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This advertisement feature was written in collaboration with LEGO City When we received an invitation to the attend the LEGO City Hero Academy event at the London Transport Museum I knew that myself and the girls had to attend.  They both already love LEGO just as much as their older brother did when he was growing up, which I simply adore.  LEGO has made huge strides in appealing to girls and boys with a number of its collections, and it’s a toy that is going to be enjoyed in our house

Teaching children about money is one of the most important life skills you can pass on to your kids.  I had a really poor example set to me about money, and in all honesty it took years to undo.  My parents were quick to use credit cards and didn’t save for things that they couldn’t afford.  As a result, debt was a normal part of life, and I didn’t fully understand the costs involved in borrowing money until much later in life. Teaching kids about money and setting a better

Do you remember a while back that we were getting ready to send teen back to university for his second year?  Well, I’m not going to lie, there are two aspects to this change in our family that I really struggle with.  Firstly, I miss him so much when he’s gone.  I thought I would have been used to this by now, but it turns out I’m not.  Secondly, I can’t help but worry about him either.  I do wonder if we ever stop worrying about are kids, and at

I think most parents have struggled with how to get their children to do their homework on time at some point or another. It took a long time to encourage my son to get into the routine of good homework habits, and we are just starting getting homework sent home with Indie now. When Indie gets older, I’m definitely going to check out cheap essay to write her homework essays for her, it will save her so much time and effort! That won’t be for a few years yet though!

How much sleep a child is getting can be a real cause for concern for parents.  Sleep is so important for healthy development in babies and children and it would be a dream if things went smoothly in this department.  As an adult I really value my sleep, but sometimes children don’t feel the same way and there could be any number of reasons for this. My first baby slept beautifully.  It was like he read the textbook on ‘how should babies behave’ before he arrived.  I have a distinct

When I was expecting, I suffered a lot with foot and heel pain during pregnancy as well as swelling in my feet and legs.  If you are looking for heel pain relief or you are experiencing swollen ankles, then I’ve got some great tips for helping you manage foot pain during pregnancy. Firstly lets talk about why you might be experiencing foot and heel pain.  There are potentially a couple of factors here.  The weight gain caused by pregnancy can effect your centre of gravity and cause you to change how

Do you worry about the amount of screen time your kids have?  It’s something that definitely niggles at me sometimes, as my children are very fond of using the iPad for their entertainment.  They enjoy playing games on the tablet as well as watching YouTube.  What is is with those unboxing videos they love so much?  Another favourite in our house is My Little Pony make up tutorials.  My kids will watch those for hours.  I guess it’s no different to me watching how to make fancy cakes.  I will

With the British weather being a little on the unpredictable side, the second that sun peeps out from behind the clouds and begins to warm up the playground you can guarantee that a few small voices will ask if they can do work outside. Let’s face it, the great outdoors, nature’s very own playground, harbours a wide variety of learning activities that cater for children of all ages and can be adapted to pretty much any area of the curriculum. And if children are having fun whilst they are learning

There comes a point as a parent where we start to think about how to make the home safe for baby.  I’ve sat and listened to many new parents who are desperate for baby to start rolling over, crawling around and get on the move.  I completely understand how parents want to see their children develop but there really is no rush. As soon as baby is on the move you are faced with a whole new set of challenges.  They are into everything and a complete danger to themselves

Personally, I believe that parenting is one of the toughest jobs you can ever do.  The responsibility of bringing a baby into the world and raising a child is huge.  Once you take on the task of looking after a child, that role is always with you in some form or other.  There’s no asking for a transfer or applying for another job.  Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, there are no get out clauses or notice periods.  Fortunately, one of the first terms of the parenting contract is to

Taking the kids swimming can seem like a bit of a chore can’t it?  I think us Mums (and Dads too) can put barriers up really quickly and before you know it all the excuses not to go swimming are coming out.  There’s getting the stuff ready, making a special trip to the pool and then all the faff of getting everyone changed.  Before you’ve even put your hands on a towel you’ve managed to talk yourself out of taking the kids for a splash about in the pool and

Since I’ve been back on the Mummy circuit, I’ve heard a lot on first time Mum’s talk about their fear of labour and giving birth.  It’s completely natural to feel this way as you’ve not been through it before.  I’d even say it’s pretty common to feel a little nervous even if you have had children, because until you get to hold your baby in your arms, you still worry about everything going OK. There’s lots of things you can do to prepare for labour, and reduce your fears and anxieties

We’ve been trying some new things this weekend and our first stop was a Sensory Play Centre called ‘Look Inside’.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel I could take photo’s of this but here’s a link to their gallery so you can have a quick look at what’s on offer. I find that weekends can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  We have a busy house and people start getting under each other’s feet very quicky.  Getting out is the best way to diffuse what can fast

We have had such a busy house recently the thought of potty training has been a little overwhelming for everyone.  That being said, Princess is showing signs that she is ready so I also don’t want to miss that window of opportunity.  She definitely has an awareness of needing to go to the toilet,  for a while now she has taken herself of to a quite corner when she needs a poo and then returns with her most proud declaration ‘I’ve pooed!’.  It makes me think she likes us cleaning it

As a parent the thing I want most for all of my children is to be happy.  I don’t mind how they get there and I’ll support whatever path they wish to take, but understanding what makes us happy along the way will help them I’m sure.  A lot of parents say the same thing, and we all invest a lot of time and energy in encouraging our children to be happy, but do we get it confused with other things like success or material gain sometimes? When we first have

Going back to work after a period of maternity leave can be a very anxious and stressful time, but there are things you can do to help make the transition easier for you and baby. You can check out this source: to find out more information about what you and baby are entitled to. It’s going to be a huge change for you, baby and the rest of the family and it could take a while for things to settle down.  This is completely normal, remember how long it

  With about 6 weeks left to go it’s definitely time to start thinking about what’s going in my hospital bag. My labour bag is sorted, thanks to Devon Road Babies so that’s one job done!   My Dear Husband was sent to the loft to retrieve my maternity bag today but unfortunately due to several factors his mission has failed. I know he needs careful instructions due to his colour blindness, failure to follow simple instructions and a complete inability to look past the end of his nose so

Having to deal with a teenager has definitely been the most challenging part of my parenting journey.  My teen is 16 now, a young adult by all accounts but the last few years have been a challenge.  Teen behaviour is a whole different ball game compared to looking after younger kids.   I find looking after the girls is so much easier in some ways.  You can fix things for little ones.  You can ‘kiss it better’ or give them a big hug.  Your children just want to please you

You may know already that Princess and I have very much enjoyed our Baby Signing journey.  After my first post, Baby Signing, it’s a must!, I thought perhaps some Mummy tips might be helpful for anyone who’s thinking of getting started.   1. No Experience Required!  You do not need any experience in Makaton, British Sign Language (BSL) or Baby signing to get started.  Enjoy learning this new skill with your baby.  With a little commitment and practise anyone can sign with their baby.     2. Getting Started.  Personally I think the

1. Sleep.  Get it when you can, it’s now a precious commodity.  If baby takes a nap, you can too.  Ignore those emails, leave the hoovering.  Make sleep your top priority.   2. Coffee.  When you can’t do point 1, drink coffee! Latte, cappuccino, americano, what ever takes your fancy, at your favourite coffee shop!  It’s your friend and goes very well with cake.   3. Cake. You deserve it! Goes well with coffee, and great to share with other Mummies.   4. Chocolate. Similar reasons to points 2 and 3.   5.

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