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Gifted Product Review Over the summer we were asked to review the Vango Edoras 500XL Air tent for the blog.  We set ourselves the task of finding out if this was the best Vango tent for family camping? It was the perfect excuse to book a family camping trip to North Yorkshire and test out the Vango Airbeam tent, so we packed up our gear and off we went. The girls were really excited about their camping trip.  They love being outdoors and having the freedom that comes with it.  As

We’ve been looking out for the best festival tent for families for a while now.  When Tiso found out we were going to Just So Festival they said they had a great festival tent for us.  They sent over the Vango Beta 450XL camping tent and asked us to share what we thought for a review.  I did my research, and it seemed like a great tent so of course I said yes. We’ve had a few camping tents over the years, and not all of the have been lucky enough to

More and more family friendly festivals are popping up over the UK which means there will be more of you writing out your festival camping checklist this summer ahead of these events.   We are going to be visiting Timber Festival next month and the Just So Festival in the summer holidays so we wanted to share our best festival tips and tricks to make sure we all have a great time! If you are looking for festival tips for first timers or your an old hat at camping with

There’s no doubt that campervans and motorhomes have become increasingly popular in the UK, and this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future. In fact, there are around 755,000 on the roads at present, with this number set to rise by a further 50,000 over the course of the next five years. If you’re one of the many motorhome enthusiasts who are set to purchase a vehicle during this time, your thoughts have probably already turned to the various locations that you intend to visit. There are a

UK outdoor holidays are becoming increasingly popular as they offer that sought after ‘get away from it all’ experience just a few hours drive away from home.  Throwing everything you need in the back of a car without having to worry about baggage allowance or check in times certainly has it’s appeal for families and couples who are starting to choose a UK holiday over travelling abroad. Not everyone has the time, or inclination to erect a tent or gather all the equipment required for camping, but don’t rule it

Before we went to Larmer Tree Festival, Daddy insisted that we invested in a Crotec wagon folding camping trolley.  He wanted to be able to use it to move our camping equipment from the car park to our camping pitch.  Perhaps more importantly, the wanted a camping trolley we could use to pull the kids in during the festival. As we thought a folding camping trolley would be something that we would use a good few times, we decided to buy one.  After checking the prices we decided to buy

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