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Festivals are the perfect way to celebrate summer as a family.  The UK’s best family friendly festivals are packed with activities, music, theatre and story telling.  They are the ultimate summer party and there are plenty of festivals out there that are completely kid friendly. Why visit a family friendly festival? Because they give you the opportunity to camp more on child friendly sites and you get to enjoy the freedom of being outside on those hazy days of summer with a packed program of activities that everyone will enjoy.

I’ve read so many Just So Festival reviews and seen lots of photos and videos on various social platforms the last couple of years.  The impression I got was that it was a magical event just for families and I really wanted to experience it for ourselves.  Well, this year we were lucky enough to be invited as a family to the Just So Festival and it was an opportunity and adventure I couldn’t pass by. Just So Festival is based in Cheshire so for Midlands based families it’s really

Timber Festival was a brand new festival for 2018, and we were delighted to be asked to go and see what it was all about so we could share this review with you on Zena’s Suitcase.  I was excited for weeks before Timber Festival as I had a feeling the girls would love it. They are at their happiest when they are exploring the outdoors and having fun outside. I was also blown away when the programme arrived through the door, as there was literally loads to do.  The challenge

If you haven’t taken the kids to a festival yet, but it’s on your summer bucket list, then let me introduce you to Timber Festival.  You might have seen that I talked about it in my top family friendly festivals in the Midlands guide, but I really don’t think I said enough.  This festival is all about enjoying the outdoors, and we all know how much kids love enjoy exploring and nature. Timber is an extraordinary, family friendly festival where music, art, theatre, storytelling, science and play will weave together

Updated for 2019 There are lots of family friendly festivals to be found in the East Midlands and beyond for you and your children to enjoy this summer.  Now the sun has finally decided to join us my thoughts are very much turning to summer days spent outdoors with the kids enjoying the many local festivals on our doorstep.  We are quite lucky being based in Nottingham as there are quite a few festivals near by. Festivals provide children with an opportunity to enjoy music, theatre, arts, and a whole

This year we had our very first visit to Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle in Dorset.  We were all super excited to be attending this year to help celebrate their 10th anniversary with the festival.  Camp Bestival is a large family friendly festival held during the last weekend in July with lots happening for kids of all ages.  We saw babies as young as 8 weeks old enjoying the fun and celebrations. We set up camp fairly close to the festival entrance, which turned out to be a pretty good

One experience we really enjoy in the summer as a family is going to festivals and we are delighted to be collaborating with Contact Numbers UK who are joining us in our love of this British tradition with their #FestivalFever campaign.  We are literally counting down the days until Camp Bestival weekend from 27th July to 30th July as it’s our first year of visiting this event. There are a lot of family friendly festivals in the UK over the summer, so why are we so excited about this one?  There’s so

Camp Bestival is the place to be for creative and outgoing families.  The list of reasons why you need to add this experience to your holiday calendar is growing by the minute!  Here’s just a few why the littles in your family are going to be ready to burst with excitement at the biggest event of the summer. 16 Reasons To Take Your Kids To Camp Bestival The king of craft himself, Mister Maker will be making his debut appearance at Camp Bestival this year and you can guarantee there

We literally love a good family friendly festival, and everyone who goes to Camp Festival raves about what an amazing time they’ve had.  We are so jealous that we haven’t been yet, but we are hoping that this year will change that.  Bestival is celebrating it’s tenth birthday bash, and we’ve got everything crossed that we get to join them for this humdinger of a shindig. Who’s Headlining Camp Festival On Friday Night? To celebrate the tenth birthday bash, Bestival are being joined by one of the biggest names in

I can’t believe it’s a week ago now that we were singing ‘Meet The Veggies’ with Mr Bloom and dodging raving Grannies on shopping trolleys at Larmer Tree Festival.  It all seems quite surreal now.  We had been looking forward to going for weeks, with everything crossed for a dose of sunshine for our three day camping adventure.  We’d had a really good time the year before, but with the kids a year further on, we had really high hopes for our second visit to the family friendly festival in Cranbourne

We are heading off to Larmer Tree Festival in just two weeks and we are so excited.  We had such a great time last year, and we are hoping for an even better experience this time round with the girls being a bit older.  Last year was our first festival camping experience as a family of four, and it definitely taught us a thing or two about how to prepare for these things. There’s a lot to it, it’s not just the tents, the sleeping bags, change of clothes. But

I have literally been looking forward to going back to Larmer Tree Festival since our first visit last year.  As a family it was our first experience of camping with children and going to a family friendly festival and it really was a lot of fun.  We were blown away by the quality of the festival camping and all the activities on offer and this year promises to be even more exciting for families.  If you haven’t been yet, here’s some reasons to check it out this year.

The festival season will soon be upon us, and I for one am very excited.  I missed out on festivals when I was younger and I thought it was an experience that I would never get to have.  I’ve since realised that festivals come in many shapes and sizes and that families get to enjoy the festival experience just like everyone else.  I would argue that going to a festival as a family is even better, as there is so much to enjoy through a child’s eyes.  They are the perfect

Larmer Tree Festival is something I’ve really looked forward to sharing with you all.  There are some posts that are just like that.  I have enjoyed going back through our photos of our time at Larmer Tree Festival, and choosing the ones that sum up what a great time we all had. I missed out on the festival scene in my youth, and always regretted not going to events like Glastonbury and Creamfields.  It was largely down to funds, if I remember correctly, but I always enjoyed the smaller local

Larmer Tree Festival is now in it’s 25th Year and is simply a must for families wanting to experience a genuine festival atmosphere.  It is two time winner of the Festival Kidz Gold Award, and each year goes from strength to strength with it’s line up of exceptional music, outrageous comedy and family activities.  Renowned as the original boutique festival here’s five reasons why you and your family should head down their for what will probably be the best event of the year.

I missed out on the whole festival experience when I was younger, for some reason it seemed to pass me by.  I’m not sure how I’d of faired at a big event like Glastonbury or Creamfields, I think I’d have found the numbers a touch overwhelming. Fortunately, festivals offer such a variety of experiences these days, that it’s not all about filling a field with thousands of revellers in funky wellies.  Families can really get in on the act and it’s well worth adding Wychood Festival festival to your list of

Mum and Dad have had this awesome idea.  They want to take us all to a festival thingy where we hang out in a field and I get to wear my wellies all day!  I love my wellies, so it sounds pretty cool to me.  I think they called it Wychwood, but no witches live there, phew! They said we might be able to sleep there.  I don’t think I want to sleep in my wellies though, that doesn’t sound very comfy to me!  Does teddy need some wellies too?

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