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One of the jobs on our list of things to do this year is buy a new family SUV.  Being a blogger I often get invited to review new cars, and when we were asked to review the Vauxhall Grandland X it could not have been better timed. With my eldest son heading back to university and the summer holidays in full swing it was a great time to put the Vauxhall Grandland X to the test.  The first job was to get the car packed up with all my

I’m not really familiar with the latest family cars from Ford, so when Evans Halshaw got in touch to see if I would like to test drive the new Ford Focus I was curious to say the least.  Having a good family car makes such a difference if you go on road trips or take the family camping during the year.  As a family, I think buying a car is one of the most important investments we make. The brand new Ford Focus was delivered to us in time for

Taking a road trip should feel like you’re embarking on an adventure. Your itinerary will most likely be jam-packed with all sorts of activities, ranging from exploring crowded city streets to chilling out on a secluded beach. One day you might be learning about American culture of the past within the walls of a museum, and the next you could be drinking a pina colada listening to the waves crashing on the sand. But whatever your itinerary might include, be sure to arm yourself with car renters insurance from a

Lots of you will be driving in Europe for your summer holidays soon so it seemed like a great opportunity to share with you tips and need to know advice to make the most of your road trip.  Continental Europe is probably the best place for a self drive holiday as it has so many countries you can explore and every new destination has something different to offer, even within the same country.  If you’ve been wondering what you need to do to drive in France, then this driving in

Road Trip Essential Tips Over the last few years we’ve done more than our fair share of road trips with kids.  You might have seen our post about exploring Cornwall earlier this year or when we headed off to Devon for some jurassic adventures. At first we were nervous about getting in the car and going on a long car journey with the kids, but now we feel like dab hands at it.  Whether you are hitting the road with toddlers or young children, we are going to be sharing

For a lot of families, holidays are associated with very long periods spent inside a car. When you have young children, it can be a bad idea to fly, and most parents will avoid this with their kids, instead choosing to keep their journeys in land. This isn’t always the best way to spend your breaks, though. Someone will have to drive, and this will mean missing all of the scenery which is on display, all while the kids are asleep in the back. It doesn’t have to be this

Over the last couple of years we have had the absolute pleasure of being able to enjoy some wonderful Devon holidays with kids in this beautifully picturesque part of the UK.  I think going on holiday to Devon is sometimes overlooked in favour of places like Cornwall or Wales, which is such a shame, as it has so much to offer, especially if you are travelling the UK with kids. If you consider that Dartmoor, the Jurassic Coast and a wonderful selection of beautiful blue flag beaches are literally on

The memories we made together as a family on our Cornwall road trip are going to stay with us all for a very long time. This is why I wanted to share with you our stay in Cornwall including the places we stayed and the things we did, just incase you were looking for inspiration for planning your own child friendly Cornwall holidays. One of the reasons this Cornwall road trip worked so well was because it featured a series of 2 night hotel and accommodation stays in Cornwall and

There’s no doubt that campervans and motorhomes have become increasingly popular in the UK, and this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future. In fact, there are around 755,000 on the roads at present, with this number set to rise by a further 50,000 over the course of the next five years. If you’re one of the many motorhome enthusiasts who are set to purchase a vehicle during this time, your thoughts have probably already turned to the various locations that you intend to visit. There are a

If you know anything about travelling with kids you’ll completely understand that taking on long distance driving needs some very careful planning indeed. There is no denying that driving from Nottingham to Cornwall with children is a very long way, but I was feeling a lot happier about taking on the road trip with the Kia Optima Sportswagon 2.0 GDi PHEV Auto we were going to review for the week. I had very high expectations about testing this car out, but did it turn out to be the best car

I sit here writing this post just after we’ve just spent a fabulous week exploring the beautiful county of Cornwall during the half term break. The idea of a road trip is something that really excites me. The thought of open roads, amazing scenery and the ability to travel wherever you want are just a few of the reasons why I love it so much. The kids really enjoy the sense of adventure too. There’s no doubt about it that a road trip can be extremely rewarding but you need

One of my very favourite trips in recent years was my visit to Iceland, just over a year ago.  While I was there, I was keeping an eye out to see if families were traveling with kids, and if I felt it was a destination my brood would enjoy.  To my surprise there were a lot of families with children visiting Iceland, and very young children at that.  With so much to see all over the country, I could see why families would take children there. Since that holiday in

This summer I’m focusing our family travel experiences very much on the UK.  It’s a perfect time of year to enjoy what our country has to offer in terms of family holidays and I really want my children to understand that the country where they live is just as beautiful as destinations abroad. Travelling in your own country is a great way to enjoy and celebrate your own culture and heritage and what’s even better is it’s really accessible for families.  As soon as the summer holidays begin, the car

I’m so pleased that I decided to drive in Iceland when we visited back in March.  I have to admit that I was nervous as I hadn’t driven on the left for many years but when our road trip got underway I soon realised there was nothing to worry about.  If you are going to Iceland, I would strongly recommend that you hire a car as it is a country that lends it’s so well to the excitement of exploring and adventure.  These are my driving in Iceland tips to

When I first looked at planning the itinerary for our Iceland road trip, I talked about visiting the fishing village of Grindavik and heading towards the waterfalls near Vik.  If you’ve been following my Instragram account recently you might have noticed that there was a bit of a change of plan.  It was very last minute, but I felt that we would see a lot more if we focused on the Reykjanes Peninsula.  I’m so glad that I changed our route as this was by far our best day in

Road trips are amazing aren’t they?  If done right, they can reignite your love of driving as you spend hours on the road soaking up the amazing scenery and taking in the very best of what the world has to offer, at your own pace.  Stopping when you like, to take in the breathtaking scenery or must see attractions, it definitely has it’s bonuses over other holidays or staying in one place. The other bonus about road trips is they really can be enjoyed by travellers of all ages.  If

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