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One of my very favourite trips in recent years was my visit to Iceland, just over a year ago.  While I was there, I was keeping an eye out to see if families were traveling with kids, and if I felt it was a destination my brood would enjoy.  To my surprise there were a lot of families with children visiting Iceland, and very young children at that.  With so much to see all over the country, I could see why families would take children there. Since that holiday in

I’m so pleased that I decided to drive in Iceland when we visited back in March.  I have to admit that I was nervous as I hadn’t driven on the left for many years but when our road trip got underway I soon realised there was nothing to worry about.  If you are going to Iceland, I would strongly recommend that you hire a car as it is a country that lends it’s so well to the excitement of exploring and adventure.  These are my driving in Iceland tips to

Before we left for Iceland, we had agreed that we needed to plan out every aspect of our trip, including visiting the Blue Lagoon.  We were only in the country for 4 days, and we were keen to make the most of it.  I had an itinerary all mapped out, but if you have been following my trip I changed day 1 of our road trip quite a lot, and I’m really glad I did.  We spent day 2 in Reykjavik and joined a whale watching tour.  On day 3

Since coming back from Iceland, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my experience of visiting the Golden Circle.  Did I enjoy visiting the Golden Circle?  Well the answer is both yes and no.  Yes, I did see some really spectacular things but I didn’t enjoy this part of the road trip as much as I thought I would.  There were definitely some highlights, but we covered a lot of ground to see them as well. If I was to go back I’d follow a route like the Game of Thrones

When I first looked at planning the itinerary for our Iceland road trip, I talked about visiting the fishing village of Grindavik and heading towards the waterfalls near Vik.  If you’ve been following my Instragram account recently you might have noticed that there was a bit of a change of plan.  It was very last minute, but I felt that we would see a lot more if we focused on the Reykjanes Peninsula.  I’m so glad that I changed our route as this was by far our best day in

When I heard about the Elding Whale & Dolphin watching tours from Reykjavik I knew that it was something I wanted to do.  Going to Iceland is as much about exploring the country as it is about exploring the North Atlantic and I wanted our adventure to feature a trip out to sea.  I was so excited about getting on board the boat and what we might discover on day two of our holiday.  The possibility of seeing a whale or dolphins in their natural environment was something I had been

My first visit to Iceland taught me a few things about travelling to the country and I would definitely do a few things differently but there are also some things I would do the same.  If you are after some travel tips for visiting Iceland, then these are the things I learnt during my recent Icelandic road trip. Hire a Car If you are thinking about whether you should hire a car in Iceland, my advice to you is you should definitely do it.  I haven’t driven on the right

I’m going to Iceland in a few days, and I’m literally so excited.  I think the adventure and the landscape will absolutely blow us away.  We have hired a car, as I think this will be the best way to explore what the country has to offer in the short space of time we have there.  I’m feeling a little nervous about it, but when I saw some YouTube footage of driving from the Keflavik airport to Reykjavik it made me feel a lot better.  There was literally no cars on

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