When you think of private air travel, visions of the rich and famous, most often associated with owning or leasing a plane to fly about, along with family and friends conjures up images of living large. And beyond the movies, it’s not that uncommon for today’s business travelers to be flown around via chartered planes, especially in Europe where the business culture is more laid back.

On the other hand for many people, it is still difficult to imagine ever affording to fly private. However, there are many reasons why you might not only want to fly private but also be able to afford it. Therefore, in this article, we will go through situations in which flying privately makes sense for everyone.

Business/Corporate Flying

The biggest advantage of flying private is being able to control your schedule. If you have a tight schedule, for example as a business traveler, you can’t afford to be at the mercy of commercial airlines. As seen at bitluxtravel.com, booking a  private jet charter flight is the best way to travel if you are looking for a more reliable trip. It is also much faster than commercial flights and it is possible to be booked at the last minute. It saves you and your companions time, energy and it helps you avoid the madness that can occur when dealing with commercial flights. The best thing about it is that it is much faster than taking a commercial flight and you will be able to manage your travel schedule.

Traveling With Pets

If you have a dog, flying with a private plane can often be cheaper and more efficient than flying by a commercial airliner. You will need to make sure the airline you are flying with allows dogs on their planes. Then, you can choose your departure and arrival times based on what is convenient for you and your pet. This also means that your dog will arrive at its destination without having spent time in a commercial kennel or getting stressed out by multiple legs of an airliner trip. Many dog owners, especially those that want to travel with larger breeds, will find this option to be much convenient and cost-effective.

Medical Emergencies

Flying is always the quickest way to get medical care in an emergency. If you are suffering from a critical health problem or a specific medical condition, it is not always easy to get on a commercial flight. Also, if the nature of your health problem is such that you need medical assistance during the flight, commercial airlines are not exactly equipped to provide full service. With a private plane, there will be no need for any air traffic delays, transfers, or other inconveniences. All attention will be focused on your health care needs. It’s a great backup plan that will ensure that you get where you need to go as quickly and comfortably as possible. You can also select the nearest airport in case of an emergency while being able to reach medical facilities within minutes.

Security Clearances

Depending on what you do for work or how sensitive your job is, you may need a security clearance to fly with commercial airlines. It s quite common for top executives to have such clearances and it can also extend to their families and companions. The problem with this option is that the requirements vary from one airport to another and depend on which airline you will take as well as what kind of aircraft you’ll be flying in. If security clearance is required, it may be easier and much more convenient to fly privately rather than deal with all the possible problems associated with commercial flights

Special Occasions

There are times when you want to organize something really special. Instead of waiting in line for commercial flights, dealing with crowded terminals, and harried airline staff, it may be better to charter a private jet. It is not just about being more comfortable or having an unforgettable experience, it also gives you full control over everything from your departure time to your arrival, which destination airport you’ll use, even what kind of aircraft will be used during the flight. No traffic delays or missed connections can ruin any significant event including birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. When considering how much it costs per hour to rent a private plane, it is important to consider how much it would cost if things went wrong with a commercial flight. You will find that a private charter flight will cost less than that.

As you can see, flying private may be the best option in a variety of situations including immediate medical needs, special occasions, and security clearance. For those who are not afraid to pay a little extra to get more in return, a private jet charter is a fantastic alternative to commercial airlines that turns out to be worth every penny. Therefore next time you are having trouble deciding on how to fly, consider the above mentioned benefits before making a final decision.

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Flying private - when it makes financial sense to do it
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