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Little Tinkerbell is two month’s old today.  Where on earth did that go.  It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago I was posting where we were at on her one month birthday, but strangely enough pregnancy seems light years away.  Things are definitely changing, stuff’s getting easier and we are full on in the swing of it all now.     She went for her 8 week check yesterday and got the all clear from the Doctor.  The Doctor was really impressed with how interactive she was.  She loves to laugh

This summer is proving to be a tough one in some respects and I’m really starting to feel stuck in the middle.  We have a busy house, with a newborn, a toddler and a teenager and keeping the peace can be tricky sometimes.   My dear husband potters off to  work everyday which he has to do.  Work is work isn’t it, and where ever you are there is politics and power struggles.  I fear the seeds of resentment are setting in as he sees me at home enjoying maternity

Doesn’t it get harder to keep them busy the older they get?  It’s not that they need entertaining as such, but engaging them in meaningful activity is somewhat of a challenge! Some of you will already know that as well as the girls, I have a 16 year old boy.  He’s not a bad lad by any stretch of the imagination but the thought of him spending nearly 3 months in his room playing ******* before he starts 6th Form fills me with dread.  It doesn’t feel like productive time at

Mummy and Daddy kept saying there was a baby coming soon.  They said it was in Mummy’s tummy.  Now do I look like I was born 2 years ago, really!  I played along, to keep them both happy.  Sometimes you have to do that with the grown ups, just for an easy life.  Mummy’s tummy was quite big these days but she does like cake, and chocolate a lot.  I kept peeking under her top just to make sure but it definitely didn’t look like a baby to me.  It

So today Tinkerbell is one whole month old and hasn’t it flown by!  I find time really speeds up with children around, I’m so in the moment enjoying them growing up changing nappies, feeding them etc that time just races by.  It’s so easy to forget their little milestones so I’m going to do a monthly update of her growing up.   If you don’t know the start of this story, find out how Tinkerbell came into the world in our induction story.  It was definitely fast and furious which

In the Daily Mail this week Deri Robins wrote about the price of putting love before her daughter in this honest article where she talks about leaving the family home and her child for another man.  I think it’s fair to say that most of us Mothers cannot comprehend leaving our children for anything, so what drove her to it and did she do the right thing?  I didn’t want to hang her out to dry just yet, as something struck a cord about why she would do the unthinkable.   Deri

This week simply cannot pass by without some huge credit going to my teenage boy.  My regular readers may already know he is 16 and is currently in the thick of of GCSE’s.  He has worked very hard at school and home over the last few years to ensure he gets the grades he needs to get to Sixth Form and hopefully pursue a career in Software Engineering after University.  He is incredibly focused, but I’m not sure where he gets it from!   So what spanner does Mum throw

Last week saw me turn 41 weeks pregnant.  It was like one of those milestone birthday’s you’d really rather ignore even though you know it’s happening no matter what.  It had been a long bank holiday weekend praying for labour to start naturally. Each morning I’d wake up thoroughly deflated to find I was still at home, and there was still no sign of a baby facing the physical and emotional struggle of getting through the day ahead.   Finding different places to go and potter around to try and keep me on my

When will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut!  Those that know me well already know the answer to that.  I’ve always been to vocal for my own good.  Why, oh why did I declare I would not see my due date.  Now I’m eating my words at 40 weeks plus 2.  In fairness both my other children were 4 days early, so you’d think it might have been a pretty safe bet.   I’ve had more than a significant amount of twinges, but dear old Mother Nature

Mornings in our house aren’t the happiest time, unless it’s the weekend.  I’m very, very pregnant (DD 20th May) so my usual morning tactics are in short supply.  At times like this you need a secret weapon.  My secret weapon is Princess, without her, no-one would leave the house with a smile on their face!   Dad’s grumpy, Teen’s grumpy and even Mum’s a bit grumpy at the minute.  The only one who isn’t grumpy is Princess, she always wakes up with a smile on her face and makes sure

