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I love city breaks, and if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’ve recently been on a weekend away to Berlin to see the fantastic new show by Chameleon Theatre, Memories of Fools.   I’ve visited Berlin numerous times now, and I’ve spent serval city breaks in London, Liverpool, York and various other cities over the years.  Given the number of city breaks on my list it’s about time I talked about what to pack for a weekend away.   Space in a weekend suitcase is often

Our planet is filled with extraordinary places, and extraordinary experiences, just waiting for us to come along and explore them! Unfortunately, however, not all of us can afford to just pick up and take off. Don’t lose hope! There are ways where you can not only see the world, but do it on a pretty tight budget!  Traveling is something I honestly believe every human should experience, regardless of financial background. Through my experiences, I’ve been able to put together some pointers to help you save big on your next

We’ve been travelling with 2 kids for a while now.  Indie is nearly 7 and Brook will be 5 in the summer and with a few holidays and road trips under our belt we have definitely worked out what makes our life easier.  I don’t think there is a family travel blogger out there that would say travelling with children is easy, but the rewards are so worth it.  Children learn so much from visiting new places and the quality time you have together as a family is just the

Getting the best Euro rate on the high street can make a huge difference to your holiday cash if you are travelling from the UK or any where outside of the European Union.  The Euro is widely used across Europe, being the official currency of 19 of the member states of the European Union.  If you are planning on visiting a few countries in Europe then the Euro exchange rate is most certainly going to be important to you, but how do you get the best euro rate and where

We all love a good holiday, but sometimes the amount of planning that goes into a successful trip abroad can take away from the fun. To avoid letting any logistical issues put a dampener on the whole thing, make sure you’ve organised the most important aspects of your vacay before you hop on a plane.  A great place to start is how you plan to get around your destination of choice. Will you be zipping about in a hire car, or navigating the local public transport system? We’ve put together

Did you enjoy city breaks before you had children? Does the idea of taking a city break with kids fill you with panic and dread?  I’ll be honest, city breaks with kids are different but honestly they are a lot of fun. Some of our best holidays have been exploring cities with kids, and sometimes while being on a solo parenting trip too.  I loved taking my 3 year old to Hamburg and sharing Amsterdam with Indie was so much fun. I personally believe that variety is the key to

Thanks to the digital age the days are long gone when you needed to go in person to a travel insurance company’s office to buy insurance.  More accessibility online means more competition which has also put an end to the days of really expensive travel insurance. Today, all you need to do is log onto the internet and search for the kind of insurance you need. In fact, there are now websites that will help you compare travel insurance policies to make sure you find the best deal for you, not matter

This post may contain compensated links When you are going skiing with the family, finding a good budget holiday can be a challenge.  I’m sure lots of you will argue that there is no such thing as a cheap family ski holiday, but there are definitely ways to stop costs escalating out of control.  These top tips for planning family ski holidays on a budget will help you save £££s on the slopes and leave you with money in the bank for your next trip. Top Tips for Planning Family

Contains Affiliate Links  I’m super keen to start taking my children to places that are not only beautiful and interesting, but where they can also learn more about the different cultures around the world.  I, like you probably, have not taken my children to Morocco but it’s somewhere I’d love to visit.  Seeing as we are in the same boat, I figured we would be asking similar questions about visiting the country.  By the end of this post I’m hoping we will all know whether you should take your kids to

Collaborative Post  Planning the perfect family vacation isn’t all that straightforward. You’ve got to find activities that will appeal to everyone — particularly to young children, should you have them, while also sticking to a budget.  Maintaining a certain harmony and equilibrium that can withstand the frayed nerves that so often come with annual holidays is also key. There are many different things that people do in order to ensure the best family vacations for themselves. Some choose to hit the open road in luxurious motorhomes and wake up somewhere

This post contains affiliate links Lots of road trips will be being planned at this time of year.  The most common will be a long car journey to see friends or family for the holiday season.  It got me thinking about the last long car journey with a baby that I took and all the things I learnt about baby travel. I was travelling with a 6 month old baby, a toddler and a teenager from Nottingham to Scotland.  At the best of times it’s a 5 hour trip, but car

Written in collaboration with Mary J When many of us list travelling as one of our passions, we tend to be referring to discovering amazing new places, foods and cultures, rather than the plane journey that gets us there! Air travel can be tiring and stressful as the best of times, but when we add children into the equation stress levels can begin to increase by the minute. But travelling with kids is also incredibly rewarding, and so important for your child’s development if you are able to offer them

Collaborative post  For those of us who enjoy travelling and holidays the winter is the perfect time to take a break.  I bet some of you reading this already have visits to Christmas markets, skiing holidays or trips to warmer climates booked in the calendar.  If you are going away this winter these travel and holiday tips are for you!  Whether they help remind you to add something to your winter packing list or plan ahead for a situation you hadn’t considered this post is packed with great winter travel

This post was written in collaboration with the Trainline App My son has been at university for a year now, but we still aren’t entirely used to him living away from home.  When he first left, I tried to prepare him with the life skills that he would need to manage from day to day.  I think all parents with a student going to university will be talking to their son or daughter about doing a weekly shop and making student friendly meals, but are you also talking to them

Lots of you will be driving in Europe for your summer holidays soon so it seemed like a great opportunity to share with you tips and need to know advice to make the most of your road trip.  Continental Europe is probably the best place for a self drive holiday as it has so many countries you can explore and every new destination has something different to offer, even within the same country.  If you’ve been wondering what you need to do to drive in France, then this driving in

