One of my favourite printable games to play on a long car journey to keep the kids entertained.

Knowing there are lots of parents out there who are looking for ways to keep the children busy in situations just like these I wanted to share our latest battleship printable with you today.

Keep the Kids Busy with this Battleship Board Printable

I like this battleship game printable as it gets the kids talking and thinking, whether we are on a long car journey and need to keep them entertained or if we are out at a restaurant.

We find this battleship grid printable channels that bored energy that can often end up with kids falling out in the back of the car.

As parents, we all know how dangerous and distracting that can be when your are driving. Having this battleship game on paper printable ready to go in these very situations will help keep the peace and avoid many stressful situations.

That’s why you need this printable battleship game at the ready!

Laminate the Battleship Paper Printable to Create a Reusable Game

This battleships printable is perfect for road trips. What is even better is that this is a battleship printable free PDF you can download right now and use straight away.

Even if you are in a hurry and you need some entertainment last minute, grab our battleship worksheet and other road trip games now. They are the perfect value for money boredom buster for many families at the moment.

A Versatile Battleship Game Template

If you want to save on paper, just print out the number of battleship template worksheets you need, and laminate them so you can use them again and again.

Equally, you can just use it as a battleship paper game printable for the kids as and when you need it.

Even though this is such a simple game, I hope you will agree that the battleships game printable is pretty versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways depending on the situation you are in.

If you want to make your printable battleships game even more durable for long car journeys, buy some magnetic counters and a small baking tray and voila! You have a battleship board game template you can use again and again with pieces that won’t get lost in the car.

Battleships Game

You will also be able to use the baking tray and magnetic counters with with our other road trip games, which is guaranteed to keep your kids busy for hours! We find that when we are travelling having lots of different car games to play is the best way to keep the kids entertained.

Games like printable battleships are not only great for in the car, but they work well when you are eating out at restaurants, when you are flying or taking the train somewhere with the family.

How to Play Battleships

Battleships is a really easy 2 player car journey game to teach and play too.

Once you have your battleship grid pdf printed out, give a paper battleship template to each player.

They need to mark out where their ships are on their grid, keeping it a secret from the other player.

Each player takes it in turns to ‘strike’ by calling out a pair of grip co-ordinates. The winner is the person who manages to sink all their opponents Battleships.

Don’t forget to Pin the battleship game grid now to print later….

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