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France is so close to us here in the UK, yet it isn’t a country we have visited very often.  There are so many things to do in France with kids that I’m determined this has to change. We have been to Paris a couple of times, and in my youth I ventured to Brittany, but that’s about it. I am always plotting my next holiday, and I can see France featuring more and more in our family travel plans.  If you follow my blog regularly, you might have picked

Al Fresco Holidays was a new concept to us, but as a family with young children who enjoy travelling we were keen to give it a go.  Can you believe our visit to Tamarit Park was our first holiday together as a family this year considering how much I talk about family travel? That’s the problem with having a big age gap family, getting us all on the same trip can be a challenge.  Daddy was definitely ready for a break and the kids are always up for some sea and

Next week we are going on holiday to stay at Tamarit Park in Tarragona, Costa Dorada with Al Fresco Holidays.  We are all ready for a break and some sunshine and I’m busy getting everything ready for our trip.  It’s been a bit of a challenging week as on Monday I was walking down some concrete steps with my toddler in my arms and I lost my footing and fell. I managed to stop my daughter making contact with the floor, but I did quite a bit of damage to my

Describing the top places to visit in the ancient Island of Sicily in Southern Italy is no easy job.  The Island is dotted all around with a huge variety of magical ancient monuments, natural protected reserves, and activities of all kinds for children and adults alike. Here’s the 5  most spectacular spots that encapsulate the main character of Sicily and its ancient heritage. If you are traveling from the UK soon you can find many airline companies that offer direct flights from London and other British cities to Sicily on this site.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite European destinations by far.  I have been lucky enough to visit many times and if you haven’t been, you really need to add it to your bucket list, like now!  I know the liberal attitude the city has towards sex and drugs can be a little off putting for some, but you will really miss out if you let this cloud your judgement.  Amsterdam has a lot to offer everyone and is a popular holiday destination for lots of travellers, including families.

Sometimes you just need a winter holiday.  I had started to feel the turn in the weather, and it wasn’t quite as easy to get out and about with the kids. It had also been playing on my mind how much we were nagging the 3 year old about playing nicely with her little sister.  I know these are things she has to learn, but I was missing just enjoying her being 3. I wanted to give her a break from negotiating the relationship with her younger sister, and me a

We were just about to leave the house to start our trip to the Hotel Stella & Spa in Pineda De Mar when Daddy starts offering some last minute holiday assistance. Throwing in questions like, have you got the passports and did you pack the toothbrushes as we are leaving the house is bound to be met with a frosty response from me. Fancy not having faith in my holiday planning lists! This holiday to Costa Brava had been planned like a military operation, all in an effort to reduce

Picardy is a relatively undiscovered region in northern France and somewhere that I’m really interested in visiting.  After our recent holiday to Spain I have very much caught the travel bug again. I have been looking into places to visit close to the UK.  I’ve discovered the beautiful and historic region of Picardy, known in French as Picardie.  I have been finding out why this little explored French provence is a great family friendly destination.

Going on a family holiday is one of the most memorable times where parents form a stronger bond with their children while experiencing new things together. Andalucia is one of the best places to visit in Europe with the entire family in tow. There are so many things to see and do to keep each member of the family entertained. Check out the following things you and your family can do in this beautiful place.

We are well and truly on countdown to our holiday in Costa Brava and it really can’t come quick enough. It feels like the right time for us to be taking a break as a family.  We haven’t been abroad since our trip to Ibiza, which was exactly 2 years ago. I wasn’t feeling my best for that trip at all.  I was about 4 months pregnant with Little Pudding, and I felt grotty.  I hadn’t packed a thing and I remember lying on the sofa feeling like death giving instructions to my

A holiday can be many different things.  It can be exploring somewhere new, like our recent visits to Liverpool and York or our up and coming holiday to Costa Brava. A holiday can be about living in the lap of luxury in a 5* hotel or being waited on hand and foot aboard a luxury cruise ship.  It can be lazy days by the pool or active adventures while enjoying the local scenery.

We have just booked our family holiday to Spain and we are so excited.  We are off in October to Pineda De Mar, which is a town totally new to us.  We are huge fans of visiting Spain, but have not really explored Costa Brava.  I really enjoy sharing new experiences with my family, so I know already we are going to have a great week exploring the Costa Brava. We have visited the Costa Del Sol numerous times and regularly visit Nerja and the surrounding area.  We have also

Just recently I’ve had very itchy feat.  I think our experiences of visiting Liverpool and exploring Larmer Tree Festival have reignited my travelling spirit.  I’ve started to reminisce over places I have visited, which I think is my way of telling myself I am long overdue a proper holiday. Our recent visit to Liverpool, reminded me in some ways of a weekend trip I took to Dublin a few years back to celebrate my 30th Birthday.  Alright, it was more than a few years ago, but it was a place that made

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