If you follow Zena’s Suitcase regularly you will probably already know that I’m in charge of  the holiday checklist and the suitcase packing list for our trip.  I’d like to think I was an expert at packing, so I thought I would share my suitcase packing tips for anyone who is getting ready to go on holiday soon.  This post will teach you how to pack a suitcase so you are organised for going on vacation. The idea of packing for holiday seems pretty simple doesn’t it? But, believe me if

Travel, particularly in the summer holidays can be an expensive activity, yet for many parents, it is the most suitable time to go away due to the school holidays.  There’s also sometimes a sense of pressure to keep up with the playground parents all discussing their break away, and you don’t want your children to feel left out. That said, not every family can afford a summer holiday abroad as now more than ever, travel to the most popular summer sun destinations within Europe is expensive.  This is mainly because

Summer is a fantastic time to travel and explore new places. When the sun’s out, there’s plenty to do outdoors and it makes everything just so much more fun. It’s easy to think that having a good time requires lots of money but it’s simply not the case, here are a few ways you can enjoy an incredible summer without breaking the bank. Book a Cheap Package Holiday Travelling abroad can be expensive, however it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of cheap holiday deals online that you can

Let’s be honest; nothing beats the thought of a coastal holiday by the seaside. The thought of the sea breeze blowing through your hair and the feeling of the wet sand underneath your toes makes you want to pack your bags and teleport to the seaside immediately, right? Well, not just yet! Just like any other holiday, planning a trip to the coastal part of the UK requires lots of prior preparation to ensure that you make most of the experience. The UK presents endless opportunities for every traveler and

If you have a young family, you might not want to put them through the torture of erecting a tent every night or pay the price of a villa hire. Thanks to the internet, you can now hire budget accommodation that will keep you and the kids happy and content and make exploring the countryside easier. Below you can read more about some of the best options to consider this summer. Trailer Tents If you are looking for a fun way to travel and have all the comfort you need

Road Trip Essential Tips Over the last few years we’ve done more than our fair share of road trips with kids.  You might have seen our post about exploring Cornwall earlier this year or when we headed off to Devon for some jurassic adventures. At first we were nervous about getting in the car and going on a long car journey with the kids, but now we feel like dab hands at it.  Whether you are hitting the road with toddlers or young children, we are going to be sharing

What do you do every day as soon as you get in from work? Probably check your social media and, after checking up on the family, settling into a Netflix session, or else scanning the world wide web for whatever informative or amusing content it may contain. Of course, the internet can be a phenomenon tool and a source of education, insight, and communication, but it’s also not the real world, and it can easily become far too addictive when used in an imbalanced manner. So, what about your vacations

Travel Mamas, can I ask you a question?  Are you in charge of the summer holiday packing list? I bet a lot of you are responsible for the holiday packing checklist and organising what to take on holiday and I want to lend you a hand to make travelling with the kids easier. In my house I’m the person who makes the holiday essentials list and packs the suitcases.  Seeing as I have a few holidays under my belt now, I wanted to share with you my tried and tested holiday

More and more family friendly festivals are popping up over the UK which means there will be more of you writing out your festival camping checklist this summer ahead of these events.   We are going to be visiting Timber Festival next month and the Just So Festival in the summer holidays so we wanted to share our best festival tips and tricks to make sure we all have a great time! If you are looking for festival tips for first timers or your an old hat at camping with

Mauritius is a beautiful island of tranquil paradise found in the Indian Ocean and anyone visiting will be keen to make the most of their time there.  These tips and tricks will provide you with the best advice for where to stay in Mauritius including the must see landmarks and top advice about where to go. Big tip,   Mauritian food is also not to be missed! So where is Mauritius?  For those who don’t know it is situated about 2000 miles from the south east coast of Africa and flight

Travelling with kids is difficult on the best of days but having to do so with a sick child in tow can make it so much harder. Whether your little one has come down with a cold during holiday travel or is suffering a bout of stomach flu after eating something, it pays to know what you can do to make the entire process easier for everyone. Travelling with a Sick Child Travel Insurance Before you leave, getting medical travel insurance will give you so much peace of mind. This policy will

I’m guessing that if you have come here to find out about things to do in Tenerife, you have already booked your family holiday, but just incase you need some ideas I also have a great article on the top all inclusive hotels on this beautiful island that you might like to check out too.  If you are still deciding whether you should visit Tenerife, I hope reading this post will convince you that you will have a varied and interesting sunshine holiday here. Tenerife is such great destination for

Going on holiday with the family is one of the best parts of the year, and for many families, it creates a great opportunity to spend quality time together that isn’t as easy to find during the normal routine. Of course, the first time you take a young child away somewhere new, and they get to experience things like flying for the first time, it can be easy for them to feel a little bit overwhelmed.  When this happens, it can also become stressful for you as their parents, and

If you are bored of the same old holidays – perhaps lounging on the beach no longer holds quite the appeal it once did  – and are looking to try something a little different, then look no further. There really are lots of different holidays out there that might tick all the boxes for you. Whilst there is no denying that the majority of us like a little bit of sun whilst we relax on holiday, an early summer break in the UK can provide you with just that and

Planning a holiday to Australia is a big deal isn’t it?  It’s a really long way to travel if you are taking a trip from the UK and making the most of your time in the country is going to be a top priority. When we visited the UK, we contacted Reiss Edwards to help us sort out our visas. I hope you already know how passionate I am about making sure your are ready for planning your adventures so I wanted to write an Australia travel guide that answered

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