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Hello everyone.  I hope you don’t mind, but today I’m feeling the need to get something off my chest.  If you are new around here, you might not know that last year we discovered my daughter had glue ear.  She had grommets fitted and her adenoids removed last September. We definitely saw progress in her hearing and communication immediately after the surgery, so we felt it was worth it. Speech Development Plateau At the moment though I’m feeling like her progress has plateaued but we are struggling to get her

Halloween is a time of year that lends itself very well to enjoying crafts with kids.  I’m a firm believer in that you don’t have to be particularly artistic to have fun making things with kids and it’s an activity that can keep them busy for hours while you get a few jobs done around the house (or is that wishful thinking on my part!). Here’s 4 super easy Halloween craft ideas that take just a few minutes to set up and will be a lot of fun for your

My 2 year old daughter seemed to become very picky about what clothes she wanted to wear a few months ago.  We couldn’t quite figure out why she was picking certain clothes over others.  She hasn’t worn leggings or jeans for a long time, as we know she prefers to wear dresses.  But then she started to become fussy about the dresses she wanted to wear too.  We were flummoxed to be honest, as we couldn’t quite work out what it was she was drawn to about the ones she

Sshh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m planning a special surprise for my girls this week.  On Thursday 28th July, we are having a very special Go Jetters Party and you can join in the fun too!  My girls love the Go Jetters, and all the exciting adventures they go on travelling the world so I know this is going to be such a fun event for them. The invitations have been sent, and their very best friends are going to be joining them to play games and of course share lots

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dorchester Hotel to find out what has been happening with ASDA Little Angels Nappies.  A group of Mummy bloggers sniffed, tugged and generally put the new nappies under rigorous scrutiny whilst enjoying the luxurious surroundings of the Dorchester Spa.  Not bad for an afternoons work, hey?

Well my Little Pudding,  I cannot believe that you have become a two year old today.  Where has the time gone?  It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that you made that speedy and slightly scary arrival into our world and made our family complete.  But things have changed so much.  You’ve gone from that tiny squidgy bundle of a baby to quite a hefty  toddler with a spirit to match.

Personally, I believe that parenting is one of the toughest jobs you can ever do.  The responsibility of bringing a baby into the world and raising a child is huge.  Once you take on the task of looking after a child, that role is always with you in some form or other.  There’s no asking for a transfer or applying for another job.  Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, there are no get out clauses or notice periods.  Fortunately, one of the first terms of the parenting contract is to

Would you try Moony Nappies? Nappies are an interesting thing aren’t they?  They are a bit like bank accounts in some ways.  Bear with me, and let me explain.  We find some nappies we like and our baby or toddler seems to get on with and we rarely change to a different type or brand.  That’s OK, but does that mean we are missing out on finding a great nappy for our children?

WaterWipes are chemical free baby wipes, that claim to be the world’s purest and also carry the Allergy Friendly kite mark.  With big claims like this, I was keen to find out more about WaterWipes so jumped at the chance to meet the people behind the brand when they invited me to London.  Here’s why I was so impressed I’m now using WaterWipes for my children, and there’s no going back!

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to keep the girls busy through the autumn.  There is a little part of me that is sad about the wet and cold weather coming, and getting them out to the park becomes not being quite so easy. One thing I haven’t been doing with the both of them over the summer is going to play group.  I took Princess when she was at home with me, and I’ve been to plenty of Mother and Baby groups with Little Pudding but I’ve not took

One thing I find really hard about having children of such different ages, is writing about them on the blog all equally.  I guess featuring them all equally is difficult when they are at such different stages of their lives, and possibly a tall order. So that’s where the idea came from for the family update.  It means I can talk about each of them, knowing they have all got some air time on here, and there is something for us all to look back on.  There’s been a lot

We have all wanted to see In The Night Garden Live for a long time now.  The girls both adore the TV show and secretly Daddy does too.  Going to see it live at some point was a given I guess, as we’ve talked a lot about In The Night Garden here.  When we were invited to see the show, it meant it was going to happen sooner rather than later, so all 4 of us headed to Birmingham recently to see our favourite friends.