Heartburn has plagued me in all 3 of my pregnancies in varying degrees.  I don’t know about you but that annoying acid burning sensation creeps up from the back of the throat and always seems to be worse at night.  It must be something to do with lying down.   When Gaviscon contacted me about writing a post about their products, it seemed a good time to find out why heartburn is so common in pregnancy and it seems it’s another thing we can put down to all those hormones

This week I became 37 weeks pregnant.  Woohoo! Doing the Full Term Pregnancy Shuffle right now!  There have been times when I have really worried about getting this far.  I’ve had a tough time unfortunately, which has robbed me in part of being able to feel happy and relaxed about this pregnancy.  Physically, my body has struggled, suffering from pelvic girdle pain from 14 weeks and feeling like death in the early months.  I also experienced a great deal of stress that I was just too sensitive to cope with

  ‘Right’, I thought.  ‘I’ve done this before, this will be a doddle.’  That was how I entered my breast feeding relationship with my second child, Princess. I breast fed my son for six months.  It came so naturally.  There were no cracked nipples, no latching problems, nothing.  Both myself and my new born baby boy fell straight into it. Having my son at 22 was a grounding experience, bringing with it a sense of purpose and responsibility.  He was an easy baby and nothing seemed to phase me, not

As a parent the thing I want most for all of my children is to be happy.  I don’t mind how they get there and I’ll support whatever path they wish to take, but understanding what makes us happy along the way will help them I’m sure.  A lot of parents say the same thing, and we all invest a lot of time and energy in encouraging our children to be happy, but do we get it confused with other things like success or material gain sometimes? When we first have

Right!  It’s the home straight, as hard as this pregnancy has been the end is very much in sight.  I need to shake all this worry and anxiety off, as it won’t help for the task ahead and it’s not doing me any good anyway.  I need to have more faith, I’ve done this before and everything will be OK!   I saw the midwife last week, and there are still traces of sugar in my wee.  Great!  No Easter Eggs fro me then.  She mentioned going back to the

  With about 6 weeks left to go it’s definitely time to start thinking about what’s going in my hospital bag. My labour bag is sorted, thanks to Devon Road Babies so that’s one job done!   My Dear Husband was sent to the loft to retrieve my maternity bag today but unfortunately due to several factors his mission has failed. I know he needs careful instructions due to his colour blindness, failure to follow simple instructions and a complete inability to look past the end of his nose so

  When you’re born, I will hold you When you cry, I will comfort you When you’re hungry, I will nurse you When you’re tired, I will lay with you   If you stumble, I will steady you If you fall, I will catch you If you’re happy, I will play with you If you’re sad, I will sing to you   When you grow, I will nurture you When you talk, I will listen to you When you sing, I will smile for you When you try, I will

  I have felt far better than I do this week by a long shot.  Week 33 is really getting to me, and the thought of the weeks ahead is even worse.  As the idea of writing this post started to gain momentum in my head while cooking dinner it was enough to reduce me to tears.  I think that’s why I haven’t written many pregnancy updates, I really don’t want to depress you all!   My teariness has increased again.  I think this is mainly down to how physically

Aren’t toddlers one of the most challenging little beasts you’ll ever come across?  We are starting to witness some interesting developments in Princess at the moment, which are causing concern for the current Nursery Peace situation.  All Leaders are convinced she is harbouring plans to achieve World Domination, and will stop at absolutely nothing until she has achieved her goal.  The Parental Peace Mission has had to be mobilised at alarming speed.   Reports have previously suggested Princess has a sweet and gentle nature, but it appears she can employ

  Some days I really do find it difficult to accept that I’m a Mum to a 16 year old.  It’s not the number of years that’s passed as such.  I look at this 6’1/2 foot young adult and I can’t help but see all the years that have gone before him.  Having the Princess makes me look back more than before she arrived, without a doubt.  I find myself saying ‘When you were that age….’ annoyingly frequently.  I have to remind myself from time to time he’s grown way

