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Recently our family and some other amazing bloggers were invited to attend a special event at The Cornerhouse in Nottingham.  We all arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed early one Sunday morning to enjoy a private Movies for Juniors screening of Muppets Most Wanted. We were greeted by some very helpful Cineworld staff who provided us parents with coffee (it was very early!) and the children with popcorn and chocolate (it’s never too early!) before we took to our seats.

I have always been a fan of Ella’s Kitchen, since way before my blogging days.  I used their range regularly with little Princess.  It soon became a brand I relied on and trusted when it came to weaning and snacking for my little one.  I found their products complimented my home cooking really well and helped to add variety and sometimes convenience to the oh so difficult world of child eating. I was pretty excited when I found out Ella’s Kitchen had introduced a new range of snacks for age 12

Princess has spent a lot of time at nursery since she was 14 months old. It was only a month ago that we reduced her days from full time to 3 days a week so she could spend some more time at home with me and her baby sister. There are a whole host of reasons why that happened which I won’t go into right now. She loves her nursery, it’s a busy environment in which she thrives with a vast array of play and creative opportunities to keep her

Children are prone to all kinds of little accidents from the very minute they arrive into the world. They become more of a hazard the more mobile they become, and if you take them in to the great outdoors, the risk increases 10 fold, speaks the voice of experience. Bumps and bruises are apart of growing up, and learning about our environment and how to navigate it safely is an essential part of childhood. Undoubtedly there are going to be some scrapes along the way.

The clan here at Zena’s Suitcase were lucky enough to be invited to the première of the latest Thomas & Friends movie, Tale of the Brave, at Drayton Manor Adventure Park recently.  This was so exciting for us as Princess is a self declared Thomas addict.  Tale of the Brave was released in the UK on 1st September and is available now.  It will be released in the USA on 16th September.

Recently I was given the exciting opportunity to work with Wilko to update our bathroom.  This was amazing for us as we hate our bathroom, really hate it!  We moved into our house 2 years ago, and not being the D.I.Y types we haven’t made any alterations.  I was hoping that one day we might get a new bathroom, but with babies, maternity leave and replacing cars I’ve resigned myself to it not happening any time soon.  But it can’t stay as it is either, after all a lady should enjoy using

If you’ve passed by my blog before, you’ll already know there is a big age gap between Teen and the girls, 14  AND 16 years now we have Tinkerbell.  Clearly they don’t have an awful lot in common or enjoy the same toys but it’s still really important for us to enjoy family time together.  Sometimes this means a trip to somewhere like Drayton Manor and other times it means enjoying what’s near by. We are lucky enough to live near a great park, and in the summer it’s full of people making the

After feeling like things were going a little awry with the teenager and the husband last week I decided a family day out was called for, the whole family.  We do a lot with the girls and leave the teenager at home quite often.  It often suits him that way but from time to time it’s important for us all to do something together.   Having such a big age gap in the family, 14 years to be exact, can be challenging when it comes to finding activities that we can

Young Driver is apart of the Goodyear Driver Academy and provides driving lessons for under 17’s so when we were given the opportunity to review a lesson with them we jumped at the chance.  Teen is going to be 17 in December so driving is a reality for him and me (his over anxious Mother) in the not to distant future.  As a Mum, the idea of him getting in a car for the first time on the road makes me feel a little nervous, so this seemed like a

I cannot stress how important being comfortable is to having a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby or child.  I’ve already talked about pillows being a huge benefit, but a good nursing bra makes a huge difference as well and can prevent problems like blocked milk ducts and other aches and pains.   I was recently asked to review the Nursing Bra by Cantaloop. To be honest this wasn’t a brand I’d heard of, but having done a bit of research on the product I was keen to give it

I’ve always found that getting into a good comfortable position for breastfeeding makes a massive difference to the success of the nursing relationship.  I want baby and me to be comfortable as we are going to be sat for at least 20 minutes but quite likely longer and there’s nothing worse than getting a tired arm or feeling uncomfortable when supporting baby.  If I don’t have proper support and baby starts to slip, often her latch will change.  The nightmare that is cracked nipples can soon follow cries the voice of