Princess and I have had a busy weekend.  We headed off to Birmingham for an early start at the Sea Life Centre before swinging by the BBC Good Food Show and BBC Gardener’s World Live.  It was one of hose impromptu efforts where it seemed on one hand sensible to kill two birds with one stone, and the other utterly stupid to navigate two press events in one day with a 3 year old. We did see a few diva type moments, however nothing like the full on, hit the

Well something really quite unexpected has taken place this evening, and it has made me come down stairs and take straight to my blog to share it with you straight away. You may already know that we are a co-sleeping family if you have been following my blog for a while, but just maybe that is about to change. A little while back I was struggling with it as bedtime had become very much hard work, and led me to write a post about some things that parents may wish

Princess requires a lot of interaction, and it’s not always possible to give it to her with the needs of a baby to meet at the same time.  I have three days a week when it’s just me and Little Pudding at the moment, but I have spent very little time with just the preschooler.  As her behaviour becomes increasingly challenging, the reality of this situation has hit me, and I wonder if she feels that her needs aren’t being met. It’s one of those things that just creeps up

Preschoolers use every occasion as an excuse to get crafty, and Easter is no exception. Here’s a quick stain glass effect Easter egg that your child will love to make, and is low on mess and materials. What Do You Need: 2 pieces of coloured paper 2/3 sheets of tissue paper Scissors PVA glue

This week Princess graduated from being a toddler to a preschooler, so you know that stinky wet fish I was talking about in this post, it’s only gone and slapped me round the other side of the face.  I know us bloggers talk a lot about our kids growing up fast, but they really do, don’t they? Princess will be 3 in March, so when she went back to nursery after the Christmas break that we are so fond of in this house (yes, huge dose of sarcasm inserted here!)

I was so looking forward to the Christmas break, having family time and eating too many chocolates then the nursery Christmas newsletter arrived and it all came flooding back. The truth about Christmas with a toddler is that nursery is closed for a week and a half. Oh no!  What were we going to do.  Playgroups cease to exist, toddler groups come to a standstill and the number of places you can take a feisty 2 and 3/4 year old dwindle rapidly.

My little Princess is a huge fan of the hit CBeebies show Q Pootle 5.  She watches it every morning, without fail before she heads off to nursery.  She loves the adorable inhabitants of Okidoki so imagine her excitement when she found out there was going to be a feature length Christmas episode. If that wasn’t enough, I was given the opportunity to ask Nick Butterworth, the creator of Q Pootle 5, a few questions exclusively for Zena’s Suitcase, so here are his thoughts, in his own words, on the

At the weekend, we took the girls for another swimming session.  Princess gets really excited at the thought of going swimming now and we are able to use it as a motivational tool to encourage her to do things like….BEHAVE!  Bless her, she can be a little monkey, especially when he is tired. We wanted to try another pool this weekend, just to see if it was easier with the girls.  We tried to go there for our first winter swim, but they had had an event on so we

When little Pudding was first born, and I started being able to get out and meet other Mums again, there was a lot of chat about how to entertain your toddler after a newborn had arrived.  As us mothers do, we swapped activities we liked, parks that worked and cafes that could accommodate. One of the suggestions that caught my attention was Gymnastics.  I hadn’t realised there was a Gymnastics Academy right on my doorstep and that they catered for children from pretty much the point they were mobile.

The jury used to be very much out for me on whether Pull Up pants were useful for potty training.  It seemed like an almost pointless stage. How different are they from a nappy after all?  Are they actually teaching the child anything?  We decided they were worth trying with Princess, who was showing signs that she was ready, but still needed a bit of confidence to become nappy free in the day. There are a lot of schools of thought on potty training out there, but what I have

When HUGGIES® challenged us to get our little ones swimming this winter, I really wasn’t sure how it would go.  If you read my last post you’ll already know that I can’t swim which makes motivation a little difficult.  I’m desperate not to pass on my fear of water to my children, and I have managed to make one confident swimmer, so getting two more shouldn’t be so hard should it. Our first swim went so much better than I expected, and I think the thing that made it the success it was

If you need a last minute toddler craft activity then look no further as I have the perfect witches cauldron for you!  You can use it as a picture or decoration and you little one will love making it and sharing it with the whole family. 1. Mummy got things started by cutting out a cauldron shape and sticking it to some white paper.  The only other things you need is some tissue paper, a tub for paints, a glue pot and some glue and a toilet roll for painting

I have a confession to make, well I probably have several but for the purposes of this post the one I’m going to reveal is that I cannot swim.  It’s something I’m not particularly proud of.  It stems from a fear of water that developed from an incident in the school pool when I was child.  From then on I’ve never been able to conquer my fear of water. When Teen was a baby I didn’t let this stop me getting him in the pool as I didn’t want him

I know how this stuff works.  I’ve been in this parenting game for nearly 17 years now.  I should be well practised at it for crying out loud but I didn’t appreciate what a game changer having 2 under 3 years old would be.  It’s not that it’s easy with one, but when you have two or more, with very different needs, it’s a daily challenge to be calm and consistent. I aspire to be a calm gentle parent, I know it works and I know how to do it.

We’ve been trying some new things this weekend and our first stop was a Sensory Play Centre called ‘Look Inside’.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel I could take photo’s of this but here’s a link to their gallery so you can have a quick look at what’s on offer. I find that weekends can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  We have a busy house and people start getting under each other’s feet very quicky.  Getting out is the best way to diffuse what can fast

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