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My girls really love making crafts.  When we are at home, setting up a craft for them helps to keep them busy for a while.  They love being creative and enjoy the sense of achievement they get when they have completed a piece of art.  This easy Christmas tree paper plate craft is something we are going to enjoy making for the entire festive season so I thought I would share it with you too.  It took me about 10 minutes to set up and the girls really enjoyed making

We have been busy making Easter crafts and we thought we’d share our simple ideas for making things with children with you.  I hear so many parents struggling to find the time to do craft with children or lacking in inspiration but I want to encourage everyone to help get their children creative. You only need a few things to have a craft session with preschoolers and toddlers and remember you are not after perfection.  As long as they are being creative and having fun it really doesn’t matter what

We had one of those days where everything just fell into place.  We went for a lovely family breakfast together.  We explored a new park and got lots of fresh air and then we came home and spent the entire afternoon doing crafts.  Those are the kinds of days I love, but as most parents know, they can be few and far between!  It doesn’t take a lot to throw a spanner in the works does it? Seeing as Valentines Day is just around the corner, I decided we would

Halloween is fast approaching and I was just wondering how your preparations were going? Have you bought a pumpkin yet? Have you stocked up on sweets and are your decorations ready? One of the most fun parts of Halloween is dressing up and if you haven’t got the costumes sorted yet I have a great idea for helping you to design your own.

Witches Cauldrons are so closely associated with Halloween I just had to feature a children’s craft for how to make one on Zena’s Suitcase.  Here’s last year’s easy toddler witches cauldron if you want to take a peek.  This year it’s all about the paper plates, as they are the perfect shape for adapting into this spooky halloween cooking pot.

Halloween is a great time to get crafty with children.  There are more opportunities to sit down and make things together, and Halloween certainly offers up lots of inspiration.  As promised in my last post about how to make easy Halloween ghost bunting I’ve got some more craft ideas for children suitable for this time of year.

I know that some people can either take or leave Halloween, but it’s a time of year that I really enjoy.  I’m lucky enough to live in a community that really embraces the idea of trick or treat and the rules are really quite simple.  If your house is decorated in ghosts and ghouls and pumpkins are lit, then it means you welcome trick or treaters.  If it is not, then no one will trouble you.

Father’s Day is just round the corner, and it presents me with the same issue every year.  What on earth do I buy to celebrate what a wonderful Dad my children have.  I don’t think I’m alone here, am I Mummy’s? My husband doesn’t have a particular hobby, apart from being a bit of a geek.  He’s not overly bothered about fashion, and of course I’m in charge of clothes buying anyway.  He does have a sweet tooth, so chocolate is always a winner, but to be honest he could

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