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Wearing jewellery is something that has really changed for me over the years.  When I had more time on my hands I would change earrings and necklaces regularly to match whatever outfit I was wearing that day.  It was more about fashion than connection back in those days. There came a point when wearing jewellery changed, and I can’t pinpoint exactly when it was.  I suspect it’s been a gradual journey influenced by the changes I’ve experienced in my life.  I know that having a family and children of my

Relaxation isn’t always easy, especially when life gets busy with work and family.  This is exactly why a visit to Eden Hall Day Spa is going to be perfect for you as you can leave all the daily distractions behind you, just for a day, and focus on recharging your batteries just in time for the festive season. I was so keen to arrive at Eden Hall, that I was actually 30 minutes early for check in. It definitely wasn’t time wasted though, as I was able to tick a few

Spending a day or weekend even at spa, free from distractions, is one of life’s simple pleasures as far as I’m concerned.  I like to think of a visit to a spa as a mini holiday for the body and mind, and what’s so great about it is you don’t have to travel that far from home.  If you live in Nottingham and like to visit the spa, this post is going to be right up your street. I’ve done the very tough job of bringing together the best spa

Scars can be an unsightly frustration to deal with, which is especially true if they occur in areas of the body that are readily noticeable. Although the most common causes for scarring are injuries suffered in car accidents or other types of accidents, scarring is also invariably going to occur when you undergo any type of plastic surgery, which includes hair transplant surgery. Scarring is supposed to be kept to a minimum when you’re undergoing a hair transplant procedure. However, there are times when the scarring will be too visible

You will already have guessed if you are a regular reader of my blog that I am a huge fan of Eden Hall Spa in Nottinghamshire.  I’m certainly not the only one as spa guests travel from far and wide to visit this very special and tranquil retreat just outside the village of Elston. My sister has been wanting to visit Eden Hall Spa for many years, and we finally got a date in our diaries pinned down to visit for our birthdays last month.  To say she was very

Hello lovely readers.  Thanks so much for stopping by, especially at such a busy time of year.  I thought I’d share with you my top tips for feeling gorgeous and prepared for the festive party season today.  For many of us the Christmas parties and events are well under way and getting ready for these can give us a much needed boost at this time of year.  When it’s dark and cold outside, a little bit of Christmas sparkle can go a very long way to lifting our spirits. Get

As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of the Eden Hall Spa Day.  When I was given the opportunity to go and find out what the Comfort Blanket treatment was all about, I literally couldn’t refuse.  Doesn’t it sound like the perfect way to fgive the mind and body a boost already? My Eden Hall spa day was very well timed.  I had spent the previous weekend in Hamburg with my 3 year old daughter on a really fun city break.  We had a fantastic time, but I did

Are you looking for a special luxury gift for Mother’s Day?  Does your Mum deserve some pampering and relaxation on her special day?  Is it time that you went beyond the usual chocolates and flowers and gave her a gift that was all about treating herself?  Well I’ve got just the Mother’s Day gift idea for you, and I promise that your Mum will adore it. Olverum is a bath oil like no other I have ever tried before.  As a busy Mum, a bath is a rare thing, but

The better weather is definitely with us, and it’s time that our feet were free from boots and socks isn’t it?  I don’t know about you, but I love it when I can wear sandals and spring/summer styles on my feet.  Feet need fresh air and a few other tricks from nature to be healthy, but often after being cooped up all winter they are far from looking their best.  So how do you get summer ready feet, when time is short?  I’m going to share with you 6 of

I was recently asked if I wanted to try a product from Beaute Mediterranean, and when I saw the Bee Venom Lifting Cream my curiosity was well and truly peaked.  Anything that has venom from any insect in has to be powerful stuff, right?   The Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream arrived and I was immediately impressed with the simple packaging.  I always have more faith in a product that lets the contents speak for itself.

Mahi Naturals recently got in touch with me and asked if I would try out their Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Rescue Cream.  I suffer from dry itchy skin on my hands regularly so this sounded like a great product for me to try.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but as a busy Mum my hands go through a lot.  In the winter months they really suffer as a result of the colder weather and the amount of hand washing they are subjected too.  When they get like this they

I remember a time when I used to have thick long dark hair.  Somedays it would verge on frizzy, but when it was under control it was sleek, long and shiny.  My only issue with it was the ongoing debate about what colour it was.  For some reason I would get most upset if someone called it black.  In my eyes it was a very dark brown, definitely a few shades away from black.  Those were the days!

Female facial hair is something I have inherited.  When I was a child I used to watch my Grandma pluck hair from her chin with a pair of tweezers.  I can remember watching her with that childlike curiosity you have when your young and thinking, ‘I hope I don’t have to do that when I grow up’.  Well, you can guess what happened next can’t you…

  I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and things are getting really hard.  I feel like I’m wading through treacle constantly.  A short walk to the shops is a major battle with Braxton Hicks firing shots at me all the way.  I’m definitely getting in loads of deep breathing practise, it will be a matter of course when labour day arrives.   Trying to aid and abet some kind of relaxed state has become increasingly important as the strain of this pregnancy increases.  I decided to make myself a little bathtime

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