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Hello everyone.  I hope you don’t mind, but today I’m feeling the need to get something off my chest.  If you are new around here, you might not know that last year we discovered my daughter had glue ear.  She had grommets fitted and her adenoids removed last September. We definitely saw progress in her hearing and communication immediately after the surgery, so we felt it was worth it. Speech Development Plateau At the moment though I’m feeling like her progress has plateaued but we are struggling to get her

Sshh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m planning a special surprise for my girls this week.  On Thursday 28th July, we are having a very special Go Jetters Party and you can join in the fun too!  My girls love the Go Jetters, and all the exciting adventures they go on travelling the world so I know this is going to be such a fun event for them. The invitations have been sent, and their very best friends are going to be joining them to play games and of course share lots

Personally, I believe that parenting is one of the toughest jobs you can ever do.  The responsibility of bringing a baby into the world and raising a child is huge.  Once you take on the task of looking after a child, that role is always with you in some form or other.  There’s no asking for a transfer or applying for another job.  Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, there are no get out clauses or notice periods.  Fortunately, one of the first terms of the parenting contract is to

Welcome back to ‘What are we Reading’, a new monthly update about the children’s books that we are enjoying here at Zena’s Suitcase.  If you missed the first update, you can read it here. This month I’m dedicating the whole blog post to a new book we have been sent called Tidy by Emily Gravett.  Emily Gravett is an established children’s author with titles such as Wolves and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears under her belt.  She has also won the Kate Greenaway Medal twice for her work, so

Clangers have been such a big hit in this house since they returned to CBeebies last year.  Princess and Little Pudding already have a collection of Clangers toys so when we heard the magazine was going to be coming out, we had to get our hands on a copy.  We have become huge fans of CBeebies magazines as they are packed full of fun learning and activities perfect for preschoolers and little learners.  I think that the Clangers might just be there best yet, and here’s why.

Reading to my daughters at bedtime is one of my favourite parts of the day.  The other evening I wasn’t home until after they went to bed and we all missed having a story together.  When Princess got up in the morning she said, ‘Mummy, no one read me a story’.  This was because her Daddy had to get her little sister to bed, and by the time she is settled Princess has already nodded off.  She was clearly a little bit sad that she missed out and I promised to make it

We have a very special celebration coming up this week.  My little Princess is going to be 4 years old.  Where on earth does the time go?  Come September she will be off to school but that is a whole other series of blog posts in itself.  For now we are enjoying having her at home and we are looking forward to celebrating this very special birthday with her.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to keep the girls busy through the autumn.  There is a little part of me that is sad about the wet and cold weather coming, and getting them out to the park becomes not being quite so easy. One thing I haven’t been doing with the both of them over the summer is going to play group.  I took Princess when she was at home with me, and I’ve been to plenty of Mother and Baby groups with Little Pudding but I’ve not took

We were recently invited to a very special party to launch the latest Happy Readers Roald Dahl books now available from McDonalds.  This was a very exciting event, as the books for this year’s Happy Readers campaign are from a very exciting children’s author indeed.  When we found out that Roald Dahl’s exciting characters were going to be coming to life in the latest series of books available from McDonalds, we headed to London to find out more.

Balabalboomboom! This week it has all been about Messy Monster, Zoe and Felix.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then you haven’t been to Okido yet!  Messy Goes To Okido joined the CBeebies line up this week, and we are completely hooked.  My daughter has watched it over, and over and over again.  We definitely understand the concept of gravity, inside and out 🙂

My little Princess is a huge fan of the hit CBeebies show Q Pootle 5.  She watches it every morning, without fail before she heads off to nursery.  She loves the adorable inhabitants of Okidoki so imagine her excitement when she found out there was going to be a feature length Christmas episode. If that wasn’t enough, I was given the opportunity to ask Nick Butterworth, the creator of Q Pootle 5, a few questions exclusively for Zena’s Suitcase, so here are his thoughts, in his own words, on the

Once upon a time there was a little Princess who loved to read.  She dreamed of starring in her very own book, with her favourite characters.  Her Mummy really wanted to make this happen for her, so she went to speak to the Penwizard because he knew all about these kind of things.  He told her all you need to do is visit my website and Princess’s dream shall come true.   The Penwizard website was so easy to use.  There are lots of characters to choose from.  There’s Ben and Holly,

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