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There’s nothing like saving the best till last is there, and York’s Chocolate Story was definitely a highlight from our weekend in York.  I’ve shared posts with you all week about our trip to Diggerland, our stay at Travelodge York Central and even some free things to do in York but you cannot pass through this beautiful English city without popping into York’s Chocolate Story.

During our recent weekend holiday break in York, we were lucky enough to be invited to Diggerland in Castleford.  I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about Diggerland over the last year, and was really intrigued as to what it was all about. I know what you’re thinking.  I have daughters, and are they really going to enjoy an action packed day driving JCBs at Diggerland.  Well the answer to that is yes, they loved it.  And here’s why…

We were very lucky on our recent family weekend break to Liverpool to be invited to Knowsley Safari for a day out. None of us had been to Knowsley Safari Park before, so this was an amazing new experience for us to share together.  Daddy didn’t even realise that safari parks even existed in this country so it really was an eye opener for him. We arrived at the park when it opened and were given our arrangements for the day and the time we had to join the Knowsley Safari Baboon

Recently Toyz World invited me and my family for a fab day out to play on their amazing BeBop bouncy castles at Hatton Adventure World.  We met up with a group of bloggers and their families, on a lovely sunny day in July to enjoy some quality time and outdoor play. I took the opportunity to make it a day where I spent some time with just Princess, as she really values some one to one time.  I started to regret this decision when she went into a meltdown over

We have all wanted to see In The Night Garden Live for a long time now.  The girls both adore the TV show and secretly Daddy does too.  Going to see it live at some point was a given I guess, as we’ve talked a lot about In The Night Garden here.  When we were invited to see the show, it meant it was going to happen sooner rather than later, so all 4 of us headed to Birmingham recently to see our favourite friends.

Sometimes Princess and I like to sneak of and get a few hours to ourselves.  She really benefits from having one to one time away from her little sister.  She has really struggled with her jealousy being only 3, so having time with just Mummy helps her feel more secure. A little bird told us that there was a new film out.  I think it’s called Minions, or something like that.  Have you heard of it?  Tesco seemed to have and had a whole weekend devoted to it.  We decided

We were all really excited about being invited to the In The Night Garden Party back in April, as not only did this mean hanging out with Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle but it also meant a trip to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort.  You already know that we love a good day out, it keeps us parents sane and the kids happy and most importantly saves on tidying up at home so we really couldn’t wait for party day to arrive. It’s no secret on this blog what

Princess and I have had a busy weekend.  We headed off to Birmingham for an early start at the Sea Life Centre before swinging by the BBC Good Food Show and BBC Gardener’s World Live.  It was one of hose impromptu efforts where it seemed on one hand sensible to kill two birds with one stone, and the other utterly stupid to navigate two press events in one day with a 3 year old. We did see a few diva type moments, however nothing like the full on, hit the

You’ve probably gathered that we are not a family who likes to stay indoors and do nothing.  If there is something to see or do we are there.  This is why I love Nottingham so much as it has a great calendar of events through out the year, and there is always something to entertain us. The Wheee! Children Festival is definitely one of the highlights and takes place every May half term at Nottingham’s Lakeside.  One of the things that makes this such a special event is the Luminarium that

You’ve probably heard this week that we were very excited about being invited to the In The Night Garden Party at Alton Towers.  We arrived, fashionably late of course, with a very excited 3 year old in tow.  I cannot tell you how many times she asked us where Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy were, but it was a lot.  She was a very excited little lady indeed. The party was to celebrate the first anniversary of the popular In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride at CBeebies Land, Alton Towers

A few weeks ago a very special envelope arrived at our house.  As soon as I picked it up I knew it had something really important inside of it.  It was 4 invitations to the ‘In The Night Garden’ party happening at CBeebies Land on Sunday 24th May each made out to all the members of the family.  Well, all except teen, but he’s got exams to revise for. I was just a little bit excited, and couldn’t wait to share the news when everyone got home.  Sadly I’m not

Last year we took Princess along to see Peppa Pig’s Big Splash Tour.  We went with friends, who have a little girl who is also a big Peppa Pig fan.  I’d go so far as to say bigger than Princess! The pair of them thoroughly enjoyed the show, spending every minute on their feet singing and dancing.  The weren’t the only ones either, all the young theatre goers were on their feet too.  The atmosphere was brilliant.

