too. Love that there is lots to do nearby as well the Stag Pub sounds great! I’d take my family!

  82. I would love to take my sister and her family as it looks like great fun. We’ve never tried glamping.

  83. Looks beautiful! Would love to spend time in the sunshine with my family making memories ❤


  84. It looks lovely and would be fun for the family, would love to take them. We’ve stayed in a wigwam before at Clumber Park (Nottinghamshire), so much easier than camping but just as fun.

  85. I would love to experience the open air life with my children and grandchildren! What a lovely prize this is.

  86. Id love to go with my hubby and 2 kids. If never been clamping before but have been camping lots of times so would be fab to try it! You get all the fun of camping but with lots more luxury!!
    My 2 and 4 year old would love it! Especially waking up to the farm animals! Fingers crossed were lucky enough to win! If not looks like I’m nagging the hubby to book it for us!! X

  87. It looks like a beautiful place! I’d love to take my husband, and children who are 8 and 7.

  88. I would love to visit as it would be the perfect escape from the daily routines and time to recharge

  89. I would take my husband and children. We love camping but have never tried glamping but it looks wonderful!

  90. I would love to go as I haven’t been here before and a break is long overdue, it looks great. I’d take my mum and aunt and uncle, all been well.

  91. I would love to go as it looks amazing. I would take my son and sister and brother in law.

  92. Oh it sounds incredible… perfect little getaway for my other half, 2 kids & myself 🙂 would be bliss after the stress of moving home.

  93. These pods look brilliant, these ones look particularly well furnished compared to others ive seen. It looks delightful and my husband and 4 yr old son would love coming here

  94. I would love to win this – never been glamping, neither has my other half. We love trying new stuff, and the area its set in looks amazing.

  95. I would love to visit with my husband and my two kids, my husband has been to Lincolnshire before and tells me the cycling is great. The photographs on the website look glorious, well worth the drive from cornwall I believe.

  96. I’d love to take my niece it looks like a brill introduction to camping for little ones without all the difficulties of camping (like tripping over pegs!)

  97. I’d love to take my children and they all love rambling and camping! it ‘s great to be away from home!

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