I find as a Mum to a toddler and newborn that I am constantly washing my hands.  No sooner as I’ve changed a nappy, used the bathroom, got lunch ready I could have washed my hands 3 times or more in the space of half an hour.  This constant hand washing plays havoc with my hands and makes them incredibly dry.  I should definitely be doing a hand cream review 🙂   I’ve always found  alcohol based sanitisers to harsh for my skin and certainly wouldn’t use them on my toddler

Mornings in our house aren’t the happiest time, unless it’s the weekend.  I’m very, very pregnant (DD 20th May) so my usual morning tactics are in short supply.  At times like this you need a secret weapon.  My secret weapon is Princess, without her, no-one would leave the house with a smile on their face!   Dad’s grumpy, Teen’s grumpy and even Mum’s a bit grumpy at the minute.  The only one who isn’t grumpy is Princess, she always wakes up with a smile on her face and makes sure

Heartburn has plagued me in all 3 of my pregnancies in varying degrees.  I don’t know about you but that annoying acid burning sensation creeps up from the back of the throat and always seems to be worse at night.  It must be something to do with lying down.   When Gaviscon contacted me about writing a post about their products, it seemed a good time to find out why heartburn is so common in pregnancy and it seems it’s another thing we can put down to all those hormones

I’m practically touching the finishing line at 38 weeks pregnant and this is the best I’ve felt in over 7 months. I just need to deliver a healthy baby (and Mum!) and I’m hoping the mantra ‘Keep Calm and Push’ with a bit a lot of gas and air will get me through, what do you reckon readers?   My thoughts have been very much turning to Breastfeeding with Princess No. 2’s imminent arrival.  I’m really hoping to be able to breastfeed my 3rd baby, but I’m under no illusion that this is

So this will be the last bank holiday before the new baby arrives, and as much as we want her here it’s also a time to enjoy our family just as it is.  What better time to be a #MorrisonsMum.  I’m really hoping my waters don’t break just yet 😉 I set myself a #MorrisonsMum mission of trying to feed the family for the entire weekend with the budget of £80 generously provided by Morrisons with good quality food that everyone would enjoy.  It had to be easy to prepare too,

My 16 year old teen has a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on contract which I treated him to for his birthday.  He is never far from his phone, it’s definitely one of his most prized possessions after his desktop. You know what teens are like though, those hormones can make them a bit dreamy, and he lost the headphones for the phone in a record 24 hours! I was not a happy Mummy I can tell you! When MobileMadhouse contacted me asking if I would review a case for them,

Recently Princess has been complaining that she is ‘a bit sore’ at changing times.  She’s been a bit under the weather as well as teething,  so she has been more prone to more nappy rash than normal.  She has been looking really uncomfortable during her nappy change, and it has obviously making her a little tense.   When we were given the chance to review Sudocrem Care and Protect it seemed worth a try.  We already use Sudocrem to treat nappy rash so this seemed the obvious choice.  We have

Mummy and Daddy took me to see CBeebies Live at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham.  I love it when we do things together, but this was really new, I’ve never seen so many seats. Everyone at the Arena was really helpful.  They offered to help Mummy down the stairs because she has a baby in her tummy and they showed us to our seats. There were a lot of people there, which is a lot to take in when your only 2.  I think everyone in the whole world must have been there!  I

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to receive a personalised IPad Executive Flip Leather Style case from Mr Nutcase.  This was perfect timing as our old one was getting a little battered and was due an upgrade!  The website warns you that the case only comes in white and pictures will only appear on one side of the case.  I was ok with this as I wanted a case that covered the front and back of the IPad as opposed to their alternative styles.   I love that