We had been looking forward to this since we received our invitation.  The opening of the new Thomas Land Expansion had finally arrived and it was all buffers and couplings as we headed to Drayton Manor for the very special event.  Princess’s excitement began to bubble as soon as she saw the signs with Thomas’s familiar face on.  It’s the same when ever we head to our favourite theme park, she loves Thomas Land.

If you know anything about me and my family it is that we love Justin Fletcher, Mr Tumble and the CBeebies Live Shows.  We were lucky enough to see the tour last year at Nottingham Capital FM arena.  It’s hard to believe it was a whole year ago.  It was a birthday treat for Princess, and something for us to enjoy as a family before Little Pudding arrived.  You can catch up with what we thought here. I was also lucky enough to get an interview with Justin about the

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Sea Stars exhibit at Birmingham Sea Life centre this weekend.  Princess loves the Sea Life Centre, which you might remember from our last visit to see the Octonauts, which was a huge hit with her. Little Pudding takes in the sea life surroundings too, despite only being 10 month’s old, she still enjoys it. The new exhibit is a fabulous collection of starfish from across the globe, displayed in an interactive environment, letting big and little kids see

We have been buying tickets to go to the Children’s and Families events at the Djanogly Theatre since September last year, and everytime we go we have been buying the tickets for the next production.  Last time I was feeling a little rushed, and made a snap decision to by the family tickets to the dance production, Innocence. The chap at the Box office explained that there were no allocated seats for the performance, and this made me really curious about what to expect.  A few days later I started to

We really love taking the girls to the theatre, it is definitely one of our favourite places to go.  Princess really enjoys it now, and gets really excited when she knows we are going to see a performance.  Even Little Pudding, at 8 months, is transfixed by the storytelling that the theatre can bring to life now she has been a few times.  I love how they are both growing to enjoy going as much as I do. We visit the Nottingham Djanogly Theatre at Lakeside about once a month

Wollaton Deer and Country Park had a new children’s play area installed last the summer and I’ve been wanting to take Princess ever since.  It cost over £250,000 and was voted for by local residents. It has a zip wire, climbing frames, swings and slides for all ages to play on.  It has a very rustic feel to it as all it’s structures are made from logs and wood.  It definitely makes it a little different from your run of the mill play area.

We visit Stonebridge City Farm regularly in the summer but are a little guilty of neglecting it in the winter, when it needs the support most. Over the Christmas break we decided we’d visit.  Princess was struggling a little not having nursery as an outlet for her active and curious nature, and as a result tempers were becoming a little frayed. Hats and wellies to the ready of we trundled in the snow to see how the animals were doing at the farm.

This weekend we took a couple of trips to the theatre (because Mummy isn’t ever so good at checking her diary to see what’s already planned!).  If you managed to catch up with this post you’ll know we’re trying out some ‘indoor’ activities with the girls now that Autumn has finally caught up with us. The first was to see Emily Brown and the Thing by the Tall Stories Theatre Company. Now I have to admit this wasn’t a story I’d heard of but as it was co-written by Cressida

I have a confession to make, well I probably have several but for the purposes of this post the one I’m going to reveal is that I cannot swim.  It’s something I’m not particularly proud of.  It stems from a fear of water that developed from an incident in the school pool when I was child.  From then on I’ve never been able to conquer my fear of water. When Teen was a baby I didn’t let this stop me getting him in the pool as I didn’t want him

We’ve been trying some new things this weekend and our first stop was a Sensory Play Centre called ‘Look Inside’.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel I could take photo’s of this but here’s a link to their gallery so you can have a quick look at what’s on offer. I find that weekends can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  We have a busy house and people start getting under each other’s feet very quicky.  Getting out is the best way to diffuse what can fast

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