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For the last Bank Holiday myself, Teen, Indie and Brook made the 250 mile journey from Nottingham to South West Scotland, nothing like an easy life hey? With a small baby in tow it took us all day to get there and another full day to get back again, but we spent 3 lovely days in this scenic part of the country and it came flooding back to me just why this is one of the UK’s great holiday destinations.  If you are planning a visit to the area soon,

The clan here at Zena’s Suitcase were lucky enough to be invited to the première of the latest Thomas & Friends movie, Tale of the Brave, at Drayton Manor Adventure Park recently.  This was so exciting for us as Princess is a self declared Thomas addict.  Tale of the Brave was released in the UK on 1st September and is available now.  It will be released in the USA on 16th September.

If you’ve passed by my blog before, you’ll already know there is a big age gap between Teen and the girls, 14  AND 16 years now we have Tinkerbell.  Clearly they don’t have an awful lot in common or enjoy the same toys but it’s still really important for us to enjoy family time together.  Sometimes this means a trip to somewhere like Drayton Manor and other times it means enjoying what’s near by. We are lucky enough to live near a great park, and in the summer it’s full of people making the

After feeling like things were going a little awry with the teenager and the husband last week I decided a family day out was called for, the whole family.  We do a lot with the girls and leave the teenager at home quite often.  It often suits him that way but from time to time it’s important for us all to do something together.   Having such a big age gap in the family, 14 years to be exact, can be challenging when it comes to finding activities that we can

At very much I decided to try and tag along with the #GUMISensoryGardenFun event that was being held at Dobbies Garden World of Chesterfield by #FRANKPR.  I’d written it off when the invite first came round thinking ‘I’ll never mange with 2 small children’, which roughly translated to ‘I’m a bit scared, am I a real blogger??’.  Well, I’m so glad I took that leap of faith and threw Princess & Tinkerbell in the car and tagged along.  It was a lovely day but OMG wasn’t it hot!   I

We took another trip to our favourite park this weekend with the Grandparents for Princess to enjoy yet more rides on the miniature railway.  We took a slightly different path this visit and discovered a sensory garden we didn’t know existed.  After reading Kate Fever’s guest post on tips for taking photographs this seemed like the perfect place to put some of them into practise. Princess loved this garden.  It was filled with musical instruments so she could make lots of noise! There were also activities to help with co-ordination which she

Now, it wasn’t that long ago I wrote about Rushcliffe Country  Park, but it definitely needs another mention.  We visited at the weekend to find the children’s play area had had a bit of an overhaul.  To be honest, the old park wasn’t too bad so I was surprised to see new equipment, sand, astro-turf, seating, the works really.  This was a stark contrast to our visit to Colwick Park the week before where the play area hadn’t seen any attention in at least 15 years!     Princess happily wondered down

  This weekend, we finally made it out for some proper fresh air.  OK, it took us until 3pm to leave the house but we do have a two week old baby at home, so I thought this was pretty good going to be fair.   Colwick Park isn’t far from our house, probably a mile as the crow flies but I can’t remember the last time I went there.  It doesn’t feature in our local geography anymore, as we have quite a bit of open space a lot nearer.

   Isn’t spring a lovely time of year?  Everything starts to come back to life as the winter hibernation draws to an end.  Despite some grey days this week spring has made a reappearance just in time for the weekend and it coincided perfectly with the reopening of Floralands Farm Park in Nottingham.   This was our first ever visit here.  I can’t believe we haven’t been before as it’s a fab place to take little ones.  I know what your thinking, Princess goes to the farm AGAIN!  But she

  I’ve been to Stonebridge City Farm today!  I love going to see all the animals there.  It’s really near our house, so I’m not  in the car seat too long, I don’t like the car seat much.  There are lot’s of houses near the farm. Mummy say’s it’s because it’s in the city.  My Mummy said she used to bring my big brother here when he was little. He’s nearly as tall as a house so it’s been here a very long time.         Today there

We ended up at the Doctors on Friday.  Princess was definitely a little under the weather.  A bit of a temperature, lethargic without the aid of legal highs (i.e.Calpol), you know the signs.  We ended up in the Doctors last thing on Friday, waiting for an emergency appointment.  The visit alone was more eventful than normal, there was some kind of ruckus as some patient clearly wasn’t getting their own way.  They used the ‘F’ word a lot!  Unusual for our surgery.  We also had the misfortune of of encountering Veruca

It was such a lovely day that Mummy decided that we were all going on an adventure.  It was somewhere called Sundown Adventure Land.  I’d not heard of it before, but it sounded very exciting.  It sounded like we were going to have lots of fun.  Mummy and Daddy took me in the carriage, we passed lots of fields and houses.  I couldn’t possibly sleep as there was so much to look at.   When the carriage came to a stop, I knew we had to be there.  It didn’t

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