  Princess and I have been lucky enough to be sent this lovely pair of Emel Shoes so that we can let you know what we think.  This couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  I’ve become a little disappointed with our regular brand recently.  It seems they are producing more and more fashionable shoes and the quality isn’t what I have come to expect from them, especially for growing feet.   I’ve always invested in good shoes for  Princess.  Princess’s little feet are growing so much and they need space to develop

   Isn’t spring a lovely time of year?  Everything starts to come back to life as the winter hibernation draws to an end.  Despite some grey days this week spring has made a reappearance just in time for the weekend and it coincided perfectly with the reopening of Floralands Farm Park in Nottingham.   This was our first ever visit here.  I can’t believe we haven’t been before as it’s a fab place to take little ones.  I know what your thinking, Princess goes to the farm AGAIN!  But she

  I hate cleaning the oven.  It’s probably the most detested domestic chore in the UK, or even the world!  We had a new oven about a year ago.  With toddlers, teens, work and everything else in between this dirty job keeps going to the bottom of the pile.  When Oven Pride claimed they could make this job ‘less of a nightmare’, Zena said send it on over here and this heavily pregnant grime fearing Mummy Blogger will put it through it’s paces.   It came with everything needed to get

  So, you’re an expectant Mum and this is your first, second or in my case third baby and there are a million and one things to get ready for the new arrival in between all the other things that don’t stop happening just because there’s a baby on the way.  You scour the internet and realise there’s not one, but two bags to pack to take a long to hospital.  Getting everything you want means a major shopping expedition, when walking has become a laboured waddle or several hours

  I’ve been to Stonebridge City Farm today!  I love going to see all the animals there.  It’s really near our house, so I’m not  in the car seat too long, I don’t like the car seat much.  There are lot’s of houses near the farm. Mummy say’s it’s because it’s in the city.  My Mummy said she used to bring my big brother here when he was little. He’s nearly as tall as a house so it’s been here a very long time.         Today there

  Thanks to The Ana Mum Diary I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the ‘Discover a World of Beauty’ event at John Lewis here in Nottingham.  I was definitely in need of a treat as I’ve been suffering this week with the aches and pains of pregnancy so I must give a huge thanks to Amanda Cottingham for hosting this giveaway.  I hope you have more planned in the future 😉   With a complimentary glass of fizz (or two!) or orange juice for us that

  I was so excited about the weekend as I’d heard I was going to Princess’s house. It was her birthday, and she was going to be 2. I love birthdays. I’m so lucky because I get to go to everybody’s birthday at The Wishing Well.  That’s where I live when I’m not visiting the children for their birthday.   The Daddy picked us up from nursery. I was packed and ready to go, I don’t like to keep anybody waiting. Princess held me really tight so I knew I was going

Once upon a time there was a little Princess who loved to read.  She dreamed of starring in her very own book, with her favourite characters.  Her Mummy really wanted to make this happen for her, so she went to speak to the Penwizard because he knew all about these kind of things.  He told her all you need to do is visit my website and Princess’s dream shall come true.   The Penwizard website was so easy to use.  There are lots of characters to choose from.  There’s Ben and Holly,

Mummy says it’s a special day on Sunday 30th March.   It’s called Mother’s Day, and it’s when all the children and their families celebrate their very special Mummy’s and Granny’s.  Mummy says when I’m older I can make her breakfast in bed and bring her flowers and chocolates.  As I’m only 2, I can’t use the kettle yet, so Mummy has asked me to help her choose a pretty outfit for us both on her special day.  I love to look pretty, I love dresses, I love shoes and

This pregnancy has been pretty rubbish really.  Since 14 weeks I’ve suffered with pelvic girdle pain.  It’s been pretty uncomfortable, and even more immobilising.  I’ve also suffered from a significant amount of stress during this pregnancy.  With all this combined with the pitfalls of having my 3rd child at 38 I just do not feel as centred or relaxed as I have been with my previous pregnancies.  I have to admit I’ve started to worry about the effects this could have on labour and delivery, so I’ve decided I need

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