  I always find myself apologising if the issue of Princess’s sleeping arrangements arises with anyone, friends, other parents and even family.  You can never be quite sure how it’s going to be received.  I find myself apologising for being such a bad parent.  I had one of these very conversations just the other day with a friend and she told me that she was the youngest child in her family and her parents co-slept with her for several years.  She is confident and ambitious and achieved a lot for

  So, you’re an expectant Mum and this is your first, second or in my case third baby and there are a million and one things to get ready for the new arrival in between all the other things that don’t stop happening just because there’s a baby on the way.  You scour the internet and realise there’s not one, but two bags to pack to take a long to hospital.  Getting everything you want means a major shopping expedition, when walking has become a laboured waddle or several hours

  I did feel ever so sorry for Prince William and Kate this this week as they attended their first Royal Engagement of the year.  They joined the Irish Guards St Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, and what is it that makes the headlines?  Not their on-going commitment to the Armed Forces, but Regimental Sergeant Major Ray Collister asking if there are any more baby ‘Micks’ on the way.  Of course he really means Royal babies!  Now there’s a guy who sure knows how to make a

  I was so excited about the weekend as I’d heard I was going to Princess’s house. It was her birthday, and she was going to be 2. I love birthdays. I’m so lucky because I get to go to everybody’s birthday at The Wishing Well.  That’s where I live when I’m not visiting the children for their birthday.   The Daddy picked us up from nursery. I was packed and ready to go, I don’t like to keep anybody waiting. Princess held me really tight so I knew I was going

  Being in the same room with Princess I get a sense she’s thinking about something else.  Her eyes are wondering until they fix on the next thing or thought that might hold her attention.  I definitely get a sense she’s to busy to talk to me, but we shall see how it goes.    Despite her indifference to me I can’t help but be captivated by her innocent beauty, the wild ringlets, flushed cheeks and electric blue eyes.  These charms allow her to hold everyone’s attention with very little effort,

In about 10 weeks I’m going to get another one of these!  I’m so excited, despite being very uncomfortable at the same time.    It’s probably time to start thinking about my birth plan.  You can never start too early when it comes to thinking about how you want your labour to look.  Some ideas have been floating around in my head for a while now.   There’s a lot of information out there about the different options, and it’s best to start filtering it sooner rather than later, especially

I had a really difficult time finding a sport that my son liked.  I was really keen for him to be fit and active, unlike his less than healthy mother.  I also wanted him to be exposed to as many positive male role models as possible, due to the issues he faced with his Father.  We tried football.  He lasted a season or two.  He didn’t get enthusiastic about it in the slightest, so it didn’t last. My son was an only child for a number of years and to

This is week 29 of a difficult pregnancy.  This week has been very a difficult week! I’m sure I’ve had more pins in me than a pin cushion!  My resilience is pretty low any way, so going through the mill lends itself for an unsettled time all round.   First it was the midwife, with that viscous Anti-D jab.  She assured me it had been out of the fridge for a while and wouldn’t sting quite so much.  It STUNG!  And she wanted blood!  Enough already I thought.  But what

Once upon a time there was a little Princess who loved to read.  She dreamed of starring in her very own book, with her favourite characters.  Her Mummy really wanted to make this happen for her, so she went to speak to the Penwizard because he knew all about these kind of things.  He told her all you need to do is visit my website and Princess’s dream shall come true.   The Penwizard website was so easy to use.  There are lots of characters to choose from.  There’s Ben and Holly,

I have two very different experiences of weaning my children.  When my Teen was weaning 16 years ago, the advice was so different as I’m sure you can imagine.  The advice can change from one baby to the next, but in 16 years you might as well be speaking a different language!   My Teen had rice from about 16 weeks.  If you had a hungrier baby, it wasn’t unheard of to start at 12 weeks.  I’m not going to pretend I remember the finer details, but my Teen was

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